University of Southern Queensland


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University of Southern Queensland

A Presentation to SCOP 2000

What kind of university?

Faculty Distributions

Program Level Distributions

USQís Australian Students 1999

USQís Off-Shore Students 1999

Nature of USQís Off-campus Population: 1999

University Resources

Executive Management Structure

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Portfolio

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise) Portfolio

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Learning Services) Portfolio

Management of Online Initiatives

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NextEd Ltd


USQ Intranets

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A Famous Prediction


Profound Changes in the Delivery of Education

Some Key Characteristics of those Changes

The ìTriple Optionî Approach to Meeting Peopleís Needs

With the arrival of the Information Age, international and institutional boundaries are likely to become increasingly irrelevantÖ.. global partnerships are inevitable.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Future Projections

Internet Usage in Australia

Four Generations of Distance Education Technology

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ìClicks and Mortarî

USQ has the track record

Legacy Power

AndÖÖ.In Summary

Author: Takeshi Utsumi


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