Summary of URLs
Houston Community College

(Excerpt from e-mail of Roger Boston on August 11, 1998.)
offers clicks from that page:


down this page you will find "SAMPLE"
which stacks motion video AND detailed Power Point slides

then by clicking a "classroom oval" say the top center one (CSCI2376)

you will advance inside the classroom template.

There you will find a menu on the left side to give MANY power points with streaming.

I recommend:

you click on "Orientation" button
for motion video followed by power point slides

then for better slides click on "Video Briefings" button
for a long selection of streamed audio plus power points


then for VOXWARE audio and VIVO video assisting with slides go to

==> the bottom two slide shows are preferred;

"audio assisted" slides are accompanied by VOXWARE.
I talk in Voxware and the user controls my slides.

"video assisted" slides show my VIVO motion video,
in the left side narrating my Power Point
on the right side which the user controls as I speak.

You may also be interested to verify

(Showing CuSeMe refresh during webcast,slides on right)

(Voxware sound left side, article right side)

I have many others archived, including some on the GLOBAL LEARN DAY archive of our CAADE presentation, the Hawaii presentation, the Houston to New zealand presentation, and the closing remarks.


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50 stream CuSeeMe reflector at with a dedicated machine and T1 line.
CuSeeMe Direct Connect at
The AUDIOVISION unit however is still "Waiting for a call" at -- about GLH on 8/16/96. -- PowerPoint presentation. -- for web during LEARN DAY on 10/12/97. -- Rotary Club in Houston and Global Learn Day II -- Tapio's talk at the inauguration celemony of the Media Lab at the University of Tampere -- EGEDE timetable and equipment list