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Professor Rashid Bashshur <bashshur@umich.edu>

Tim Pletcher <pletcher@umich.edu>

Alexandre Rivas <alex_mau@argo.com.br>

Mariana Tolovi <mariana_tolovi@agilent.com>

Ricardo Cabrera <rcabrera@3dechotech.com>

Raj Gururaja <raj_gururaja@agilent.com>

Drisha Leggitt <drisha_leggitt@agilent.com>

Dear Rashid:

(1)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

Dear Mr. Pletcher:

(2)  Pls visit following web about our Manaus workshop;


     and click an American flag in the left column to get to English version.

(3)  Alex Rivas will provide you with an airticket to Manaus, hotel and per diem.

     Pls inform him and me your full address ASAP so that he can send you his
     invitation letter which you would need when you obtain your visa to go Brazil.

(4)  As you see in the program in the above web site, this echocardiograph
     telemedicine demonstration will be held in the evening of May 31st for
     30 to 45 minutes (up to 60 minutes, if necessary), in Manaus, Amazona, Brazil.

          Pls refer to my msg sent to Rashid on 3/17th about our previous
          demonstration during our Tampere event <http://www.uta.fi/EGEDL>.

(5)  The place of the demonstration is at a conference room of TV Amazona
     which has about 30 to 40 seats capacity.  There will be;

     (a)  384 Kbps ISDN leased line,

     (b)  256 Kbps Internet leased line,

     (c)  A PictureTel unit,

     (d)  Large TV monitor,

     (e)  A PC and a computer screen projector,

     (f)  A tread mill.

(6)  Mariana Tolovi of Agilent Technologies in Brazil will provide our
     Brazilian colleague with a S4 Transducer, Sonos 5500 and the 500 Mhz CPU
     (from HP) and she is in coordination with Ricardo Cabrera of Echotech to
     arrange the software which produces 3D image of a heart.

(7)  Raj Gururaja of Agilent Technologies in Hong Kong is now arranging a
     videoconferencing bridge, so that other participants can join from
     various locations, e.g., University of Tennessee/Knoxville, Renaissance
     Center in Dickson, TN, UCLA, Montana State University/Bozeman, etc.

          Dear Raj:

          We would greatly appreciate it if you can kindly provide us with
          your bridge from 6:30 pm to 9:15 pm (Manaus time) of May 31st,
          since we would like to continue our videoconferencing with Tennessee group.

(8)  What we would like to have from your school are;

     (a)  a UM cardiologist based in UM who can consult to the demo team in
          Brazil via PictureTel connection, 3-D image, for diagnosis of the echocardiograph images;

     (b)  your handling the equipment during the workshop, e.g.,

          1.   the operation of the echocardiograph machine, interface of
               its monitor with the one of PictureTel to send the image to the UM via ISDN line,

          2.   production of 3D image with the software of EchoTech which image is also to be sent to UM.

(9)  Pls feel free to ask me any questions.

Keep in touch.

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 14:02:13 -0500
From: "Rashid Bashshur" <bashshur@umich.edu>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Cc: pletcher@umich.edu
Subject: Re: Respectfully requesting your greeting via ISDN line

Dear Tak,

I talked to our information technology personnel this morning,
and we should be able to send an engineer to Brazil to set
up and supervise the transmission. The person who will contact
you is Tim Pletcher, and he may have specific questions to ask you.

I am assuming that you will cover transportation and per diem
cost for the engineer.   We will absorb the labor cost.  I will get
back to you after I return from France, and we can work out the final details.

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Tim Pletcher

Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D.
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University of Amazonas - Brazil
C.P. 4208, Manaus 69053-140
+55-92-644 23 22
Fax: +55-92-644 23 84

Mariana Tolovi
Agilent Technologies in Brazil

Ricardo Cabrera
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3D EchoTech
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Raj Gururaja
Agilent Technologies

Drisha Leggitt
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