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"Three GLOSAS Projects" -- (NOTE: This slides [made by Microsoft Office: Mac 2001] should be viewed with Internet Explorer rather than Netscape becasue of the compatibility problem.)

"GLOSAS Projects for Closing Digital Divide" -- Paper published in
InterMedia of International Institute of Communications (IIC) (March 11, 2001)

"World Love and Peace" -- Slide show presented at the World Citizens Assembly (WCA) 2001, Taipei, Taiwan (April 1, 2001) -- Revised on 6/19/01

"Quest for Global Peace: (A Personal Recollection)" -- Paper to be presented at Global Peace Assembly, Taipei, Taiwan, August 12 to 19, 2001
Projects of GLOSAS (5-20-08)


Background of GLOSAS/USA


Deregulation of Japanese Telecom Policy for the Use of Email
_(April 6, 1982)

Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF):

1. Slide Show by Peter Knight at InfoDev/World Bank on 10-19-00

2. Slide Show on GLOSAS Projects by T. Utsumi at InfoDev/World Bank on 10-19-00

3. Full Synopsis of GSTF

4. Proposal for Creating the GSTF (February 28, 2001)

5. Envisoned Organization, Functions, etc.

6. Knight, Peter T. (2002), "The Global Service Trust Fund: Bridging the Digital Divide for Education and Health," TechKnowLogia, January - March 2002

III. Global Broadband Internet (GBI):

1. Outline

2. Diagram

3. Cole, G. and N. Bulashova, (2005), “GLORIAD: A Ring Around the Northern Hemisphere for Science and Education connecting North America, Russia, China, Korea and Netherlands with Advanced Network Services.”

IV. Global University System (GUS):


Synopsis of Global University System:

2. "Waging Peace with Globally Inter-connected Computers," P. Rossman and T. Utsumi, 1986


"The Global Electronic University," T. Utsumi, P. Rossma, S. M. Rosen (1990)

4. "Globalization of Higher Education," Takeshi Utsumi, Parker Rossman, and Aristide H. Esser, in Projektowanie I Systemy: Zagadnienia metodologiczne dyscyplin praktycznych tom XII, (translated from English to Polish by Kazimierz Frieskie), (1990)


"Environmental Gaming Simulation Network," T. Utsumi and P. S. Gang, (Sept., 1990)


"Hacia una Universidad Global Electronica Latinoamericana, (In Spanish)" T. Utsumi and A. Villarroel, 1992


"Global (Electronic) University for Global Cooperation," Maria Rosa Abreu Magalhaes and Takeshi Utsumi (1992)

8. Full paper for The 14th Annual Conference of The Asian Association of Open Universities at The University of Philippines/Open University Manila, Philippines, 25-27 October 2000


"La practica de la virtualizacion_experiencias de algunas universidades" (In Spanish, 2000)

10. "Creating Global E-Learning and E-Healthcare through the Global University System," -- Paper by Takeshi Utsumi and Tapio Varis for the 3rd eHealth Regional Symposium at Dubai International Exhibition Center, United Arab Emirates, January 26-27, 2003

11. List of Memorandum of Understanding

12. Global University System: Asia-Pacific Framework:

13. GUS/UNESCO/UNITWIN Networking Program
14. Brief Questionnaires for Importing E-Learning Courses from Developed Countries (MS/WORD file, 56 KB)

15. Utsumi, T. (2005); "Global E-Learning for Global Peace with Global University System," Paper for the forthcoming publication "Communication and Learning in the Multicultural World," University of Tampere, Finland, (Edited by Pekka Ruohotie), to celebrate the 60th birthday of the GUS Acting President Tapio Varis in June 2006; December 29, 2005 (MS/WORD file, 952 KB)

16. Varis, Tapio; University of Tampere

"Global University System" -- (web home page by Tapio Varis)


"Global University System" -- (PowerPoint Slides by Tapio Varis)


"Towards Virtual Learning Environments" -- (PowerPoint Slides by Tapio Varis)


"Building Higher Humanity with a Global University System (pdf file)" -- Paper by Tapio Varis for World Forum of UNESCO Chairs, 13-15 November 2002, Paris (html file)

Videoconference on "Global University System" with Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering in Russia, December 20, 2004
(about one hour duration, QuickTime movie, 626 MB -- click here to start the movie, but beware of this large size.)
"Education and e-Skills in a Knowledge-Based Economy," Microsoft Government Leaders Forum-Europe, Praggue, January 31-February 2, 2005, (MS/WORD file, 44 KB)
"New technologies and innovation in higher education and regional development," in Monograph "Universities and Regional Development: the challenge in the era of the globalisation of higher education," Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, ISSN 1698-580K
17. McCarty, Steve; World Association for Online Education (WAOE)
Global University System Asia-Pacific Framework
Fundamental Projects of Dr. Takeshi Utsumi
Fundamental Projects of Dr. Takeshi Utsum (Global University System) -- in Japanese
Global University Background Documents
Global University for Central America
African Initiatives: School Connectivity
World Regional Project Summaries
Asia-Pacific News & Links
Tokyo Conference Activities Proposed for Fall 2001
Proposed Outline of the Global University System Structure
Global University System Pacific/Asia Pilot Project Parties
Establishing a Virtual University in Pakistan
Pacific/Asia Brainstorming Summary
Montana/Pacific Distance Learning Project
Collaborating with Asian Open Universities
GUS Activities in Developing Countries:

A. Africa
1. Egypt

2. Ethiopia

3. GUS/Malawi
4. Nigeria
Eke, Charles, "Report of Fact Finding Trip for Global University Systems (GUS)/Nigeria Project,"
October 4, 2004

5. Sierra Leone

6. GUS/Uganda
B. Asia
1. East Asia
2. Central Asia
3. Southeast Asia
4. South Asia
5. Southwest Asia
Palestine/Gaza Strip and West Bank


C. Eastern Europe
1. Russia

D. Latin America
1. GUS/Brazil/Amazon
Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG) Project:

1. Articles on System Dynamics by Prof. Jay W. Forrester

2. World Dynamics by Prof. Jay W. Forrester

3. Utsumi, T. and J. DeVita (1982), "GLOSAS PROJECT (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation)" (32 MB), S. Schoemaker (Ed.), Computer Networks and Simulation II, North-Holland Publishing Company, (pdf file, 33 MB)

4. Utsumi, T., et al, (1986), “Peace Games with Open Modeling Network,” Paper published in "Computer Network and Simulation III," S. Schoemaker (Editor), Elsevier Science Publisher B.V., (Noth-Holland)

5. "Global University for Global Peace Gaming" -- Paper presented at the 22nd International Conference of the International Somulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA), Kyoto, Japan, 15-19 July, 1991

6. McLeod, J., "Preface," Mission Earth Track of 1998 Conference on Simulation Methods and Applications (CSMA98), Theme: Parallel and Distributed Simulation, November 1-3, 1998, Orlando, Florida

7. McLeod, J., "Power (?) Grid!," Simulation in the Service of Society, Simulation, September 2000

8. Global University System with Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming Project, December 24, 2003

9. "Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG)";
Grant application to Altran Foundation for Innovation 2004 Award, January 11, 2004 (MS/WORD file, 2.7 MB)

10. "Global University System with Globally Collaborative Innovation Network"; Paper to be presented at the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis, Tunizia, November 14-18, 2005
<GUS+GCIN_D2_Abridged by L.I._v5.pdf>

11. "Global University System for Engineering Education in the Age of Globalization"; European Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 31, No.3, June 2006, Pages 339-348 (pdf file, 2 MB)

12. "Global e-Learning for Global Peace," Paper for opening speech at the American Society for Cybernetics in Washington, D.C., October 28, 2005, <> (MS/WORD file, 224 KB)
  1. Slide presentation (without note) (pdf file, 1.7 MB)
  2. Ditto (with note) (pdf file, 1.7 MB)
13. "Globally Collaborative Innovation Network with Global University System," Paper for Learning Technology, IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 8, Issue 3, July, 2006

14. Synopsis of Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG)
September 22, 2007

15. Globally Collaborative Peace Gaming with Global University System,” Paper to be published in Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change, Liverpool John Moores University, The United Kingdom, October, 2007

16. Utsumi, T., (2008), "Fostering Global Leaders with Peace Gaming," Paper to be published at The 10th Global Leadership Forum: Leadership and Globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities, June 18-23, Novosibirsk, Russia

17. Sarah Lum
Peace Gaming on the Scale of Pentagon War Games
Tetworld Links web site

18. Utsumi, T., (2006), Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG)
Research Committee 51 on Sociocybernetics (RC51); Newsletter 19, May

19. Utsumi, T., (2007), Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG)
The Buckminster Fuller Challenge (October, 2007)

20. Utsumi, T., (2008), "Development History of Peace Gaming and Global University System," (September 7, 2008)

21. Utsumi, T., (2009), “Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming Project with Global University System,” Paper for the proceedings of the International Conference on E-learning in the Workplace (ICELW) at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, NY on June 10th-12th, and its slide show.

22. Synopsis of Global Early Warning System (GEWS), (January 11, 2010)

23. Utsumi, T., (2010), “Global Early Warning System (GEWS) with Cloud Computing Technology” (April 5, 2010), To be submitted to IBM.

24. GLOSAS/USA Projects for Africa (March 2, 2011)

25. Project Proposal for Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (November 30, 2010)

26. The Global Early Warning System (GEWS) with The Global University System (GUS); Their Use Within ECOWAS Countries (October 7, 2012)
Global Socio-Economic-Energy-Environment Development (GSEEED) Project
= Global Early Warning System (GEWS)
Grant application for GSEEED project
Global Early Warning System (GEWS) (Under construction)
Preliminary Proposal: "Rwanda as an African Hub of GEWS" (June 23, 2010)
Synopsis of “Creating Electronic United Nations" (August 23, 2017)
Global Innovation Exchange "Creating Electronic United Nations (eUN)" (March 16, 2017)
Tim Lang and Geof Rayner, "Ecological public health: the 21st century's big idea? An essay by Tim Lang and Geof Rayner
"Discordia," A simulation of the impact of an oil discovery on a West-African nation (561 MB)
Understanding the Impact of Business through Role-Playing Simulations (80 KB)
“Sustainable Development Policies and Decision-Making with Distributed Simulation on Transition to Clean Renewable Energy” (August 11, 2017)
DRAFT/Global Peace Gaming for S3 in SIMULATION (May 6, 2000)
Executive Summary: “Sustainable Development Policies and Decision-Making with Distributed Simulation on Transition to Clean Renewable Energy” (August 11, 2017)
Simulation Proposal for Healthcare and Healthcare SDG Interactions by Mayo Clinic (November 10, 2017)
Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2019
Electronic ECOWAS for Decision-Making with Distributed Simulation on Clean Energy Transition (December 18, 2017)
“Electronic ECOWAS for Decision-Making with Distributed Simulation" (August 24, 2017)


Systemic Decision-Making for SDGs with Distributed Simulation on Transition to Clean and Renewable Energy”; To be presented by team members of Global University System in the USA (GUS/USA) at the SDG Learning workshop during the 2018 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goals at the UN/HQ in NYC on July 11, 2018




Global Lecture Hall:

World Economic Crisis Simulation; held at the Session “Tools for Managing Complexity” at The Conference of The World Future Society, Sheraton Hotel, New York City, July 1986

2. Tampere conference:
  1. 1999, August
  2. 2005, early month (tentative)
3. Manaus workshop:


1. 2003/09
Keynote speech on "Creating Global University System"
at the 31st conference of the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) in Porto, Portugal, from 7 to 10, September, 2003.

2. 2003/09-10
Roundtable discussion on “The Virtual University and the Usage of New Educational Technologies”
at the International University Book Fair at the University of Veracruz in Xalapa, Mexico, September 27 to October 1st, 2003.

3. 2003/11
"Global learning comes true" (pdf file, 3.1 MB)
The Learning Citizen, Issue #7, November 2003

4. 2003/12
  1. 3rd International LeGE-WG Workshop: Towards a European Learning GRID Infrastructure “GRID infrastructure to support future technology enhanced Learning,” 3 December, 2003 - Berlin, Germany
  2. Online Educa Berlin 2003; 9th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training, December 3-5, 2003, Berlin, Germany
5. 2004/01

"International Conference on Application of ICT in Government, Education & Healthcare Systems," Dhaka, Bangladesh, Thursday, 22nd January, 2004
Trip to Japan

6. 2004/06
  1. Third Annual Digital Bridge Africa – Global Partnership Conference on
    ICT and Development, Abuja, Nigeria – June 23-26, 2004
  2. Fact-finding and assessment trip to establish GUS/Nigeria -- June 27-July 8, 2004
7. 2004/08

“Workshop on Nation Wide Fibre Optic Network and It's Applications”
Dhaka, Bangladesh, August 30, 2004

8. 2004/10
  1. "International Symposium on ICT Education and Application in Developing Countries," October 19-21, 2004, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  2. Fact-finding and assessment trip to establish GUS/Ethiopia -- October 19 ~ 21, 2004
9. 2004/11
  1. "eHealth for the Americas...Status and Prospects"
    Meeting-Consultation, organized by WHO
    November 15 and 16, 2004
    Hotel Sheraton, Mexico City, Mexico and
  2. "3er Congreso Mexicano e-Salud"
    Mexican National e-Health Conference
    organized by Mexican Ministry of Health
    November 16 and 17, 2004
    Hotel Fiesta Inn, Mexico City, Mexico
10. 2004/11/19th

"Series on Policy Awareness and Training in Information Technology";
High-Level Seminar on Policy Awareness and Security Issues in Information Technology III,
Organized by the ICT Task Force, Intel Corporation and UNITAR
under the auspices of the Working Group on Informatics,
Seminar on Policy Awareness and Security Issues in Information Technology,
United Nations Headquarters, New York,
Economic and Social Council Chamber,
Friday, 19 November 2004

11. 2005/3/14th to 16th

1st International ELeGI Conference <> on
Advanced Technology for Enhanced Learning
Hotel Oriente, Vico Equense - Napoli (Italy) from 14th to 16th March 2005

12. 2005/5/26th to 27th

Conference on “Knowledge Society Challenges for e-Learning” at the Kaunas University of Technology in Kanaus, Lithuania on May 26-27


2005/10/27th to 30th

The 2005 Conference of the American Society for Cybernetics,
George Washington University, Washington, DC

14. 2007/4/26

Draft, working slide presentation in pdf format (26.7 MB).

15. 2007/11/9

"Cultural Bridges 2007" at the University of Tampere

16. 2007/11/12

"Synopsis of GLOSAS/USA Projects" and
"Slide Presentations" at Tallinn University in Estonia



"Global Early Warning System (GEWS) with Global University System (GUS)"
Slide Presentation at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
(a) No Note
(b) With Note


Origin of Packet-switching Technology
Baran, P. (1964), “On Distributed Communications Networks,” IEEE Trans., Vol. CS-12, No. 1, March
Malik, R. (1977), "In person: Packet-switching's Unsung Hero," New Scientist, Vol. 75, No. 1068, September 8
Franklin Institute, (2000), “Benjamin Franklin, Bower Aware Laureates Announced: Internet Pioneer Paul Baran wins $250,000,” NEWS RELEASE, The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 23
Franklin Institute, (2001), “Investigating the Work of Paul Baran,” The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 26 April
Davies, D. W. (2001), “An Historical Study of the Beginnings of Packet Switching,” The Computer Journal, Vol. 44, No. 3, pp 152-162 (BCS copy.pdf, 16.7 MB)
Guernsey, L. (2001), “An Unimaginable Emergency Put Communications to the Test,” The New York Times, September 2001
Baran, P. (2002), “The Beginnings of Packet Switching: Some Underlying Concepts,” IEEE Communications Magazine, pp 42-48, July

Wireless Broadband Internet
Huges, D. R. and D. Hendricks, “Spread Spectrum Radio,” SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, April 1998, Pages 94 96 (about 2 Mbytes)

Beowulf Mini Super-Computer
Sterling, T., (2001), “How to Build a Hyper Computer,” Scientific American, July, Pages 38-45 (pdf, 376 KB)
Hargrove, W. W., et al, “The Do-It-Yourself Supercomputer,” Scientific American, August 2001 (pdf, 544 KB)

21st Century Version of Fulbright Exchange Program by Prof. Hironaka of Hiroshima University
The importance of person-to-person communication: A Japanese Fulbrighter talks about the Fulbright Program (Time, March 29, 1993)

Samuel P. Huntington, "The Clash of Civilization?," Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993
<> or <>


Millennium Institute

Corpotate Profile
Threshold 21 Starting Framework: Integrated Development Model
T21, Integrated Development Model

Law of Sea

Straus, D. B., et al; “Computer-Assisted Negotiations: A Case History from the Law of the Sea Negotiations and Speculation Regarding Future Uses” -- (html file, 70 KB), (pdf file, 21.6 MB), (MS/WORD file, 21.6 MB)
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 426, pp 234 to 265, November 1, 1984


McCorduck, Pamela; Chapter 16: “The Computer and Conciliation” in “The Universal Machine: Confessions of a Technological Optimist” -- (html file, 53 KB), (pdf file, 9.7 MB), (MS/WORD file, 9.7 MB)
McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1985, ISBN: 0070448825

Edward A. Friedman, Stevens Institute of Technology
Enhancing Rural Healthcare in Rwanda throuogh Clinical Decision Support
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Summer 2009

Computer-Assisted Medical Diagnosis for Rural Sub-Saharan Africa
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Fall 2009

Water Management of Blue Nile River

Betrie, G. D., et al, “Linking SWAT and SOBEK Using Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI) for Sediment Transport Simulation in the Blue Nile River Basin

Japanese Information (in Japanese, 日本語資料)


Funding Sources

12. Archives of List Distributions

About Tak Utsumi

1. John McLeod, "Three Short Thoughts - With Long Implications,"
SIMULATION, Vol. 29, No. 5, 135 (1977)

2. John McLeod, "Preface of Mission Earth Track," CSMA'98, November 2, 1998

3. Other articles about Tak Utsumi by John McLeod, SAGE Journal Online

4. Parker Rossman, "Interview with Takeshi Utsumi,"
September 17, 2004

5. Muriel Glasgow, “Muriel interviews Dr. Takeshi Utsumi,” United Nations Yak, November 5th, 2008

Slides for Tech Awards of Tech Museum

Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.
Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education
Founder and Vice President for Technology and Coordination
Global University System (GUS)
Chairman, GLOSAS/USA
43-23 Colden Street, #9-L
Flushing, NY 11355-3998, U.S.A.
Tel: 718-939-0928
U.S. Federal Tax Exempt ID: 11-2999676
New York State Tax Exempt ID: 217837

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