<<November 11, 1998>>

Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D.

Mr. Phelippe Daou
Luciano Maia
Carlos Henrique da Silva Barreto

Roger Lee Boston 

Dr. Doug Rowlett

Dr. Ihor B. Katerniak

Dr. Alexander Saban

Peter T. Knight

Gary P. Poon

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor

Takahiro Kiuchi, M.D., Ph.D.

Yasutaka Onuma

Dr. David A. Johnson, AICP

(1)  Alex:

     Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

     (a)  Since I don't have the address of Eng. Anesio, I will not forward
          this msg to him.

     (b)  When we met Brig. Oliveira (President of SIVAM Project) at
          Tropical Hotel, he told us that he would request his deputy in
          Boston to visit me in the following week to discuss further
          collaboration on the establishment of a digital satellite network
          (similar one as MINCS-UH of Prof. Kiuchi), and other broadband
          wireless Internet in Amazon areas.

          I would appreciate it greatly if you can follow this up with him.

(2)  Gary Poon:

     I forgot to say in my previous msg that I gave a copy of your chapter
     contribution  Public Television's Digital Future" (which is to be
     published in a book on digital television) to Mr. Phelippe Daou,
     President of Radio TV do Amazonas Ltda (AMAZONSAT).  He appreciated it

(3)  David Johnson:

     I also forgot to thank you in my previous msg for your photo which I
     received very clearly.  What laptop are you using?

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 18:06:28 -0400
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: Alexandre <alexandr@ibrati.com.br>
Subject: Please, Forward this message

Dr. Utsumi,

Would forward the message below to all participants of our conference.
I had it returned twice.I am having problems with my server.
I am leaving to Chile tomorrow and returning on the 25th.

Thank you,


I would like to thank you all for your wonderful contribution to our
conference in Manaus. Before I go ahead and tell you more, I would like to
apologized for being sending this e-mail only now. The main reason was (and
still it is) because my phone line is not working since the conference. In
addtion, and as you can imagine, there were (and still are) many thing
behind and I am leaving to Santiago, Chile where I am going to be the
chairmaing of a Panel in an international meeting and also to present a
paper. So, I am sorry.

The conference was a success despite all the misunderstandings, expected and
unexpected problems. Dr. Utsumi already mentioned then in his e-mail of
11/05. All of us who participate in its organization and coordination
learned a lot. To put it in the air was something from another world,
specially to me. I am a recent Ph.D. graduated in Economics and had never
had previous TV experience. Suddnely, there was Alexandre Rivas sitting in
one of the TV Amazonas TV-trucks commanding everything (I did not know about
that until the TV director - Mr. Luciano Maia - tell me that he was waiting
on me to start the broadcasting. I got scared!). At the end everything was
fun and I was anxious to know about the results and, of course, tired! I did
not wacht anything (except the computer broadcastings) from the truck.

Dr. Utsumi and Mrs. Hisae

I would like to thank you so much. You were fantastic and very patient with
us. Thank you. 

Dr. Boston,

I would like to thank you for all. You really demonstrated for us not only
how to make distance education, but also how to believe in it. Your
conference via internet using Netmeeting was excellent.

Drs. Katerniak and Saban,

We were also impressed with your willingness to help us even having to wake
up 3:00 am in the morining. Your RealPlayer presentation was broadcasted
magnificently. Unfortunatelly, we had audio problems and your answer was not
broadcated. I really would like to thank you and let you know that you can
count on me (anytime!!!!).

Dr. Knight,

We were sorry that we had problems with your computer and could not join us.
I was informed that you called about 5 pm (just before the conference). I
could not call you back anymore. By that time I had already my long stress
section. To give you an idea of that around 5:30 someone discovered that the
phone lines were not working properly... Anyway, I would like to thank you
for your cooperation and attention during the whole preparation time. 

Dr. Poon,

Your talk was not possible because of the proble that Dr. Knight had with
his machine. I would like to thank you anyway. I am sure you were wishing us
success. I hope we can meet and work toghether in the near futere.

Dr. Varis,

Your video presentation was excellent. Thank you for being with us all the
time even with your busy schedulle. I hope we can have a face-to-face
meeting in Tampere next year. Please, fell free to contact me if you need
some contribution from me. Thank you.

Drs.  Kiuch and Onuma,

We were impressed with your work in Japan. I had the previle to dub your
video and learn about MINCS-UH. Unfortunatelly, your phone-talk could be
aired due to our audio problems. I am looking forward to have your video so
we can include it in out final tape of the conference.Thank you very much
and I hope we can work together soon.

Eng . Anesio,

Thank you for being standing by during our conference. Unfortunatelly, we
could not include your talk because I just realized that you were okay
during the broadcasting. Notwithstand, SIVAM was represented in our
conference through Cel Polhuber. Thank you and we are willing to get closer
of your organization. We talked to Brig. Oliveira and he was very
enthusisastic about this possibility.

Dr. David Johnson,

Thank you for introduce me to this magnific group. 

Dear Colleagues, one more time is not enough : THANK YOU.

As soon as I return from Chile, I'll work on the final video tape of the
conference and send it to you along with a Thank You Letter.

Please, let's keep in touch.

Alexandre Rivas 
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Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D.
Professor Adjunto
Univesidade do Amazonas
Departamento de Economia
Rua Em lio Moreira, 611 P a. 14
Manaus - AM
Brasil  69000
Tel.: (092) 234.6591
Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV)/ISAE
Av. Djalma Batista, 712 - Chapada
Manaus - AM
Brasil  69050-901
Tel.: (092) 622.6957
            633-1514 Ramal 77
Fax.: (092) 633.1827
      (092) 622-6985<<September 24, 1998>>His msg of today prefer this.

Mr. Phelippe Daou
Radio TV do Amazonas Ltda (AMAZONSAT)
Rede Amazonica Radio e Televisao
Av. Andre Araujo
n 1555 - Aleixo
CEP 69060-000
Manaus, Amazonas
Tel: 092-642-1900
Fax: 092-642-2625

Luciano Maia
Technical Director
Radio TV do Amazonas Ltda (AMAZONSAT)
Rede Amazonica Radio e Televisao
Av. Andre Araujo
n 1555 - Aleixo
CEP 69060-000
Manaus, Amazonas
Tel: 092-642-1900
Fax: 092-642-2625

Carlos Henrique da Silva Barreto
System Analyst
Serviços de Comunicaç o da Amazônia (SCAM)
Radio TV do Amazonas Ltda (AMAZONSAT)
Rede Amazonica Radio e Televisao
Av. Andre Araujo
n 1555 - Aleixo
CEP 69060-000
Manaus, Amazonas
Tel: 092-642-1900
Fax: 092-642-2625

Roger Lee Boston 
Rockwell Chair Instructor and Consultant for Creativity 
Houston Community College System Distance Education/Technology Center
Office of the President
4310 Dunlavy
P. O. Box 7849
Houston, TX 77270-7849
713-718-5224 (direct)
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50 stream CuSeeMe reflector at with a dedicated machine and T1
Netmeeting IP is
The AUDIOVISION unit however is still "Waiting for a call" at -- about GLH on 8/16/96. -- PowerPoint presentation.
http://www.teched.org/tgcccc/hccs/tak.jpg -- for web during LEARN DAY on
http://www.teched.org/rotary.htm -- Rotary Club in Houston and Global Learn
Day II
http://www.rboston.com/tapio.ram -- Tapio's talk at the inauguration celemony
of the Media Lab at the University of Tampere
http://www.rboston.com/egede.ram -- EGEDE timetable and equipment list

Dr. Doug Rowlett
Houston Community College

Dr. Ihor B. Katerniak
Project Manager
A Business, Medical, and Telecommunication Coalition in Ukraine
Technology Promotion Center-LIM
57, 700-richchia Lvova Str,
Lviv, Ukraine
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Deputy Manager of BID program in Ukraine
19, Panasa Myrnoho Str.
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e-mail: ik@LITech.net

Dr. Alexander Saban
A Business, Medical, and Telecommunication Coalition in Ukraine
Ukrainian Academic and Research Network UARNet
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
Leviv Medical University
1 Svientsitskii Str.,
Lviv, Ukraine
tel/fax +380 322 768405
e-mail saban@uar.net

Peter T. Knight
Knight, Moore - Telematics for Education and Development
Strategy, Policy, Design, Implementation, Evaluation
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IP for CU-SeeMe:

Gary P. Poon
digital television stratetic consulting
P. O. Box 7027
Alexandria, VA 22307
Fax: 703-768-8680

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor
Chairman, GLOSAS/Finland
Professor and Chair
Media Culture and Communication Education
Hypermedia laboratory
Chairman, Scientific Council
Information Society Research Center
University of Tampere
P.O.Box 607
FIN-33101 Tampere
tel: +358-3-215 6111
Direct (24 hour availability) mobile phone:
GSM +358-50-567-9833
fax: +358-3-215 7503
http://www.uta.fi/~titava -- Tapio's page with photo

Takahiro Kiuchi, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Faculty of Medicine
University Medical Information Network (UMIN) Center
Hospital Computer Center
The University Of Tokyo Hospital
7-3-1  Hongo
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113
+81-3-3815-5411 Ext. 5241, 
+81-3-5689-0729 (direct)
+81-3-3815-5411 X5241 or 5248
Fax: +81-3-3813-7238
http://square.umin.ac.jp/kiuchi/kiuchieng.htm -- for bio
http://square.umin.ac.jp/kiuchi/image/MVC-014F.jpg -- for photo #1
http://square.umin.ac.jp/kiuchi/image/MVC-015F.jpg -- for photo #2
http://square.umin.ac.jp/kiuchi/ohp/ -- for slide show.
http://www.umin.ac.jp/vod/contents/h10/mincsjpn.htm -- for transcript of
videotape in Japanese
http://www.umin.ac.jp/vod/contents/h10/jimaku.htm -- for transcript of
videotape in English

Yasutaka Onuma
Assistant Section Manager
Marketing & Sales Dept.  B
Communication Network Div.
Space Communications Corporation
2-2-8, Higashi-shinagawa
Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0002
Fax: +81-3-5462-1391

Dr. David A. Johnson, AICP
Fulbright Senior Scholar, Cyprus, 1998
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Nicosia, Cyprus
Telephone:  357-2-512817
Telefax:  357-2-369151
Fulbright Commission
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