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Brief Biography of
Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias

Journalist in the sixties, he worked for several newspapers in Belo
Horizonte (Minas Gerais) and S o Paulo. He was director of "Folha de
Minas"(1963), editor of "Ultima Hora-SP"(1965) and director of Radio Jornal de
Minas (1968-69).

In 1963, he was adviser of the Ministry of Education Paulo de Tarso
Santos, in charge of links with the Parliament, member of a team highlighted
by the presence of experts such as Paulo Freyre, Herbert Jos« de Souza
(Betinho) and others.

BS (Bacharelado-five years) in Law by the Federal University of Minas
Gerais (1964), he completed previously a course on Philosophy in Rio de
Janeiro (three years). Later he got a diploma of "troisi”me cycle" at the
University of Paris (1968) at the French Institute of Press and Information
Sciences (Communication).

Author of several articles, chapter of books, documents on
communication, education, political matters, published in Portuguese, Spanish,
French and English. In 1993, the Catholic Pontificial University of Minas
Gerais published "O fato e a vers o do fato - um jornalista nos anos

During almost 18 years, from October 1981 to February 1999, he was
director of the Division of Higher Education in UNESCO, in charge of
coordinating the program on higher education of the organization at the world
level. He represented UNESCO at the Council of United Nations University
(Tokyo), launched and coordinated the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme of this
organization and was the main organizer of the World Conference on Higher
Education which took place in Paris from 5 to 9 October 1998.

Retired since February 1999, he was invited to become member of several
councils such as the Advisory Council of the College of Americas of IUO -

Interamerican University Organization; of the Research Institute of ANDIFES,
the Association of Public Universities in Brazil; of the International
Advisory Council of UNI-Sol (Universities Solidarity for the Health of
Disadvantaged) a network of universities created by an international
conference held in Arizona (USA) in 1999, under the parrainage of WHO and
UNESCO (Social Sciences Sector). He was also invited to be vice-president of
Global University System (GUS), an international electronic network, created
during another international conference in Tampere, Finland, in 1999.

Since September 1999, he assists the Rector of the United Nations
University in matters linked to the follow-up of the WCHE and in the
organization and support to networks. He advises also the Polytechnic
University of Barcelona, in charge of the secretariat of the UNESCO/UNU Forum
for Higher Education, created for the follow-up of the World Conference on
Higher Education.

On special invitations, he attended conferences, made presentations and
discussed projects in countries such as Finland, France, Spain, United States,
Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

For his activities as director of the Division of Higher Education, the
French Government decided to give him the decoration "L«gion d'honneur"
(November 1999). In 1993, the President of Brazil granted to him the
decoration of Ordem Nacional do M«rito Educativo’.

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