Footnote [5]:
The GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation (GLOSAS) project on Energy, Resources, and Environment (ERE) system intends to construct an infrastructure for global peace gaming (a term coined by me in 1971) -- specially on the issue of "environment and sustainable development" in developing countries. With computer simulation and a combination of advanced telecommunication channels, such gaming will enable experts and laymen in many countries to collaborate in discovering new solutions for world crises -- with rational and critical analysis and thinking basing on reliable "facts and figures." The purpose is to train would-be decision-makers on policy analysis and formulation, crisis management, conflict resolution and negotiation techniques with consensus building, for win-win cooperation for the promotion of an authentic sense of global citizenship.

Experience shows that the expertise necessary to participate in peace gaming does not yet exist in many parts of the world. The GLOSAS/Global University Project can help educate future participants and promote peace by educational course exchanges and joint research.