Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF)
(February 17, 1999)
I.    Visions

      A.   Globalization

             World phenomenon in the 21st Century

             Industry, commerce, economy, culture, etc.

      thanks to rapid advancement of transportation, telecommunication, computer and information technologies.

      B.   Global Citizenship

             For world peace

II.   Mission

      A.   Global Education

             To foster trust among people with better

             Beyond parochialism, national, continental,
             oceanic boundaries.

      B.   Global Healthcare

             To promote the wellness of people at every corner
             of the world.

III.  Need

      A.   Global Broadband Internet Networks

             To provide enhanced multimedia telelearning at
             affordable costs,

             To have high resolution diagnostic image for

      B.   Development of Teaching Materials

             With training of teachers for the use of advanced
             multimedia technologies and telecommunications.

      C.   Global Network of Facilitators

             With training of teachers of teachers

IV.  Objective

    GSTF is to finance the above requirements with
    multi-lateral collaboration,

    Particularly satellite channel charges across oceans.

V.   Precedences

      A.   Biology -- Human genome project

      B.   Nuclear physics -- cyclotron

      C.   Space -- space station

      D.   Astronomy -- Hubs telescope

      E.   Meteorology, etc.

      Why not to have similarly large project for global
      electronic distance education, global healthcare and

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