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Our Ref 8/5/4


12th June 2003


The Country Manager

World Bank

Development House

P.O. Box 30557

Capital City




Dear Sir,




The University of Malawi (UNIMA) in collaboration with the Global University system (GUS) USA has prepared the attached concept paper on ìThe Establishment of MARAVI-NET (MARNET) and LOCAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS (LCDNS) FOR EíLEARNING AND E-HEALTHCARE IN MALAWIî.  This proposal is being sent to you for consideration and support under the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) Seed Fund.


The goals of the project are to establish;


(i)             Broadband internet net work (MARNET) of the Universities, research centers and institutions of learning that will enhance interaction among these institutions and at the same time link them with their communities for enabling their life long learning to increase their productivity, and


(ii)           Local Community Development Networks (LCDN's), which is to link diverse rural communities for knowledge sharing through exchange of experiences.


As you may be aware Sir, the University of Malawi with the five constituent colleges, namely Bunda College, Chancellor College, College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing and the Polytechnic, has over the years generated a lot of information which local communities could use and benefit from.  Unfortunately due to problems with delivery of extension services this information is gathering a lot of dust on shelves of various organizations.  The Universities of Malawi and Mzuzu in collaboration with the Global University system would like to promote development of communities through information sharing economic development and wealth creation.  The information that these institutions including their research centers will generate would be made available to elementary and secondary schools, hospitals, agriculture extensions planning areas using high speed wireless Internet connections.


Initially Sir, we would like to apply for the Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF) / Seed Fund worth US$50,000 for the following activities;


i)               Fact finding and Assessment Trip by Dr. Utsumi, Founder and Vice President for Technology and Coordination, Global University System


ii)             Mini-Workshop (3 days) three months after step 1


The deliverable of the above activities will be the full proposal for the JSDF, which will be prepared by the participatory discussions of a project committee, which will consist of selected members of MARAVINET coalition and outside consultations for maximum effectiveness and sustainability.  The outside consultants are necessary because of the high-tech nature of (a) the MARAVINET and local Community Development Network and (b) e-learning and e-healthcare, both of which experiences are scarce in Malawi at present.  The well-developed JSDF grant proposal will be submitted within 12 months after this seed fund application is approved and granted.


It is our belief Sir that this proposal will enhance access to information in Agriculture, Education, Health, Policy, and Commerce among others at community level for effective local and Central government decision-making.


I look forward to your support.


Yours sincerely,





Professor Leonard A. Kamwanja




C:        Vice Chancellor

            University Registrar