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Howard Schechter, Ed.D. <hschechter@intralearn.com>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

W. R. (Bill) Klemm, D.V.M., Ph.D. <wklemm@cvm.tamu.edu>

Mr. Jim Miller <jimmsl@aol.com>

Dear Howard:

(1) Many thanks for your msgs (ATTACHMENT I and II).

(2) During our mtg at the University City Science Center in Philadelphia
several years ago, Roger, Bill and Jim once discussed the construction
of a Comprehensive Electronic Distance Education Tool.

Bill Klemm's FORUM multimedia computer mediated conferencing system was
to be integrated with Jim Miller's Teacher's Instructional Mapping &
Management System (TIMMS), which is a useful tool for courseware design
and planning, school administration, student performance assessment
records and portfolio. The proposed integration would enable FORUM to
serve as an interface between these two systems. For example, the
design and planning of curriculum that is needed in TIMMS can be
performed in FORUM by software guided brainstorming, debate of issues,
and decision-making processes. The TIMMS need to assess curricular
resources can be conducted within FORUM, with the issues raised
subjected to the same software-guided brainstorming, debate, and
decision-making processes. Some of the student tasks specified in TIMMS
can be implemented as instructional material that is presented
interactively in FORUM. The student work in FORUM can be individual or
collaborative. The student performance requirements in TIMMS can be
assessed in FORUM, as can the assessment records that are generated in
TIMMS. Where student performance is expected to include student
portfolios, students can create multi-media portfolios within FORUM.

This will further be combined with a real-time videoconferencing system
which is synchronous compared with asynchronous one by FORUM.

The real-time videoconferencing system is to be a personal collaboration and
conferencing software system which provides high quality audio, full
color video and document sharing with collaboration tools for a complete
solution, that allows managers to hold meetings, doctors to share
patient information, and professors to teach classes without ever having
to leave their offices. Any software application or document can be
shared for presentations, meetings and other collaborative work. This
videoconferencing system can do many-to-many, full audio, document, and
video features on different platforms (Mac and PC) which can be
interfaced through various protocol environments (regular telephone
lines, digital switched services [e.g., PictureTel, etc.], ISDN, and
TCP/IP oriented Internet, LAN, WAN, ATM, etc.) for video sources of VHS,
NTSC, PAL, SECAM -- with software approach at a very reasonable price.
During the videoconferencing, WWW can be retrieved for joint annotation.
Edited video clippings can be stored into WWW home page and retrieved
later by students who could not join in the real-time videoconferencing.

This combined form will also be added with GLOSAS COURSE ROSTER which is
a multimedia database of GLOSAS members about their course offerings to
less developed countries via inexpensive multimedia telecommunications
networks across national boundaries. Three dimensional display of
rotating global brain with blinking locations of the members in various
countries leads to their WWW home page design. The page will be
hypertexted with audio and video greetings, and much information,
reports, papers about GLOSAS, GU, GLH video clippings, CAADE projects
and GLOSAS NEWS. It will have a search mechanism by keywords for the
members' photo, audio/video greetings, address, descriptive bio, full
resume, specialties, professional papers, video of demonstrations and
projects. This will be the basis of course offerings of Global
(electronic) University across national boundaries.

Thus, we envision a tightly integrated computer environment for
curriculum development, resource and records management, instructional
delivery, extensive feedback from students to teachers, peer-peer
interaction, and objective "deliverables" of student work for outcomes-based assessment.

The integrated total will be the most Comprehensive Electronic Distance Education Tool.

(3) Your system in ATTACHMENT II seems very similar to our "dream" system.

I would be very happy to learn more about it -- can you inform me of
your web with some demo?

Best, Tak

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:45:27 -0400
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: hschechter@intralearn.com (Howard Schechter)
Subject: Distance Learning

Ed Elkin from Hawaii suggested I get in touch with you concerning our
distance learning platform. We are currently in over 250 institutions and
are an enterprize wide system for creating a total virtual university or
for implementation at other levels in "brick and mortar" university. We
are Microsoft NT based and very easy for a faculty to use to create courses
using graphics, video, and other multimedia.

I'm probably one of the few people in the U.S. who actually know who Lord
Perry was and what he did as my doctoral research was conducted partially
at the Open U. in 1982 (Ed.D., 1983, UMASS Amherst, Future Studies Program).

If you would like we can meet over the phone and I could show you a course
I've put up on our system and how it was created.

Howard Schechter, Ed.D.
Director of Education Programs
IntraLearn Software Corp.
Northboro, MA 01545

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 10:14:20 -0500
From: hschechter@intralearn.com (Howard Schechter)
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: RE: Great and exciting show on low cost distance learning by Roger et al.

To Tak and Friends,
I have been following the work and finally feel I have something relevant to
add. I am Director of Education at IntraLearn Software Corp. in Northboro,
Massachusetts, USA. My doctoral work was conducted in distance learning in
Alaska, England, and France back in 1982 and I have been active in the field
since. Currently, IntraLearn is a software platform for the delivery of
distance learning over the web. It supports the use of RealPlayer and other
compressed streaming formats as well. But RealPlayer is not a distance
learning solution! It does not allow for lecture notes, interactivity,
student registration, online assessment, program administration, etc.
IntraLearn does all the above and more AND the cost of implementation for
multiple virtual universities is about $5,000 US for the first 10 and $2,500
thereafter. Each virtual university has its own course set, security, can
be in its own language, etc. We are currently in Colombia, Argentina,
Brazil, Italy, Greece, Germany, and others as well as in the U.S. and
Canada. Perhaps we have something to contribute to the great work in which
you are all engaged.

Howard B. Schechter, Ed.D.
Director of Education
21 Southwest Cutoff
Northboro, MA, USA

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