Photo taken in Dhaka, Bangladesh
(1/20 to 24/04)

Opening ceremony of the US Trade Show
(Mr. Harry K. Thomas, US Ambassador, 4th from right -- a graduate of Columbia University)

Booth of Telemedicine Reference Center, Ltd
(in preparation)

Ministers of Bangladesh Government
(Dr. Zakir was getting me to the pordium.)

Happy faces of Dr. and Mrs. Utsumi
(photo taken by Mr. Bob Van Zant)

Conference members at hotel lobby

At hotel lobby with Mrs. Deshpande from Bangalore, India

Many, many rikishas in Dhaka

Planned first telemedicine clinic
(Mrs. Utsumi was dialoging with local people.)

To have a lunch on a boat.

One of tributaries of Ganges River

Party on a boat

Party on a boat