Footnote [16]:
This machine was supposed to be shipped to NASA, but it was sitting there for almost a year until NASA could pay for it (about $1 million). This machine was later used for simulation of EAGLE lunar module landing on the moon at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Engineers from Boeing Aircraft Company came later to start using it also. I asked them what they were simulating. They replied to me "an airplane for "Oriental Express" which can fly to Tokyo in 30 minutes, but Tokyo is too near so that it has to fly around the globe several times before its landing in Tokyo." I said "Crazy!!" Lo be hold! It became a reality with space shuttle in late 1970s. I was also surprised to learn later that Okinawa Air Force base was one of its emergency landing spots. President Reagan publicized the Oriental Express supersonic airplane in the 1980s.

I then realized that computer simulation was at the cutting edge of science, engineering and technology, and I was very excited to help promoting it when I later created SCSC -- more later.