Footnote [22]:
The infoDev is a global program to help developing economies fully benefit from modern information systems. The infoDev Program awards small-scale grants (usually $250,000 or less) to "jump-start" activities which show significant innovation in using information technology in sustainable development. This can include projects from any kind of proponent -- private sector, development agencies, non-governmental organizations, governments -- and in any sector -- health, education, environment, infrastructure etc.

The infoDev [1] shares worldwide experience with, and disseminates best practices to, governments and key decision-makers, both public and private, on the economic development potential of communications and information systems; [2] channels policy advice and other technical assistance to governments in developing economies on privatization, private entry and competition in the communications and information sectors, and on improving the policy, regulatory and business environment for investment; [3] conducts feasibility and pre investment studies, and prepares experimental applications in communications and information systems.

The infoDev's key method of intervention is through specific activities in the following areas: [a] Consensus Building, [b] Information Infrastructure Development Strategies including Knowledge Assessments, [c] Telecommunications Reform and Market access, [d] Demonstration Projects.

All activities are designed to support workable strategies and can include workshops, assessments, demonstration projects, feasibility studies, or other approaches. They can cover one or many countries; and address one or many sectors.