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Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.

Electronic Colleagues, Andrew Targowski, from Idea-Group Publishing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and one of our electronic colleagues, kindly invited me to publish a book as part of his series on the Global Information Infrastructure (GII). See contact information for Targowski and Idea Group Publishing listed below.

The mission of the book will be to promote the application of computer, information and telecommunications technologies for global electronic distance education, global health care and telemedicine, particularly for those people who are in under-served rural/remote areas/regions of less developed countries. The intended audience of this book will be graduate students, scholars, educators, researchers, industrial professionals, healthcare specialists and policy decision makers in the targeted fields. The book will not be a textbook; it will be more of a reference book.

Rough estimate of publication procedures:

  1. Phase One (three months):

  2. Phase Two (four months; when funds will be available):

  3. Phase Three (6 months; when funds will be available):

Outline of Proposed Book: Electronic Global University System and Services

Note: contributing authors as well as titles for the book and sections are tentative.

I. Global Electronic Distance Education

A. Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming, T. Utsumi:

B. Global (electronic) University System:

C. Global Lecture Hall (GLH), T. Utsumi:

D. Activities at International Organizations

II. Delivery Technologies and Applications

A. Proposed Technologies of the Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education (CAADE), T. Utsumi.

B. Wireless Telecommunication Technologies

C. Internet

D. Televideoconferencing

E. Computer-Mediated Multimedia Conferencing System

F. CD-ROM Teaching

G. Web Teaching

H. Sustainable National Development Simulation Model

I. Normative Gaming

J. Distributed Computer Simulation System, Thomas P. Maxwell, Research Scientist, Distributed Modular Spatio-Temporal Simulation, Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Maryland.

III. Telemedicine and Telehealthcare

A. Telemedicine/Consultation

B. Knowledge-Based Systems -- Content and Services Issues, Dr. Michael D. McDonald, Director of Health Informatics, Koop Foundation Inc.

C. Activity at World Health Organization, Salah H. Mondil, PhD, Director-Advisor on Informatics, World Health Organization.

D. Health Organizations and Informatics -- an International Perspective, Warren B. Buhler, Consultant.

E. Telecommunication Approach in Health Care, Ace Allen, M.D., Director, Telemedicine Evaluation and Research, Information Technology Services & Research, KU Medical Center, The University of Kansas Hospital.

F. User, Industry and the Academic and Public Sectors in Health Telecommunication Projects, Dr. Anthony Villasenor, Program Manager, NASA Science Internet, Office of Space Science and Applications, OSSA Information Systems, NASA Headquarters.

Book Series Editor, Global Information Technology Management, Idea Group Publishing
fax: (717) 541-9159

Andrew Targowski
Professor of Computer Information Systems
Telcity USA Project Director
Vice President of Information Resource Management Association
Department of Business Information Systems
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008

Office: (616) 387-5406, Fax: (616) 387-5710, e-mail:

Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.
Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education
Founder of CAADE, (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education)
President, Global University in the U.S.A. (GU/USA),
A Divisional Activity of GLOSAS/USA,
(GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.)
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March 1997

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