Footnote [7]:
This machine was later sent to Indian Institute of Technology.

Analog computer is consisted of amplifiers and multipliers which are processed in parallel with lightening speed of electrons. This parallel processing concept later became the massively parallel processing of digital computers, as replacing the amplifiers and multipliers with digital processing chips -- sometimes a million of them.

As combining this concept with packet-switching network, I coined a term "global neural computer network" in 1981 which was later used by Vice President Al Gore in his speech. Sun Microsystems now has its motto "Network is Computer."

Several systems will be interconnected via Internet to form a virtual computer, and the total system will act as one system with parallel processing of those subsystems in individual countries. Here each game player (more later about global peace gaming in distributed mode) with his/her submodel and database corresponds to a neuron, an Internet node to a synapsis and the Internet to the nerves of a global brain.