Part I: Greetings and Visions
(as of 7/7/03)

Papers in this Part I will endorse the idea of GUS as indicating their visions of how university can advance the cause of world prosperity, justice, and peace.

Martti Ahtisaari, President of Finland and Laureate of Fulbright Prize. (Received)
"The 2000 Fulbright Prize Address"
(Final version, updated 6/26/03)

Erkki Tuomioja, Finland Minster of Foreign Affairs. (Received.)
"Globalization -- Threats and Opportunities"
(Final version, updated 6/26/03)

Viviane Reding, Commissioner of European Commission. (Received.)
"The Global University System and the European Union"
(Final version, updated 6/24/03)

Federico Mayor, former DG of UNESCO. (Received.)
"Peace Through Global E-Learning"
(Final version, updated 6/26/03)

Pekka Tarjanne, former DG of ITU. (Received.)
(Final version, updated 6/26/03)

Yoshio Utsumi, DG of ITU. (Received.)
"Global Knowledge through Global Connectivity"
(Final version, updated 7/7/03)

Juan Somavia, DG of ILO. (Received.)
"Exploring the High Road to Technology and Globalization"
(Final version, updated on 6/25/03)

Brenda M. Gourley, Vice Chancellor of U.K. Open University. (Received.)
"Diversity and Change in a Global Context"
(Final version, updated on 6/25/03)

Marco Antonio R. Dias, Former Director of Higher Education at UNESCO (Received.)
"Objectives and Institutionalization of the Global University System"
(Final version, updated on 6/25/03)