<<April 15, 2000>>

Ms. Christina Higa <chris@elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu>

Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D. <alex_mau@argo.com.br>

Timothy Pletcher <pletcher@med.umich.edu>

Mr. Daniel Hague <dhague@umich.edu>

Prof. Jose Brenes Andre <jbrenes@cariari.ucr.ac.cr>

Dr. Fadia Alvic <Fadia.Alvic@rcenter.org>

Mr. Bruce R. Best <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Sandy Ilaoa <sandyi@lbj.peacesat.hawaii.edu>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez, Ph.D. <rbrsat@pworld.net.ph>

Motilal Sharma <msharma@mail.asiandevbank.org>

Raj Gururaja <raj_gururaja@agilent.com>

Drisha Leggitt <drisha_leggitt@agilent.com>

Jane Garland <jane_garland@agilent.com>

Dear Christina:

(1) It was my great pleasure to have spoken with you over the phone

I am very pleased to hear of your willingness to provide us with your
videoconferencing bridge service during our mini-workshop in Manaus,
Amazona, Brazil from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (Manaus time) of May 31st.

I look forward to receiving your application form by fax soon.

(2) References of the workshop:

1. http://www.argo.com.br/~alex_mau/workshop/English/iw_initial.htm

2. http://www.kagawa-jc.ac.jp/~steve/global-univ-2000.html

a. Video-bridge for telemedicine demo at Manaus workshop on May
31st - April 6, 2000

b. Draft of Travel Grant Application to the NSF for the Manaus
Mini-Workshop - March 30, 2000

(3) Requirement of participants:

As we discussed, all participants will call into to your bridge port,
i.e., they will be responsible for their phone costs.

(4) Proposed participants of this videoconferencing are;

1. Workshop site in Manaus (confirmed)

Contact person:
Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D.
University of Amazonas - Brazil

You met with him during our Tampere event.

Dear Alex:

Pls add the University of Hawaii/PEACESAT as one of the
supporters of your workshop.

2. The University of Michigan Health System (confirmed)

Contact person:
Timothy Pletcher

Mr. Daniel Hague will be at the workshop site to help this

3. The Renaissance Center (confirmed)

Contact person:
Dr. Fadia Alvic

She will be at the workshop site, but she will assign an
appropriate person there.

4. Universidad de Costa Rica (confirmed)

Contact person:
Prof. Jose Brenes Andre

You met with him during our Tampere event.

5. University of Guam (not confirmed yet)

Contact person:
Mr. Bruce R. Best

6. LBJ Tropical Medical Center in American Samoa (not confirmed yet)

Contact person:
Sandy Ilaoa

7. St. Luke School of Medicine in Manila, Philippines (not confirmed yet)

Contact person:
Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Dear Bruce in Guam:

(5) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

A few weeks ago, Kim of Montana State University and others visited the
US Dept of Health to talk about their Native American community project.
We also discussed the future possibility of extending their services to
Guam and American Samoa, if necessary.

I would then invite your participation in this videoconferencing with
the use of your new Polycom unit at 128 Kbps -- Christina told me
yesterday that she will check with mixed speed mode so that her bridge
can accommodate your connection.

Dear Sandy in American Samoa:

(6) We were very sorry you could not make our Tampere event (ATTACHMENT II).

I would like to cordially invite you to participate in this
videoconferencing -- as you see in the above (2)-2-a, our telepresence
demo with echocardiogram and 3D image of a heart may be of some interest
to your people.

The technique of this is the same as you participated in our
videoconferencing with Kim's Montana State University and Maui Community
College and PEACESAT almost a year ago, so that I suppose you would not
have any trouble.

Dear Ralph in Manila:

(7) I would be very happy if you can kindly arrange a PictureTel (or Polycom
or VTEL) videoconferencing unit with ISDN line at St. Luke School of
Medicine to participate in this event. Pls let me know ASAP.

You may ask Motilal Sharma's help.

BTW, I am waiting Raj's reply on the availability of their
echocardiogram machine. When his reply is affirmative, I will ask
you a place (preferably at your school of medicine) for our
telemedicine demo with it.

Dear Raj and Jane:

Pls forget my previous request for the videoconferencing bridge
service for our Manaus mini-workshop. Thanks.

Dear Raj and Drisha:

Referring to your msgs (ATTACHMENT III and IV), I am waiting your
favorable reply soon. St. Luke School of Medicine in Manila,
Philippines may be an appropriate organization for you to donate
your Sonos 5500 echocardiogram machine.

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(8) Should you wish to passively participate in this event with receive-only
mode, pls let me know -- Christina's bridge has 16 ports.

Dear Participants:

(9) As soon as I hear of the port numbers of the bridge from Christina, I
will inform them to you.

(10) There are three speeds to connect with Christina's PEACESAT
videoconferencing bridge, i.e., 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, and 384 Kbps.

They are multiple of 64 Kbps which is a standard Plain Old Telephone
Service (POTS).

You may estimate your cost of calling the PEACESAT bridge, as
multiplying the long distance call from your location to Hawaii, e.g.,
if you use 128 Kbps, your ISDN cost is about twice of your ordinary long
distance call, if you use 384 Kbps, it will be about six times, etc.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best, Tak

From: "Bruce Best" <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>
To: "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Cc: "John Hibbs" <hibbs@bfranklin.edu>
Subject: Guam Update
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:41:40 +1000

Just wanted to udate you on our status. We currently have 128 kb Polycom VTC
capabilities on Guam (only American Samoa, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and
Guam online). We are PeaceSat linked to Hawaii (PeaceSat) campus video bridge
where we can go out to world via ISDN.
For more information on University of Guam connection, please contact Dr.
Christina Higa (chris@elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu) Telephone: (808) 956-7224.

For your info, still no commercial ISDN out of Micronesia.

Bruce Best

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:48:57 -1100
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: Sandy Ilaoa <sandyi@lbj.peacesat.hawaii.edu>
Subject: Re: Tampere Conference Attendance

Dear Tak:

I really, really, really, really hate to say this but.....executive
decision was made that neither Ronaldo or I would be able to attend Tampere
conference. As the new IT/Tele-med director for LBJ it was decided that
there was too many immediate attention matters that Ronaldo needed to
address himself to at this point. Again, thank you all again for providing
the opportunity, and we will look forward to future developments in
regional broadband internet programs and projects.


From: drisha_leggitt@agilent.com
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:56:08 -0800
Subject: Agilent Request
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org

Dear Mr. Utsumi:

I received your email request from my counterpart in Japan. Unfortunately, we
do not have an Agilent Community/Education representative in the Philippines.
However, I may be able to help you if I have a better understanding of what
you are looking for. Do you need a grant of equipment, or simply a loan?
Please send me a little more information and I will see if I can accommodate
your needs.

Thank you,

Drisha Leggitt
Corporate Community Relations Manager

From: drisha_leggitt@agilent.com
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 18:48:52 -0800
Subject: RE: Re-sending previous msgs/3 of 3/Dated 3-22-00//Respectfully
requesting your help of videoconferencing bridge (fwd)
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org


I am trying to find the appropriate person to provide that videoconferencing
request. I will contact you soon.


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