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Dear Ron:

(1) It was my great pleasure to have met you again yesterday. I was glad to
see you very well and healthy. Congratulations on your successful operation!!

I am sure that our friend, David Johnson, would be very happy to
know of your status, too.

(2) I was also very happy to hear of your strong interest in Kim's project
of connecting Native American and Canadian communities with broadband
Internet, since you worked for them for many years. I was also glad to
hear that you know presidents of almost half of the tribal colleges in the
US, including the Big Horn Tribal College east of Billings, Montana.

(3) Kim's mission statement of this project can be found at;

(a) http://www.uta.fi/EGEDL,


You may also enjoy the photos of our Tampere event as
clicking Roger Boston's web site, too.

(c) Click "North America Group" in PART II.

BTW, I made a mistake yesterday telling you that the
evaluation/measurement can be found at the same place.

Since this statement was not compiled in the grant
application format of the InfoDev, this statement does not
include them.

However, if you click "Asia-Pacific Group:" in PART II
(which Kim also prepared), you can find them, particularly
in ACTIVITY OPERATIONS -- similar ones can be applied to
the North American Group operation.

(4) After reading it, pls inform me of your reaction to it, especially in
relation to the possibility of your raising funds for this project.

Kim is now planning to have a workshop for this project at which time we
can figure out the scope of this project, plan on the feasibility study
and system design of the infrastructure, action plan, etc.

Kim told me before that, though her BTC received a pledge of $.5 million
from CitiCorp (which can be used for international projects, including a
Canadian operation), the money has not come yet. Thus she needs
funds for the workshop, too.

Dear Kim:

Pls send 10 sets of your hard copy of this statement which you
prepared with Ken Roko to Ron and me. Thanks.

(5) ATTACHMENT I is excerpts from President Clinton's speech on the
State of the Union last month which I mentioned to you yesterday.

Dear Dena:

(6) You indicated your interest in this project at the WHO conference last month.

Pls go to "Native American and Canadian Community Project -
February 11, 2000" at <http://www.kagawa-jc.ac.jp/~steve/global-univ-2000.html>.

If so, pls inform me.

Dear Tom:

(7) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT II).

(8) I am very glad that you confirmed the strong interest of the Glenbow
Museum in Calgary.

(9) I wish you and the museum people will attend Kim's workshop.

(10) The Smart 2000 conference in Calgary in October sounds very interesting!!

Dear Allyn:

(11) Many thanks for your msg of 2/15/00 -- very glad to hear from you again!!

(12) In due course, I will announce Kim's workshop (dates and place, etc.) in the near future.

Pls inform your Canadian friends about it and encourage them to
attend -- or you may inform me of their contact details.

(13) Pls also inform me about your other friends and their products, since
they may be interested in our Asia/Pacific operations.

Best, Tak

Excerpts from President Clinton's Speech
the State of the Union

My budget includes a special $110 million initiative to promote economic
development in the Mississippi Delta and $1 billion to increase economic
opportunity, health care, education and law enforcement for Native American
communities. In this new century, we should honor our historic responsibility
to empower the first Americans. I thank leaders and members from both parties
who have already expressed an interest in working with us on these efforts.

Today, opportunity for all requires something new: having access to a computer
and knowing how to use it. That means we must close the digital divide between
those who have these tools and those who don't.

Connecting classrooms and libraries to the Internet is crucial, but it's just
a start. My budget ensures that all new teachers are trained to teach 21st
century skills and creates technology centers in 1,000 communities to serve
adults. This spring, I will invite high-tech leaders to join me on another New
Markets tour to close the digital divide and open opportunity for all our
people. I thank the high-tech companies that are already doing so much in this
area - and I hope the new tax incentives I have proposed will encourage others
to join us.

If we take these steps, we will go a long way toward our goal of bringing
opportunity to every community.

To realize the full possibilities of the new economy, we must reach beyond our
own borders, to shape the revolution that is tearing down barriers and
building new networks among nations and individuals, economies and cultures:
globalization. It is the central reality of our time. Change this profound is
both liberating and threatening. But there is no turning back. And our open,
creative society stands to benefit more than any other if we understand, and
act on, the new realities of interdependence. We must be at the center of
every vital global network, as a good neighbor and partner. We cannot build
our future without helping others to build theirs.

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 03:31:25 -0500
From: keenan@ucalgary.ca
Cc: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Error Condition Re: Re: Native American and Canadian community project

Dear Tak (and colleagues)
I brought this up at the Glenbow museum last week and they are
enthusiastically interested in using technology to improve cultural
connections among Native Americans. From the telehealth angle, his may also
fit into our upcoming Smart 2000 conference in Oct 2000 (see

Let me know if/how I can help to advance this project.

Chers, Tom Keenan
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