Date: October 27, 1993
To: Electronic Colleagues
From: Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.
Subject: Video tape of our "Global Lecture Hall" videoconference on 8/21st


Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(1) Albeit belated, the video tape of our "Global Lecture Hall" (GLH) (TM) multipoint-to-multipoint multimedia interactive videoconference is now available. This was held on August 21st, 1993, at the occasion of TELETEACHING'93 in Trondheim, Norway, and was the first attempt for the U.S.-Russian Electronic Distance Education System (EDES).

(2) Programs:

(a) "Philosophy of Global (electronic) University"

Dr. Takeshi Utsumi, President of the Global University/USA

(b) "Digital video link between the U.S. and Moscow"

Mr. Ori Bar-zemer, Brown University, Providence, RI

(c) Panel Discussion:

"Compressed Digital Video, Its Quality and Applicability to Instructional Television"

Dr. Tom McCall, Director of R & D
National Technological University, Fort Collins, CO

Professor F. Lawrence Bennett, P.E., Head,
Engineering and Science Management,
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK

Professor Russell Mersereau
Electrical Engineering Department,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

(d) "World Round Table on Distance Education"

Dr. Pierre Patry, President
Tele-university, Montreal, Canada

(e) "Demonstration of videoconference via packet-switching networks"

Professor Kevin Jeffay, Computer Science Department,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

(f) "Demonstration of CU-SeeMe videoconference via Internet"

Mr. Scott Brim, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Mr. Steve Cisler, Apple Library, Cupertino, California
Ms. Kathy Fernandes, California State University, Chico
Ms. Jean Armour Polly, NYSERNet, Inc., Syracuse, NY

(g) "Advanced Communications Technology Satellite" (ACTS) of NASA

A video show

(h) "Fulbright Task Force"

Dr. David A. Johnson, Chair of Fulbright Association Task Force on East Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

(3) Technical Descriptions:

(a) Mr. Ori Bar-zemer described his innovative digital video link between Brown University and Moscow Space Research Institute via Intersputnik. His video was transmitted with his PictureTel via Sprint Meeting Channel in Atlanta, GA, to a CLI equipment at California State University/Sacramento, which uplinked to a satellite, which video was then downlinked at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, for worldwide viewing.

(b) Videos of panelists from Georgia and Alaska were simultaneously uplinked to a single satellite transponder using compressed digital video (CDV) technology. Their videos, video from studio at Colorado State University, and slow-scan TV image of TeleTeaching'93 via ordinary telephone line were put into four split windows. All of windows were broadcast via analog satellite as a composite video. The objectives were to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the CDV technology.

(c) Professor Jeffay demonstrated the potential of the new color, full-motion videoconferencing technology via a packet-switching data communication network, without use of satellite nor dish antenna. His presentation via slow-scan TV described his current campus-wide videoconference system with which several participants can show their videos while discussing a same application program on either MS/DOS or Macintosh computers.

(d) Mr. Brim also demonstrated CU-SeeMe (pronounce "See You See Me") black and white videoconference with Macintosh via Internet, ranging from the West Coast to New York, with parallel use of ordinary audio teleconference. The computer screen was broadcast via satellite for worldwide viewing. This was a historical event, as revolutionizing videoconference technology, which can lead to personalizing education in worldwide. (Apple/Moscow also successfully received their video, though we did not receive their video back.)

(e) A video of NASA's "Advanced Communications Technology Satellite" (ACTS) described its advanced capability of digital satellite technology with 1 giga bits per second high speed transmission with on-board processing and switching, using multiple high-powered spot beams and small, low-cost ground terminals.

(f) Dr. Patry's presentation on his project to coordinate leaders of distance education worldwide was conveyed via a Canadian satellite, and Dr. Johnson's presentation with a photo of Senator Fulbright was also sent via another U.S. domestic satellite, to our videoconference center at Colorado State University for worldwide viewing.

(4) Should you be interested in viewing the video tape, please fill out the attached form and send back to me with your check.

Best, Tak


This video tape is copyrighted by GLOSAS/USA, which also has the marketing right. "Global Lecture Hall (GLH)" and "Global (electronic) University (GU)" are trade marks of GLOSAS/USA. This should be stated in any printed materials. If you wish to broadcast any content of this video tape among regular commercial program, you need to negotiate for its right with our GLOSAS/USA.

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Video Tape
"Global Lecture Hall" (GLH) (TM)
The U.S.-Russian Electronic Distance Education System (EDES)
at the occasion of
Trondheim, Norway
August 21, 1993



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