The 3rd International LeGE-WG Workshop:
Towards a European Learning GRID Infrastructure
“GRID infrastructure to support future technology enhanced Learning,”
3 December, 2003 - Berlin, Germany

  1. Flyer of the Workshop (pdf file, 76K)

  2. Reference Material:
    Colin Allison, Stefano A. Cerri, Matteo Gaeta, Pierluigi Ritrovato, and Saverio Salerno, University of St. Andrews, Université Montpellier II et CNRS, and University of Salerno, Italy
    "Human Learning as a Global Challenge: European Learning Grid Infrastructure"

  3. PowerPoint Slide Presentation on "GRID Technology for Learning" (ppt file, 2.6M)
    Pierluigi Ritrovato

  4. T. Utsumi's Presentations: