Footnote [22]:
If education bases on suspicion, it will foster fear among children. The military of its society would need to conduct war game with gaming simulation. The government of the society would also need to conduct conflict management and crisis management when things get worse. The ultimate purpose of the war game is to win the war if it ever happens. The war game in this situation will be the so-called zero sum approach, i.e., the size of the pie will be limited. When a war happens, it bounds to be a nuclear war. However, due to the devastating destructive power of nuclear bombs, both sides would lose.

On the other hand, if education bases on understanding, it will foster trust among children. The situation will be for the so-called plus-sum game, i.e., the participating parties will collaboratively and collegially try to increase the size of a pie with peace gaming, which ultimate goal is to prevent war, thus reaching win-win cooperation.