Footnote [3]:
I later learned that this was the first step of the computer simulation. In contrast to conventional chemical engineering research with slide rules, log-log plotting and dimensionless analysis, such computer simulation with mathematical modeling of chemical reaction (without expending actual experimental materials) was about to forge ahead to become a vogue, thanks to the advent of computers.

I was a son of a surgeon medical doctor who was very much science and mathematic oriented. For example, when I was in an elementary school, he let me draw a triangle, and asked me to measure the three angles and add them together. It always became 180 degrees (with a few degrees off due to measurement errors) for any shape of triangle. He never explained me why. Only after I learned Euclid geometry in a secondary school, I got its reason. This let me learn deductive and inductive methodologies of science, and I was fascinated with the latter - which led me to my involvement in computer simulation field later, where the former corresponds to econometric approach and the latter to systems dynamics.