List of Participants

List of Participants



Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D., Professor
Center for Environmental Sciences (CCA)
Universidade Federal do Amazonas / Fundação UNI-SOL
Campus Universitário
3000 Manaus, AM
Brazil 69000
Tel: + 5592 647.4063
Fax: + 5592 647.4066

Principal Investigator

M‡rio da Silva Costa, General Manager
Rede Amaz™nica TV Foundation (Framazon)
Av. Carvalho Leal, 1270, Cachoeirinha
Manaus, AM, Brasil
Tel: + 5592 663.6092
Fax: + 5592 663.1555

Sub-coordenador for TV issues


Vera Lœcia Marques Edwards, Secretary

City of Manaus Secretary of Education (SEMED)

Av. Tapaj—s, n  214 - Centro

Fone: (0XX) 92 633-1653


Sub-coordinator for Manaus City government issues


Dr. Vicente de Paulo Queiroz Nogueira, Secretary

Amazonas State Secretary of Education

Av. Perimetral D, 1934   Conj. 31 de Março

Phone: +5592 237.8622

Manaus – AM – Brasil


Sub-coordinator for the Amazonas State government issues


Dr. Jackson Colares da Silva

Coordinator of CampusNet Amazonia

Campus Universitario

Centro de Ciencias do Ambiente

Manaus - AM - Brasil


Tel/fax:+ 55 92 647.4066 / 647.4063


Coordinator of CampusNet Amazonas


Dr. Marcus Vinitius de Farias Guerra

Research Director

Institute of Tropical Disease   IMT

Goverment of Amazonas

Av. Pedro Teixeira, 25 – D. Pedro I

69040-000 Manaus – AM

Tel.: +5592238.1711

Fax: +5592238.3762


Sub-coordinator for Telemedicine Issues





Dr. David Levy

Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)

McGill University

680 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1184

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

H3A 3R1


Fax: 514-398-2650


In charge of ESL program.


Mr. Barry McLarnon, P. Eng.

2696 Regina Street

Ottawa, ON, Canada  K2B 6Y1

Home: 613-820-3207

Fax: 613-820-3207 (call first)


In charge of deploying community development network.



European Union


Dr. Marco Ant™nio Dias

Vice President, Global University System

Consultant of United Nations University

Former Director, Division of Higher Education of UNESCO

36, Rue Ernest Renan

92.190 Meudon


Tel: +33-1-45 34 3509

Fax: +33-1-45 34 3509


Coordination with UNESCO and UNAMAZ, etc.


P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor

Acting President, Global University System

Chairman, GLOSAS/Finland

Professor and Chair

Media Culture and Communication Education

Hypermedia laboratory

University of Tampere

P.O.Box 607

FIN-33101 Tampere


Tel: +358-3-215 6110

GSM: +358-50-567-9833

Fax: +358-3-215 7503


Guidance of GUS.





Roger Lee Boston

Rockwell Chair/Instructor

Distance Education/Technology Center

Houston Community College System

4310 Dunlavy Street

P.O.Box 7849

Houston, Texas 77006


Tel: +1-713-718 5224

Fax: +1-713-664 0367 (secondary) Tampere event Manaus event


Consulting on e-learning with affordable and accessible videoconferencing and web learning.


G. Robert (Bob) Converse
Project Director/Principal Investigator
National Science Foundation
Advanced Technology Education Project
Maui Community College
310 Ka'a Humanu Ave.
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
Tel: +1-808-984 3447
Fax: +1-808-244 0862


Guidance on extending Access Grid to Amazon.

John M. Eger

Executive Director

International Center for Communications

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

San Diego State University

San Diego, CA 92182-4522



Fax: 619-594-4488


Guidance on smart community approach.


Bob Grabau

Satellite Sales and Consulting

EcoSage and SkyStream

154 Brook Rd.

Auburn Ca. 95603


916-316-4492 Cell


Consulting on satellite telecom infrastructure systems design.


Robert Hill

Senior Vice President for Marketing and Co-Founder

Hyperdynamics Corporation

9700 Bissonnet Suite 1700

Houston, TX 77036





Consulting on Internet telecom infrastructure systems design.


Joshua S. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Development Officer for Technology Initiatives
LASPAU: Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas
25 Mt. Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138-6095 USA
617 495-0498
Fax 617-495-8990

In charge of LASPAU/Harvard University project.

Dr. David A. Johnson, AICP

Board member of GLOSAS/USA

Professor of School of Planning

College of Arts and Sciences

University of Tennessee

108-I Hoskins Library

Knoxville, TN 37996-4051


Tel: +1-423-974 5227

Fax: +1-423-974 5229


In charge of MAB project.


Roberto J. Rodrigues, MD

Regional Advisor, Health Services Information Technology

Essential Drugs and Technology Program

Division of Health Systems and Services Development

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

525 Twenty-third Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20037-2895


Tel: +1(202)974-3826

Fax: +1(202)974-3610


In charge of e-healthcare education.


D.K. Sachdev


Spacetel Consultancy

Adjunct Professor, George Mason University

10289 Johns Hollow Road

Vienna, Va 22182

Tel: (703) 757-5880

Mobile: (703) 314-3211


Consulting on Internet telecom infrastructure systems design.


H. Dean Sutphin

Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences systems

Cornell University

140 Roberts Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853



Cel: 607-227-6845

Fax: 607-254-4613


In charge of global seminar project.


Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E.

Chairman, GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA)

President Emeritus and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of Global University System (GUS)

43-23 Colden Street

Flushing, NY 11355-3998


Tel: 718-939-0928

Fax: 718-939-0656 (day time only--prefer e-mail)


Co-Principal Investigator