Possible Parties of Pilot Projects
(February 28, 1999)
For broadband Internet in wide rage, we will have Pacific/Asia, North/South America and Europe/Africa groups.

Because of the use of geostationary satellites, they are longitudinal regional groups which hub stations will be linked each other with broadband terrestrial cables.

Other groups for middle east and Indian regions will be added as interested parties will emerge.


I.    Pacific/Asia Group

      A.   Group Leader

             Ben Haraguchi (click here for bio)
             Foundation for the Support of the United Nations
             (FSUN) (USA) 
(click here about FSUN)

       B.   Mission Statement  (click here for the text)

      C.   Participants (tentative)

           1.   Foundation for the Support of the United Nations

           2.   Senator Conrad Burns (R. Montana) (USA)

           3.   Senator Daniel Inouye (D. Hawaii) (USA)

           4.   Institute of International Education (USA)

           5.   Open University (Philippines)

           6.   Montana State University/
                      Burns Telecommunication Center in Bozeman

           7.   University of Hawaii/
                      Curriculum Research & Development Group

           8.   University of Hawaii/
                      PEACESAT (USA)

           9.   University of Hawaii/
                      Maui Research and Technology Center (USA)

         10.   Maui Community College (USA)

         11.   Maui High Performance Computing Center
                 (MHPCC) (USA)

         12.   Pacific Disaster Center (USA)

         13.   Tripler Army Medical Center (AMC)/
                      Center of Excellence in Disaster Management
                      & Humanitarian Assistance (USA)

         14.   Tripler Army Medical Center (AMC)/
                      Information Systems Support, Inc. (USA)

         15.   University of Tokyo/
                      MINCS-UH (Japan)

         16.   Space Communications Corporation (Japan)

         17.   Shinshu University (Japan)

         18.   National Institute of Multimedia Education/
                      Space Collaboration System (Japan)

         19.   University of Michigan/School of Nursing (USA)

         20.   University of California/Los Angeles/
                      School of Public Health/International Distance
                      Learning (USA)


II.   North/South America Group

      A.   Group Leader

             Robert J. Rodrigues, M.D.
             Pan American Health Organization (USA)

      B.   Participants (tentative)

           1.   Pan American Health Organization (USA)

           2.   Columbia University/
                      Presbyterian Hospital (USA)

           3.   Yale University/
                      Norwalk Hospital (USA)

           4.   Yale University/
                      School of Medicine (USA)

           5.   University of Tennessee in Knoxville (USA)

           6.   University of Rondonia in Porto Velho (Brazil)

           7.   EMBRATEL in Porto Velho (Brazil)

           8.   University of Santa Catarina in Florianopolis

           9.   Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) in Manaus

         10.   SIVAM Project (Brazil)

         11.   AMAZONSAT in Manaus (Brazil)

         12.   Teleglobe International (USA)

         13.   Global Telemedix, Inc. (USA)

         14.   Echotech (USA)

         15.   Caribbean/Latin American Action (C/LAA)

         16.   University of California/San Diego/
                      Center for Research in Computing
                      and the Arts

         17.   Universidade Estadual de Para in Belem (Brazil)


III.  Europe/Africa Group

      A.   Group Leader

             P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor
             University of Tampere (FINLAND)

      B.   Mission Statement  (click here for the text)

     C.   Participants (tentative)

            1.   University of Tampere (Finland)

            2.   Tampere University of Technology (Finland)

            3.   Towards Education for All with Multimedia
                  (TEAM) (U.K.)

            4.   Lviv Medical School (Ukraine)

            5.   Business, Medical, and Telecommunication
                  Coalition (Ukraine)

            6.   International Telecommunications Union

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