<<February 3, 2000>>

Alexandre Rivas <alex_mau@argo.com.br>

Petko KANTCHEV <petko.kantchev@itu.int>

P. Tapio Varis <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

Dr. Marco Antonio R. Dias <mardias@club-internet.fr>

Dr. Barbara Wilson <barbara.wilson@itu.int>

Dear Alex:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

This schedule is generally fine with me, though it needs further fine tuning.

For example, the greetings in the morning of the first day seem
too many -- people will get bored with so many peoples' talks.
You may spread some of them to the second and third days, if they
can stay, as the session keynote speakers.

(2) If you can afford a conference lunch (or dinner) on appropriate days,
you can have luncheon and dinner speakers, as we had at our Tampere event.

(3) A telemedicine demo may be performed in the evening of the first day, as
we did in Tampere. I plan to visit David Johnson after his cataract
operation on 2/22nd, and talk with UTK/Medical people about the demo --
probably in early March. I will then inform you of more details.
Meantime, pls confirm the availability of PictureTel and ISDN line at
384 Kbps, and of course, a treadmill.

(4) You may arrange a sightseeing/entertainment tour (say, of the magnificent
Amazon River) near the Tropical Hotel in the evening of the second day.

(5) During my attendance at the WHO mtg in Geneva last month, I visited
Petko Kantchev of ITU who is in charge of telemedicine -- he is a friend of Tapio Varis.

He suggested that we should write a letter to Mr. Yoshio Utsumi,
Secretary General of the ITU, asking him to come to your workshop. This
request will then have Mr. Utsumi ask Mr. Roberto Blois, Vice Secretary
General of the ITU and a Brazilian, to attend the workshop. I am
thinking of drafting this letter and having Tapio Varis send out to Mr.
Utsumi with the signatures of Tapio and Marco Antonio (another Brazilian).

He also suggested that we should write a letter to Mr. Hamadoun I.
Toure, Director of Telecommunication Development Bureau of ITU, asking
to send Dr. Barbara Wilson who is in the Human Resource Development
(HRD) Division of the ITU, and is a Brazilian from Sao Paulo. You may
draft this letter and send it to me. It may then be sent out by Dr. Walmir
de A. Barbosa, Rector of the University of Amazonas or by the new
President of UNAMAZ. (Incidentally, I met Dr. Wilson in Geneva and
described your project with UNAMAZ.)

We may, of course, ask them for speeches.

(6) Pls refer to my listserve distribution of last night -- about the
tentative schedules and outcome of the mini-workshop in Manila.

Pls spell out the purpose and outcome of this mini-workshop.

(7) Pls send me the next round of your draft of this schedule with appropriate
changes as suggested above.

I am very happy to see that things in Manaus are now starting to move!! I am
now busy preparing the presentation on our Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF)
project with Peter Knight at Joe Pelton's mtg at INTELSAT in DC on 2/5th.

Best, Tak

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 00:24:57 -0800
From: Alex Rivas <alex_mau@argo.com.br>
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Tentattive program

Dr. Utsumi,

Below folows the first version of the tentative program for our workshop in Manaus.
Please, I would like to have our inputs. Feel free to make the changes you consider necessary.




May 24, 25 and 26, 2000


Association of the Amazonian Universities (UNAMAZ)
Federal University of Amazonas (UA)
Global University System (GUS)
GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA)
TV Amazonas Network Foundation (FRAMAZON)
Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV/ISAE)

May 24 (Wednesday), 2000

Place: TBA - Manaus

08:15 Reception

08:30 Greeting from Dr. Walmir de A. Barbosa

University of Amazonas Activities on Electronic Distance Education and Telemedicine

Affiliation: Rector, University of Amazonas Manaus, AM - Brazil

08:40 Greeting from UNAMAZ

UNAMAZ Activities on Global Electronic Distance Education

Affiliation: President, UNAMAZ

08:50 Greeting from Dr. Takeshi Utsumi

GLOSAS Activities on Global Electronic Distance Education

Affiliation: Chairman, GLOSAS/USA
New York, NY -- USA

09:00 Greeting from Dr. JosĢ Seixas Lourenˇo


Affiliation: Ministry of Science and Technology - MCT
Brasƒlia, DF - Brazil

09:10 Greeting from Mr. Philippe Daou

Affiliation: President of Rede AmazĪnica de Televis o
Manaus, AM - Brazil

09:20 Greeting from Dr. Lincoln Campos


Affiliation: ISAE/FGV
Manaus, AM - Brazil

09:30 Greeting from World Health Organization


Affiliation: WHO

09:40 Greeting from Dr. Marco AntĪnio Dias


Affiliation: Global University System
Tampere, Finland

09:50 Greeting from Robert J. Rodrigues, M.D.


Affiliation: Pan American Health Organization
Washington, DC - U.S.A.

10:00 Greeting from Dr. Pablo Pulido


Affiliation: PanAmerican Federation of Associations of
Medical Schools
Caracus, Venezuela

10:10 Greeting from SIVAM


Affiliation: SIVAM
Manaus, AM - Brazil

10:20 Greeting from Dr. David Johnson


Affiliation: The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Telemedicine demonstration

(Subject to technical viability)

A patient in Manaus will have a live echocardiac diagnosis made by
doctors from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (UTK)

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Mini-workshop: "Low-cost teleconferencing"

Prof. Roger Boston, Houston Community College, TX - U.S.A

Ask Roger to divide his workshop in two parts.

17:30 End of first day

May 25 (Thursday), 2000

Place: TBA - Manaus

08:30 Presentation of Global University System project

Dr. Takeshi Utsumi

09:10 Presentation of UNAMAZ project

Dr. Alexandre Rivas

Dr. Norbert Fenzel

09:50 Coffee Break

10:10 Brainstorming Discussions

Pilot project proposal of South America Region Group of GUS

a. Current status of distance learning and telemedicine

b. Needs in the future

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Brainstorming Discussions

Presentation of what is available from North America

a. Via narrow-band Internet and ISDN, etc., i.e., through
currently available telecom infrastructure

b. Via broad-band Internet when it is available

14:40 Experience/Projects of the Federal University of Amazonas

15:10 Experience/Projects of the Federal University of S o Paulo

15:40 Experience/Projects of a country from South America (other than

16:10 Coffee Break

16:30 SIVAM's Experience/Projects and Prospects

17:00 Experience/Projects of other local institutions

17:30 End of second day

May 26 (Friday), 2000

Place: TBA - Manaus

08:30 Discussion and plan of the theme and program of the larger
workshop/conference (as to the follow-up to the Tampere event)

a. To formalize the draft of the pilot project proposal at

b. To make the feasibility study, action plan, etc. to realize
UNAMAZ project of establishing domestic and international
distance learning and telemedicine:

1. firstly, via the currently available narrow-band Internet.

2. in the near future, via the proposed broad-band Internet.

c. To configure administrative and business schemes

d. To construct joint funding proposals

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Discussion and plan the theme and program of the larger
workshop/conference -- Continued (If necessary)
List of Distribution

Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Director of the Center for Environmental Sciences
University of Amazonas - Brazil
C.P. 4208, Manaus 69053-140
+55-92-635 32 33
+55-92-644 23 22
Fax: +55-92-644 23 84

Senior Engineer, Sound and TV Broadcasting
Coordinator, Technology and Applications Group (TAG)
Counsellor on Telemedicine
Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT)
International Telecommunication Union
Place des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Tel: +41-22-730-5448
Fax: +41-22-730-6204
Telex: 421000 UIT CH
E-mail: petko.kantchev@itu.int
X.400: G=petko; S=kantchev; P=itu; A=400net; C=ch

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor
Acting President, Global University System
Chairman, GLOSAS/Finland
Professor and Chair
Media Culture and Communication Education
Hypermedia laboratory
University of Tampere
P.O.Box 607
FIN-33101 Tampere
Tel: +358-3-215 6110
GSM: +358-50-567-9833
Fax: +358-3-215 7503

Dr. Marco Antonio R. Dias
Vice President, Global University System
Consultant of United Nations University
Former Director, Division of Higher Education of UNESCO
36, Rue Ernest Renan
92.190 Meudon
Tel: +33-1-45 34 3509
Fax: +33-1-45 34 3509

Dr. Barbara Wilson
HRD, Field Operations Department
Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT)
International Telecommunication Union
Place des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Tel: +41-22-730-5424
Fax: +41-22-730-5484
Telex: 421000 UIT CH
E-mail: barbara.wilson@itu.int
* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA *
* (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.) *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education *
* Laureate of Planet Earth Pathfinder Award *
* Founder of CAADE *
* (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education) *
* President Emeritus and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of *
* Global University System (GUS) *
* 43-23 Colden Street, Flushing, NY 11355-3998, U.S.A. *
* Tel: 718-939-0928; Fax: 718-939-0656 (day time only--prefer email) *
* Email: utsumi@columbia.edu; Tax Exempt ID: 11-2999676 *
* http://friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/ *

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