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Hello, Everybody:

This is Tak Utsumi, talking about "Rainbow Bridge Across the Pacific."

This is my comparison of Eastern (Japanese, analog) and Western (American, digital) cultures with a metaphor of global brain and an analogy to hybrid computer.

This comparison was made out of my experiences on the deregulation of Japanese telecom policies (which was mentioned in Chapter I) and also by observing other many U.S./Japan trade issues. They were deeply based on the differences of the Eastern and Western cultures.

You just saw a big face of mine zoomed in!!

As an analogy, suppose that a human head is a globe.

Incidentally, I mentioned in Chapter I another metaphor of mine about global brain with global neural computer network.

The ultimate goal of the GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA) is to establish a Globally Distributed Decision Support System with distributed interactive computer gaming simulation system, for problem analysis, policy formulation and assessment, to be used for training of would-be decision makers in conflict resolution, crisis management, and negotiation with win-win cooperation. This is to be done with integrated use of distributed computer conferencing, databases and simulation systems among various countries. Several systems will be interconnected to form a global neural computer network [a term coined by me in 1981 and was used by Vice President Al Gore in his speech]. The total system will act as a single system with parallel processing of those subsystems in individual countries. Here each game player with his submodel and database corresponds to a neuron, an Internet node to a synapsis, and the Internet the nerves of a global brain.

Suppose my face is the Pacific Ocean.



There is Right Hand side for Eastern countries. Left Hand side for American and European countries.
Right head may correspond to Chinese continent, and
Right eye may correspond to Japanese Islands. 
Left head may corresponds to American continent, and
Left eye to Hawaiian Islands. 

My nose may be Guam Island,
mouth Papua New Guinea, and
Chin Australia.

Following is a table of comparisons between the Eastern and Western cultures.