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ISSN-1188-6307 -- GN/GE/Vol.III/No. 1 -- March 1993


Professor Anton Ljutic, Economics Department, Champlain College

Note that this publication was originally produced and distributed by the editor, both via e-mail and via the Web. This Web version of this issue differs from the original in format alone.


  1. About GN
  2. Editorial: About "Teaching on the LAN"
  3. Feature article: Teaching on the LAN by Dr. Stan Kulikowski
  4. Current News and Work in Progress at GLOSAS
  5. New Global Resources
  6. Special Supplement: From Here to Implicity by David Boulton

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March 1993 -- Presented via the World Wide Web February 1998 by
Tina Evans Greenwood, Library Instruction Coordinator Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado

GLOSAS NEWS (GN) was one of the early electronic newsletters, edited and published 1991-97 from McGill University's server by Anton Ljutic, who later benefited from editorial assistance. GN (original copyright 1991 by A. Ljutic) was first posted to the WWW at URL: by Tina Evans Greenwood, Library Instruction Coordinator, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado, e-mail:, and last updated May 7, 1999. Greenwood also served as managing editor for vol. V, issue II, to vol. VII, issue I. The Website has been archived at the University of Tennessee server directory of GLOSAS Chair Dr. Takeshi Utsumi ( since July 10, 2000 by Steve McCarty in Japan. Please see the University of Tennessee archive for GN issues published after 1997.