Telemedicine Demonstrations

I.     Brief Description

  1. Telepresence with echocardiography by the people of the Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia University in New York;

    The echocardiograph signal of a volunteer patient on a tread mill in Tampere is to be sent (with the use of TeleMedix 300 cardiography machine made by Global Telemedix) to Presbyterian via ISDN and PictureTel. It will go through a videoconferencing bridge so that participants around the world with similar ISDN and videoconferencing unit can view the event. If possible, the 3D image of the patient's heart will also be constructed and disseminated to the participants with the use of the software developed by EchoTech. Those images may also be distributed through Internet with the use of web broadcasting technology.

  2. Demo on the use of web for telemedicine by Norwalk Hospital/Yale Univ. School of Medicine and the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Health Informatics. Yale Univ./School of Medicine in New Haven may also demonstrate a virtual reality model of a human heart which can realistically respond to a touch on a computer screen.

II.    Required Equipment to Participate

  1. PictureTel or VTEL videoconferencing unit,

  2. ISDN line at 384 Kbps,

  3. PC or Mac to access web site.

III.   Demonstrators

  1. Columbia University/
                          Presbyterian Hospital (USA)

  2. Yale University/
                          Norwalk Hospital (USA)

  3. Yale University/
                          School of Medicine (USA) (invited)

  4. Global Telemedix, Inc. (USA)

  5. Echotech (USA)

  6. University of Tampere (Finland)

  7. Tampere University of Technology (Finland)

IV.   Passive (receive-only) Participants

  1. Towards Education for All with Multimedia
                          (TEAM) (U.K.)

  2. University of Michigan/School of Nursing (USA)

  3. University of California/Los Angeles/
                          School of Public Health/
                          International Distance Learning (USA)

    Anyone who wish to passively participate should contact Takeshi Utsumi, Program Chairman, at <>.