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Mykola B. Tomyn <tomyn@lim.lviv.ua>

Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak <ik@litech.net>

Dr. Paul Lefrere <p.lefrere@open.ac.uk>

Dr. Parker Rossman <grossman@mail.coin.missouri.edu>

Sally Edmundson <s.edmundson@uclan.ac.uk>

John B. Rose <j.rose@unesco.org>

Dear Mykola:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

(2) We shall wait for your main narrative for IREX's program which grant is
to be used for our mini-workshop at Open University in early summer.


Pls send a short description of your Ukrainian's activities to Parker, too.

That is for our joint paper with Ihor for Sally's conference.

Dear Sally:

I received three PDF files all right to open, and also a hard copy
brochure with thanks. Congratulations on your well organized
conference. They are beautifully done.

(4) About obtaining a help from the infoDev Conference Scholarship Fund
(iCSF), you may ask Paul's help since he knows someone there --
according to his previous msg to me.

(5) Your paper "Let's Prepare the leaders of tomorrow through collaboration
on a global campus" sounds very interesting!! It is well in line with the
principles of our Global University System (TM).

Pls include a note in your paper that the term "Global University
System" is the trade mark of our GLOSAS/USA.

Dear Parker:

Pls do the same in our joint paper with Ihor, too.

This is a very important item I request to both Mykola and you.

(6) You may refer to the following for your paper:

(a) Section 3. "Statement of aims and principles" of the
which Parker once eloquently elaborated in our co-authored paper
contributed to the "Contemporary Issues in American Distance
Education"; a book published by Pergamon Press, Edited by
Michael G. Moore, The American Journal of Distance Education,
Pennsylvania State University, in 1990.

This paper stated the principles and philosophies of our Global University System.

This is now available at

(b) My acceptance speech of the Lord Perry Award for Excellence in
Distance Education -- which depicted what kind of global society
there will be in the 21st century -- pls take a look the very last slide
(#14) which I quoted from FORTUNE magazine saying "The great
leaders of tomorrow will be the ones who understand how to get
everyone to participate."

This is now available at

(c) John B. Rose, Multipurpose Community Telecenters in support of
People-Centered Development"

You may obtain a copy of this paper from John.

Our GUS will have not only tele-education and tele-healthcare/tele-medicine,

but also community development with our
proposed global private virtual network of broadband Internet
which is to be financed with our proposed Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF).

As you know, the packet-switching technology invented by
Paul Baran, one of our listserve members, in the early 1960s at
Rand Corporation, enables us to share valuable telecom
media. Our Global University System project is to enhance
its concept to share knowledge, i.e., education and
learning. We expand it further to include medical
education, and hence telemedicine for the wellness of local
residents and their welfare. Thus it is very natural to include
local community development with local non-profit organizations.

The "sharing" will be a very important concept which the
global leaders of the 21st century need to foster world
co-evolution of global culture and citizenship. It will be
the key to world collaboration for world peace keeping.

Wishing you very good luck on your paper!!

Best, Tak

From: "Mykola Tomyn" <tomyn@lim.lviv.ua>
To: "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@www.friends-partners.org>
Cc: "Paul Lefrere" <P.Lefrere@open.ac.uk>,
"Takeshi Utsumi" <utsumi@columbia.edu>,
"Sally Edmundson" <s.edmundson@uclan.ac.uk>,
"Ihor Katernyak" <ik@litech.lviv.ua>,
"Ihor Katernyak" <katernyak@lim.lviv.ua>, <d.bagley@uclan.ac.uk>
Subject: Let's prepare the leaders of tomorrow through collaboration at a global campus
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 12:54:40 +0200

Dear Tak,

Now Victoria and me are writing main narrative for IREX's proposal (which
deadline is March 1st), and we will send it to mentioned people by 2/5th, as
you suggested.

From previews MSG (Subject: Paper presentations, Date: January 31) I have
understood that I have to send a short description of our Ukrainian's
activity to Sally, Paul, and to you. I will do it ASAP.

You asked Sally to send me three PDF files (BROCHURE.PDF, BOOKFORM.PDF,
GUESTS.PDF). I have received these all from Sally via snail mail. Also, I
would like to say that my paper, entitled Let's Prepare the leader of
tomorrow through collaboration at a global campus (Appendix 1), has been
accepted under theme 3 - Collaboration & Partnership of Sally's conference.
In this paper I would like to cross light a main role of collaboration and
partnership at a Global University System, especially for developing
countries. For all advice on academic content of my paper, I can kindly
contact Dave Bagley on +44 1772 893864, e-mail: d.bagley@uclan.ac.uk who
will be happy to assist in the final preparation for my paper session. In
this case me, as paper presenter, will be asked to pay the full delegate fee
of 700.00 pound sterling plus round flights, so, I have (Ihor and me) to
look for some travel grant. It can be useful to submit to infoDav Conference
scholarship Fund (http://www.infodev.org/projects/icsfappl.htm). "infoDev
announces that the infoDev Conference Scholarship Fund (iCSF) is now
available to provide financing for developing country participation at
selected conferences. Applications must be made by conference organizers,
and funds can be used for travel and per diem only for approved
What do you think about this opportunity?


Appendix 1
Let's prepare the leaders of tomorrow through collaboration at a global campus

Author: Tomyn, Mykola; Katernyak, Ihor B.; Gvozdiov, Serhiy; Loboda,
Victoria V.
Leader Author: Tomyn, Mykola (prefer to present a paper as an oral
communication or poster)
Institutional author: Technology Promotion Center, Lviv, Ukraine; Lviv
Institute of Management, Lviv, Ukraine

More than 80% of the world's population lives in the developing countries
with a low percentage of literacy rate, poor telecommunication
infrastructure, and low per capita income. Thus, the question is how will
they compete in the global economy and what are their chances? How do we
provide a better life, sound macro-economic balance, and clean environment
for them? This could only be attained through the countries' intellectuals,
critical thinkers and most importantly students who will make a difference
in the future and will help the countries' growing information society
through the use of information and communication technologies for Collaboration.

In the conditions of economic reform in Ukraine, the specialties related to
professional development and establishing close international partnerships
are in greatest demand, such as management of organizations, medicine and
engineering. But in most cases higher education is not available for
talented people in Ukraine because it is too expensive and there are no
existing credit mechanisms.
The economic situation in the region and the level of higher education
development are rationale for the creation of the global educational
system - Global University System - the distance learning in a global campus.
Through Collaboration, joint curriculum and teaching materials will be
developed. Each school will contribute from the strongest parts of its program.
The important role of supervising can be up to the American and European
universities. Both American and European schools have well-developed systems
for distance learning and can play the role of technical and methodological
tutors. Also the telecommunication industry of the CEE countries can be
evaluated jointly in relation to instructional delivery.

Therefore, we have to get on the bus as described by one of the former
teachers. We have to think globally and act locally, keeping in mind that
the bus will keep on going whether we are on or not.

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