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Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak <ik@litech.net>

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton <ecjpelton@aol.com>

Dear Ihor:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

(2) As you see in ATTACHMENT II, it is an invitational mtg by Joe Pelton.

(3) Should you wish to attend it, pls ask him.

Best, Tak

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 22:30:09 +0200
To: Tak Utsumi <utsumi@www.friends-partners.org>
From: Ihor Katernyak <ik@litech.net>
Subject: Re: Respectfully requesting your time for my visit on 1/11th pm (fwd)

At 15:16 07/01/00 -0500, you wrote:
Their conclusion is similar to our proposed Global Service Trust Fund
(GSTF) which establishment will be brainstormed during the Founder's
conference at the [Sir Arthur] Clarke Institute for Telecommunications
and Information (CITI) in Washington, D.C. on 5 February, 2000.

Dear Tak,
In that time I will be in Baltimore. Can you send me more information about this event.

From: Ecjpelton@aol.com
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 15:04:02 EST
Subject: (no subject)
To: utsumi@columbia.edu, lasmith@usaid.gov, garyg@vita.org,
gilles.seguin@dfait-maeci.gc.ca, KenRoko@sol.com,
myron_nordquist@burns.senate.gov, ptknight@ibm.net, daj@utk.edu,

As indicated at the last Glosas meeting I am sending the invitation and press
release concerning the Founder's Conference for the new Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Institute for Telecommunications and Information Institute. I hope
everyone can come. Donations to the new institute can be waived. Please call
me at (703) 536-6985 or (202) 994-5507. Best wishes for the New Millennium. I
am also meeting with INTELSAT to get clarification on the service to the
Univ. of the So. Pacific and will advise Tak Utsumi of the results of that meeting.

Joe Pelton

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of the U.S.

Press Officer: Janet Tingley
For Immediate Release: 30 December 1999

5 February 2000 INTELSAT HQ

Video addresses by Walter Cronkite and Sir Arthur C. Clarke! Keynote
addresses by some of the world's leading information and space leaders!
Interactive "electronic discussions" with research centers from around the
world that will be affiliate partners in the new Clarke Institute for
Telecommunications and Information. These are only some of the featured
events of the Founder's Conference for the new Sir Arthur C. Clarke Institute
for Telecommunications and Information (CITI).

The Founder's Conference for this unique new global virtual research
institute will highlight a year of planning for this new INTERNET based
research institute. This new "electronic Institute" will operate in the United
States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Korea, India and Sri Lanka. It will
tie together the three already existing organizations that build on the
writings and accomplishments of Sir Arthur C. Clarke and aid important new
research capabilities as well. The existing organizations include the Arthur
C. Clarke Foundation of the United States, the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for
Modern Technologies in Sri Lanka and the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of the
United Kingdom.

The three initial projects of CITI will include PROJECT WARN
(Representing the acronym Warning and Recovery Network), the Millennium
Village (an integrated approach that is to provide modern information and
power capabilities to remote villages while also stimulating new economic
development) and an INTERNET 2 educational site for 3D modeling.

This event is being sponsored by INTELSAT, Phillips Publishing, The
Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of the U.S., The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of
the U.K. and the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies of Sri
Lanka. Admission is restricted to the first 150 registrations. The event
will last all day from 8:30 am through lunch and an evening reception all at
INTELSAT Headquarters at 3400 International Drive, N.W., Washington, D.C. USA
Suggested tax deductible donations to the new Institute associated with this
event are as follows: Members of the SSPI or SIA: $150; Registrants of
Satellite 2000: $150; Other Registrants: $175: Friends and Supporters: $350;
and Patrons: $1000.

For further details about the event and its sponsors see below.
About the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of the United States (ACCFUS)

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation was established in 1983 as part of the
observation of the ITU sponsored world communications year. It is a
not-for-profit 501(c)3 educational foundation dedicated to the study and
recognition of education and developments in space communications and
information and to promote the extraordinary contributions of Arthur C.
Clarke--the first individual to conceive of geosynchrnous satellite
communications. The Foundation was announced at the White House as a new
initiative to use communications, and especially satellite communications, to
improve world conditions. It activities include:

* Educational seminars and forums related to issues of communication
development, future directions in networking and programming, new
communications systems, etc.
* Fellowships and Scholarships to allow students to study satellite
applications and related topics
* Training programs to allow young people to learn how to design and build
communications systems
* Awards for innovations in the field of satellite communications that
advance the science or the application of this technology as well as
major lifetime achievement awards for fundamental advanced to the field.

New activities under study include:

* Establishment of the Clarke Institute to carry out research, training,
education and international colloquia in the field. This would be the
world's first center devoted to the interdisciplinary study of
communications, networking and the future. Its work would be carried
out globally and would be conducted on a virtual basis with many
interconnected centers around the world including especially the Arthur
C. Clarke Foundation of the United Kingdom and the Arthur C. Clarke
Institute for Modern Technologies of Sri Lanka..

Arthur C. Clarke was one of the founders of the British Inter Planetary
Society, the first to propose the practical use of the Geosynchronous Orbit
for communications and broadcasting. His writings include some 100 books in
science and science fiction including 2001: a Space Odyssey, Rendezvous with
Rama, and Childhood's End. He serves as the Chancellor of the International
Space University of Strasbourg, France and recently retired as Vice Chancellor
of the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka where the Arthur C. Clarke
Institute for Modern Technologies resides.

For further details about The Clarke Institute for Telecommunications and
Information (CITI) and the 5 Feb, 2000 Founder's Conference to be held at
INTELSAT HQ (3400 International Drive N.W.) please contact:
Janet Tingley: tingley@erols.com (301) 587-7491
Joseph N. Pelton, Acting Executive Director of CITI and Vice-Chair of the
Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of the U.S. (ACCFUS) ecjpelton@aol.com (703)
536-6985 or (202) 994-5507
Peter Marshall (in the U.K.) pminhindon@aol.com
Tim Logue, Sec/Treas. ACCFUS, LogueT@Coudert.com
Connie Beck, CITI Planning Committee and Exec. Director of SSPI
Scott Chase, Phillips Publishing Company schase@philliips.com
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