1.  Participating Organizations and Individuals (tentative)





Association for Advancement of Information Technology (AAIT)


Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC)


Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)


BRAC University





International Society for Systems Science


McGill University

Will accommodate Canadian simulation model as acting GEWS/Canada.


University of Ottawa





Tokyo Institute of Technology

Prof. A. Onishi of Foundation for Fusion of Science and Technology (FOST) is now approaching to this institute to accommodate GEWS/Japan, and to provide Futures of Global Interdependence (FUGI) model, the world largest econometric model.





International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity

Dorien DeTombe will train and advice the local facilitators to work according to the COMPRAM methodology.





African University of Science and Technology (To be invited)


Obafemi Awolowo University (To be invited)

We are reviving our relations with them for GEWS/Nigeria (http://tinyurl.com/2fjxpor)





Novosibirsk State University

To provide models of Altai region, Novosibirsk, Siberia and Russia.


Russian Academy of Sciences





Bogazici University

Dr. Yaman Barlas to provide models of Turkey.


United States of America



Columbia University

(a) School of International and Public Affair (SIPA):

This group conducted “normative” gaming/simulation on “Oil Development and Human Right” in Nigeria in February 2010, as mentioned above. This group with extensive background of Nigeria (O’Neill, no date-1) would construct scenario of gaming/simulation (O’Neill, no date-2) so that the Millennium Institute would follow it for their modeling, and subsequent teaching students at both of Columbia University and Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria (which is to be invited later). This scenario writing would take place with the use of simulation questionnaires (O’Neill, no date-3).


O’Neill, Donal A., (no date-1), “Short CV” – copy/paste the following URL,

http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/Global_University/Global University System/List Distributions/2009/MTI2171_20091226/Short CV - Donal O'Neil Sep 09.jpg


O'Neill, Donal A., (no date-2), “Understanding the Impact of Business — Through Role-Playing Simulations” – copy/paste the following URL,

http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/Global_University/Global University System/List Distributions/2009/MTI2042_02-20-09/Simulations Brochure.jpg


O’Neill, Donal A., (no date-3), “Questionnaires for Simulation Specification” -- copy/paste the following URL,


This questionnaire is excellent first step prior to constructing a cause-and-effect diagram of system dynamics simulation to analyze complex interwoven interrelations of various world phenomena.


(b) Center for International Conflict Resolution (CICR):

This group plans to hold Global Symposium on: “Climate Change and International Peace and Security,” Global Challenges and Global Solutions: Interdisciplinary Approaches, and has invited GLOSAS/USA to conduct a gaming/simulation demonstration of this proposal project, which would be the integrated and combined form of the normative and quantitative gaming/simulation mentioned above.

(c) Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CNMTL)

This group is to help faculties of the above. This group also help students at both of Columbia University and Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria for the so-called “Nation Building” exercise of Nigeria’s future after oil export revenue dwindled. This exercise would be the outgrowth of this group’s Millennium Village Simulation with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute of Columbia University <http://tinyurl.com/45e9gy>. This group has already performed many videoconferencing through Internet and audio conferencing through analog telephony network with universities in various African countries. Subsequently, this group would just extend its level from “village” to “nation building.”

See ANNEX II below for their support letter.


GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA)

Co-Principal Investigator for performing general administration of this project.



We are currently approaching IBM to have their cloud computing services so that our project colleagues around the world can access same simulation models to work together. As soon as their services become available to us, Professor Onishi will install his FUGI global model and Millennium Institute their models of various countries in the services.


International McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences (MISS) at California State University at Chico

They will construct data exchange mechanism of distributed simulation models of GEWS in various countries, which would be resided in cloud computing services of various vendors.


Millennium Institute

Co-Principal Investigator

They will supply system dynamics simulation models of various countries, e.g., the United States, China, Bangladesh, Ghana, Guyana, Italy, Malawi, Somaliland, Tunisia and others, which may replace the corresponding ones of FUGI model.


Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Principal Investigator for performing general administration of this project and to provide a database through which pertinent data are to be inter-exchanged among simulation models.


Tenure and Ecology LLC

Consultant to GLOSAS/USA


International Organizations



United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

The UNDP indicated their willingness to support our colleagues for the creation of GEWS in various developing countries in Africa, e.g., Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, etc.

See more detailed descriptions in <http://tinyurl.com/22jwqxf> for the list and description of partners of Global Socio-Economic-Energy-Environment Development (GSEEED) project – [See also MOU_Polytechnic_GLOSAS in ANNEX III below.] Participants will be connected through Internet via text, audio-, and video-conferencings.