Recommended Format for Pilot Project Proposals
(Flexible for revisions during the conference)

Each Regional Group will use the general format provided below in the development of a pilot project proposal that is related to each Group’s assigned issue area.

1.Introduction to the Region


a.Information Infrastructure


2.Cultural and Social Aspects


b.Needs on Applications

1.Distance Learning

a.Assessment of the need for each field of K-12, higher education, vocational/training,
life-long continuing education, etc.
2.Tele-Health and Tele-Medicine

a.Assessment of the need for medical education, consultation, telemedicine, health
information infrastructure, etc.

3.Planning for Implementation

a.Detailed Feasibility Study

1.Investigate and evaluate the needs of participating organizations,

2.Plan the necessary information infrastructure and its administration and operation.

b.System Development

1.Design effective systems for information infrastructure and administration,

2.Design specifications of necessary facilities.

c.Selection and Development of Knowledge Contents

1.Selection of available courseware,

2.Development of courseware with advanced Internet technology,

3.Plan for scheduling of courseware availability.


1.Management of information infrastructure,

2.Management of Global University System,

a.distance learning,

b.tele-health and tele-medicine.

3.Role and management of multiple stakeholders.


1.Selection of vendors for information infrastructure,

2.Execution of implementation of information infrastructure with time schedules.

4.Planning for funding

a.List of possible funding sources

5.Recommendations for Further Actions

a.Regional conference for finalizing the aforementioned “Planning for Implementation.”

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