Photos taken during fact-finding and assessment trip to establish GUS/Ethiopia

Entrance to Admas College in Addis Ababa

Prof. Tesfaye Teshome, Academic Vice President
Debub University in Awassa, Ethiopia
Photo Exhibition on the 100 Years Anniversary of US/Ethiopia Relations


Hospital of Medical School of Debub University to be opened in the near future



Town of Gondar, Ethiopia

Hospital of Gondar University

Entrance to the hospital of Gondar University

At the campus of Gondar University on a hill
with Dr. Anteneh Workv (Gondar Univ.), Hisae Utsumi and Mr. Berhanu Beyene (Univ. of Hamburg)

Emperor Fasilidas Castle in Gondar

At Haile Sellasic Palace
with Hisae Utsumi and Mr. Berhanu Beyene
Blue Nile River and the town of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia in the background

Faculty of Engineering
Bahir Dar University

Prof. Jejaw Demamu (behind Hisae Utsumi), Mr. Berhanu Beyene
Bahir Dar University

With a professor of Bahir Dar University
at Bahir Dar Airport

With Gunther Cyranek of UNESCO, his wife, Hisae Utsumi, Mr. Berhanu Beyene

Dr. Tamrat Bayle (Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation), Hisae Utsumi, Prof. Abebe Dinku (Dean, Faculty of Technology, Addis Ababa University), Mr. Berhanu Beyene

Faculty of Technology, Addis Ababa University

Campus of Addis Ababa University

With Dr. Tamrat Bayle, Mr. Berhanu Beyene, Dr. Nega Alemayehu (Director), Hisae Utsumi,
At the entrace of the Graduate School of Telecommunications and Information Technology of the
Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (under construction)