<<April 28, 2000>>

Dr. Dalia Moawad <dmoawad@ritsec2.com.eg>

Peter T. Knight <ptknight@attglobal.net>

John C. Afele <jafele@plant.uoguelph.ca>

Waguih H. Elmaraghy <welmaraghy@hotmail.com>

Mr. Lane Smith <lasmith@usaid.gov>

Dr. Paul Lefrere <p.lefrere@open.ac.uk>

Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak <ik@litech.net>

Franck BIANCHERI <fbianch@club-internet.fr>

Dear Dalia:

(1)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

     I am very delighted to hear of your willingness to collaborate with our
     Global University System project.

(2)  From the web site of the InfoDev, I knew that your RITSEC project
     has accomplished an excellent track record -- see
     <http://www.worldbank.org/infodev/library/qr298.htm> and

     I am particularly impressed with your web site at

     My heartfelt congratulations!!

(3)  Since our project also received funding from the InfoDev, we are sisters with
     each other, and we would be very happy to learn from your project, since
     you have made one step ahead of us so far.

(4)  The main thrust of our project is to construct global *broadband*
     wireless and satellite Internet to meet with future demand of advanced
     global distance learning and telemedicine with multimedia.

     Peter Knight (former officer of the InfoDev) is now in Brazil.  As soon
     as he comes back, we will work on the creation of the Global Service
     Trust Fund (GSTF) which will finance the global broadband Internet.

     I will contact you on these two projects later, but we would be very
     happy if you can collaborate with your colleagues in seven Arab
     countries, which are Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Emirates, Tunisia,
     Morocco, and Egypt.

     We would certainly be glad to have your RITSEC as a gateway to Arabic and
     African countries.

(5)  About Africa:

     I have been invited to visit John C. Afele and his colleagues at his
     University of Guelph in the coming few weeks (ATTACHMENT II) to talk
     about his project with us for Ghana -- see <http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/Tampere_Conference/Final_Report/Pilot_Project_Proposals/Africa/infoDev_Proposal_Form.html>.

     However, since Africa is a big continent with several language regions,
     we can certainly find mutual interests to work together.

(6)  About Egypt:

     You may be interested in attending Waguih's AEAS (Association of
     Egyptian American Scholars) Conference, to be held in Toronto, Canada on
     June 2-4, 2000 -- see ATTACHMENT III.

     In spite of his kind invitation, I cannot attend it since the dates
     conflict with our mini-workshop in Manaus, Amazona, Brazil -- see

     If you attend Waguih's conference and can drop by New York on your way
     back, I would be very delighted to meet with you.

(7)  About Leland Program of USAID:

     Lane Smith is now in charge of this program which extended 128 Kbps
     satellite Internet lines to about two dozen African countries -- see

     Lane wants to enhance the lines to broadband, but does not have money.
     So, I suggested him to get it from Japanese government.  We will work on
     this along with GSTF project.

(8)  About our mini-workshop at the Open University in U.K. for Ukrainians' project:

     Regrettably, Ihor could not get funds from IREX for this mini-workshop.

     However, Paul Lefrere is now seeking funding for the event from the European
     Commission and others, and I am waiting for his msg so that we can decide
     the dates of this event.

     As soon as I hear from him, I will let you know.  You may then consider
     attending it -- Paul may also assist you to get travel funding from the
     British council in Cairo.

     Ihor initiated a talk with Open University people for a partnership to
     have an MBA course. You may do the same with the Open University.

(9)  Newropeans congress on 10/5th to 7th, 2000 in Paris:

     BTW, you may also attend Franck BIANCHERI's congress.  You may be able
     to develop new partners in European countries -- see

          Dear Ihor:

          You may also attend this congress.

(10) Full workshop in Cairo or in an Arabic country:

     Your project with InfoDev funding has successfully demonstrated
     borderless distance learning between the US (or Europe) and Egypt and
     Arabic countries, via currently available narrow-band Internet.

     The next stage in the near future will be to have broadband wireless and
     satellite Internet, and its use for global distance learning and

     For this next stage development, you would need to conduct a user
     survey, feasibility study, system design and development, action plan,
     configuration of administrative structure, etc.

     Pls let me know if you would be willing to have such a workshop with us
     (similar to our Tampere event) sometime in 2001 in Cairo or in an
     Arabic country -- as Ihor is planning in Ukraine in 2001.  Shall we
     jointly apply for a fund to the InfoDev, as the Ukrainians plan to do?

Keep in touch.

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:26:51 +0200
To: Tak Utsumi <utsumi@friends-partners.org>
From: Dalia Moawad <dmoawad@ritsec2.com.eg>
Subject: Message from Egypt

Dear Dr Utsumi,

We, at RITSEC, are interested in establishing distance learning across
regional boundaries, which is a mandate we have been working to serve for
sometime now, and we have assisted several Arab countries in building
their capacities and infrastructure for distance learning network links.

Through your numerous listserve correspondences, and after studying
information available on the Global University System website, we
understand that GUS doesn't have a regional body in Africa that acts as
an administrative center or a satellite hub for the system/project.

Capitalizing on our already existing distance learning capacities and
on-going infrastructure upgrade, we would like to express our interest in
applying to become a satellite hub and administrative center for the
Global University System in Africa.  We understand that this is executed
through the USAID, however, we are not aware of any AID contacts
concerned with the Leland program, to apply to them directly. If you
would direct us to the concerned contacts or to taking any other
necessary steps, this would also be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.


Dalia Moawad
                         ATTACHMENT II

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 13:38:20 -0400
From: John Afele <jafele@uoguelph.ca>
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Visit to Guelph

Dear Prof. Utsumi-san:

My university, through my college's Dean, would like to invite you to
Guelph, to discuss issues related to our participation in the GUS
(African Component). The time of such a meeting would be at your
convenience. This invitation was agreed upon at a recent meeting
involving myself, Prof. Rob McLaughlin (Dean, Ontario Agricultural
College), Prof. Clarence Swanton (Chair, Department of Plant
Agriculture), Prof. John Fitz-Gibbon and Prof. Rickey Yada (Chair, Food Science).

We look forward to seeing you in Guelph.

John Afele
                         ATTACHMENT III

From: "Dr. Waguih ElMaraghy" <welmaraghy@hotmail.com>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Cc: welmaraghy@hotmail.com, wem@ims.uwindsor.ca
Subject: AEAS Conference, Toronto 2-4 June 2000
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 11:25:18 EST

Dear Dr. Utsumi:

You will recall that we had met in Montreal during the Telelearning

I have also earlier invited yoiu to our AEAS (Association of Egyptian
American Scholars) Conference, to be held in Toronto, Canada on June 2-4,
2000. The topic is Education & Technology.
As we would very much like your participation in a Session /Panel on
telelearning, I wonder if you can confirm your participation. A title and
short Abstract would be appreciated.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Waguih ElMaraghy
Professor & Director IMS Centre
University of Windsor

Dr. Waguih ElMaraghy, P.Eng., FASME, FCSME
62 Tetherwood Blvd.,
London, Ontario, Canada N5X 3W2
Tel.: (519) 642-7228  Fax.: (519) 642-7100
E-mail: welmaraghy@hotmail.com

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