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Gary Garriott <garyg@vita.org>

John L. Mack <jlmack@erols.com>

D.K. Sachdev <dsachdev@worldspace.com>

Professor Seth G. Neugroschl <SN23@cunixf.cc.columbia.edu>

Dear Gary:

(1)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I) in response to my listserve
     distribution "Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part III
     / Responses) - April 15, 2000" which you can find at

     My previous listserve distributions on this subjects were;
     (a) "Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion - April 5, 2000,
     (b) "Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part II / Responses) - April 8, 2000
     You can find them at the same URL.

(2)  YES, your  Warn and Recovery Net (WARN)" project is very exciting and
     challenging <http://www.informatics.org/clarke/projects.html>.  Some excerpts are;

           The opportunities provided by all types of systems such as store-and-forward
           systems, mobile satellite systems, FEMA and USGS
          systems, and Internet based web sites need to be integrated into
          the planning and implementation."

           9. On-the-Web Coordination and Planning Electronic Conferences
          and Help Lines: It appears that one of the most effective means of
          sharing information globally and at low cost will be through the
          use of INTERNET and dedicated Intranets. Project Warn will seek to
          advance the use of such electronic networks to coordinate progress
          in the field as effectively as possible and on a global scale."

(3)  In response to your inquiry, it may be the matter how to get audio for
     your WARN project, i.e., by straight analog audio?, by straight digital
     audio?, or via Internet telephony?

          See  the Talking Internet" in BUSINESS WEEK, May 1, 2000, Pages
          174-192, which reports the proliferation of Internet telephony,
          which we have advocated for many past years since 1993 when Mr.
          Kelvin, a graduate student at the University of Illinois/Champlain
          invented it which was later combined with CU-SeeMe of Cornell
          University by the suggestion given from K-12 children in San
          Diego.  (VocalTec of Israel came later that.)

               Net2Phone purchased gateway machines from VocalTec to
               connect PCs and ordinary telephone units of Plain Old
               Telephone Service (POTS).  AT&T recently acquired Net2Phone
               with $1.4 billion, as legitimizing the use of Internet telephony.

     As mentioned in my previous distribution of April 15 (which was
     mentioned above), the Internet telephony approach may be feasible with
     the combined use of Iridium and Worldspace satellites, as John Mack
     proposed (ATTACHMENT II).

Dear Mr. Sachdev:

(4)  Referring to ATTACHMENT III, can you kindly accommodate a workshop
     conference room for about two dozen participants at your organization?

(5)  Professor Seth G. Neugroschl of Columbia University recently told me
     that he would solicit the attendance by his friend who is a former V.P.
     of R&D at IBM and then a board member of Motorola from which he recently
     retired, if there will be such a workshop.

(6)  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 12:15:23 -0400
From: Gary Garriott <garyg@vita.org>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: RE: Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part

Hi again Tak,

Thanx for your continued interest in this subject. To reiterate and perhaps
clarify, our interest was limited in the sense that we were exploring the
extent to which Iridium could continue to provide voice communications to the
disaster/relief community (remember WARN), perhaps the larger development
community to some extent.

Knowledgable people, including ex-Iridium employees, have made convincing
arguments that a coalition representing commercial investors, and humanitarian
(and perhaps military) users could address the issues.

Having a one-day information workshop is a good idea. But we would need
representation from Iridium and Motorola (thus indicating their prior interest
in the consortium approach) for it to be successful.

Gary Garriott
Director Informatics
(Volunteers in Technical Assistance)
                         ATTACHMENT II

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:56:46 -0400
From: John Mack <jlmack@erols.com>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part


Just prior to Iridium's demise, I had initiated talks between Iridium
and WorldSpace (my former employer), to combine their systems to provide
virtually global Internet.  The Iridium system would provide the thin
uplink and the Worldspace (WS) system the relatively fast downlink.
Utilizing the WS receiver (cost about $300) attached to a computer would
provide the ability to do telemedicine, distance education, etc., as
well as provide commercial possibilities for entities to have video
conferencing (15 frames/sec) virtually anywhere.  The humanitarian
aspects could be approached through the WS foundation
<www.worldspace.org> with income from the commercial side
<www.worldspace.com> offsetting some (all?) of the operational costs.
Since Iridium collapsed I don't know where these talks ended but it
might be worth exploring the technological feasibility of such an
approach for VITA's mission as well as the mission of others who have
shown interest.

                         ATTACHMENT III

From: gu-l@friends-partners.org
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 17:05:03 -0400
To: dsachdev@worldspace.com
Cc: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Error Condition Re: Re: Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion

I look forward to hear if such a workshop is organized.
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