<<January 27, 2001>>
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Dr. Kolawole Raheem <raheem@cc.jyu.fi>

H.E. Chief Segun Olusola, mni <aref@skannet.com>

Mr. Antti Auer <auer@jyu.fi>

Heikki Parkatti <Parkatti@Norssi.jyu.fi>

Dr. David A. Johnson, AICP <daj@utk.edu>

Mr Heikki Lyytinen <hlyytinen@psyka.jyu.fi>

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

Dr. Paul Lefrere <p.lefrere@open.ac.uk>

Tunji Lardner, CEO <Agenda2@aol.com>

Mr. Lane Smith <lasmith@usaid.gov>

Robert Hutcheson, RA <bobhutcheson@mindspring.com>

Dr. Jay H. Sanders, M.D., F.A.C.P. <jsanders@tgtg.com>

James B. Steinberg <JSteinberg@markle.org>

Peter T. Knight, Ph.D. <ptknight@attglobal.net>

Dr. Hans d'Orville <dorville@undp.org>

Atsuko Okuda <aokuda@undp.org>

Mr. Richard Kerby <richard.kerby@undp.org>

Mr. Vijay R. Parmar <vijay.parmar@undp.org>

Dear Dr. Raheem:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

It was certainly my great pleasure to have met with Ambassador Segun Olusola,
the President/Founder of the African Refugees Foundation (AREF), at the
annual conference of the International Institute of Communications in Tampa,
FL last September.

(2) Yes, we would be very delighted to be of any help to your project with AREF.

I would suggest that you may firstly get together with our Finnish colleagues
at your university and Tapio to learn what we have been doing so far.

Antti has been a long-time member of our list, after viewing our
Global Lecture Hall (GLH)" videoconferencing in 1992. I met Heikki
Parkatti at the Fulbright Annual Conference in Washington, DC last
December with David Johnson. I attended the Information Day
Conference in Luxembourg with Tapio and Heikki Lyytinen a few weeks
ago. Tapio once taught at your university.

If you can meet Tapio on 1/31th to 2/2nd, you may also be able to meet Paul
to hear of our GUS project EXploiting Collaborative Information Technologies
for Economic Development (EXCITED)" in Estonia, Barcelona and later Ukraine --

see "Report on trip to European Commission in Luxembourg and Brussels - January 22, 2001" at

(3) At our highly successful international workshop/conference on Emerging
Global Electronic Distance Learning (EGEDL)" which was held at the University
of Tampere in August of 1999 with funds from the InfoDev of the World Bank,
the US National Science Foundation and the Finnish Ministry of Education,
etc., we initiated following three projects;

(a) Global University System (GUS),
(b) Global Broadband Internet (GBI),
(c) Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF).

Pls click "Current Reference Websites" at the top of the home page of
our web site which is listed in my electronic signature below. You
will then find subsequent web sites of our various projects.

If you click "Mid 2000" in the home page, you can find "Fund-raising
trip to European Commission in Luxembourg - December 13, 2000" which
ATTACHMENT II includes Outline of GLOSAS Projects." This is a brief
description of the current status of our projects.

In the page of the "Current Reference Websites," you can find the
schematic diagram of our GBI with the use of satellite for long range,
microwave for mid-range, and spread spectrum for short range. We are
currently initiating an English as Second Language (ESL) e-learning
program with the use of notebook (e.g., SONY's PictureBook, etc.) and
of mobil phone (e.g., DoCoMo of NTT in Japan at 128 Kbps, etc.) to
cover the so-called Last Mile" to reach learners at anywhere, anytime
and any pace. We advocate the use of wireless, since its connotation
is freedom and flexibility in contrast to the connotation of Wired" is
slave and criminal.

(4) The GUS is for e-learning and tele-health and tele-medicine. The GBI is to
connect higher, secondary and elementary schools, libraries, hospitals, and
local governmental agencies, etc. with broadband Internet -- the so-called
community development" approach to share the cost of telecom media and to
share information and knowledge. The GSTF is to finance GUS and GBI activities.

(5) Pls retrieve following list distributions;

(a) "Initiating Nigerian connection for GUS project - November 17, 2000"

(b) "Connection to Nigeria for GUS project - November 30, 2000"

Pls note Lane Smith's msg in ATTACHMENT III in this distribution.

(c) "Streaming video of Ambassador Mbanefo of Nigeria (12/5/00) - December 4, 2000"

which were addressed to Tunji and which can be retrieved at

(6) As the first step, I suggested Tunji to explore followings (as mentioned in
Item (5)-(a) above);

(a) Locate interest groups in Nigeria -- preferably higher education
institutions which have Leland connections at 128 Kbps,

(b) Some institutions who can invite me for an initial face-to-face mtg
for planning a workshop/demonstrations.

Tunji is now locating a fund for this trip.

(c) Locate their preferred counterpart educational institutions in North
America, since we prefer to have a pair of institutions in both side,
i.e., one in North America (or Europe) and the other in Nigeria.

(7) As for tele-health and tele-medicine, ATTACHMENT II and III are copies of
msgs I received from Bob Hutcheson who were introduced by Jay Sanders, Chief
of Telemedicine project of the US/NASA.

Dear Bob:

Many thanks for your msgs.

(8) About the GSTF, we have an appointment for us (Peter Knight, David Johnson,
etc.) to visit Jim Steinberg at Markle Foundation (ATTACHMENT IV) in the
morning of 2/9th to describe it.

Peter Knight is now arranging a visit in its afternoon to the chief of
Digital Opportunity Taskforce (DOT) at the UNDP (ATTACHMENT V and VI).

(9) According to Tunji, Mr. Mori, the Prime Minister of Japan, recently visited
Nigeria. He pledged $15 billion (3 years) to close the digital divide in
developing countries during the Okinaawa Summit last July of 2000 -- I
suggested a similar scheme to the chairman of appropriation committee of
Japanese parliament and former minister of foreign affairs, etc. in the
spring of 1998 along with our GSTF project.

We (e.g., Peter and others) are now working to make this to be multilateral
approach, instead of bilateral of Japanese government alone as similar to the
human genome project which had one billion from Japan, next one billion from
British, and another from the US, and so on.

(10) Pls feel free to contact me or Tapio if you have any further questions.

Pls convey my best personal regards to Ambassador Segun Olusola.

Best, Tak

From: Raheem Kolawole <raheem@cc.jyu.fi>
Subject: GLOSAS
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 101 20:58:18 +0200 (EET)
Cc: raheem@cc.jyu.fi (Raheem Kolawole)

Dear Prof. Tak Utsumi,

I have been requested by the President/Founder of the African Refugees Foundation
(AREF), Ambassador Segun Olusola, to contact you on the possibility of AREF
participating in the GUS project.

I live in Finland and an adviser to AREF on academic and project issues.
Afterconsulting with Ambassador Olusola and other colleagues that render their
services to AREF, it is concluded that AREF will like to contribute to the project.
AREF will like to focus on developing a distance learning for Peace and Human
Rights Education in Africa. We have an AREF/LASU Centre for Refugee Studies in the
Lagos State University, Nigeria. The higher institution could serve as a base for
our project. I have just returned from West Africa.

Please let me know quickly what you think AREF should do for its services to be of
use to the project.

I would suggest that you copy mails coming to me to the Founder/President of AREF -
aref@skannet.com.ng I think you have the e-mail address on your list already.

Thank you and I wait to hear from you soon.

Dr. Kolawole Raheem

From: bobhutcheson@mindspring.com
To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Cc: "jsanders" <jsanders@tgtgt.com>
Subject: Re: Education/Nigeria
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 18:55:41 -0500

By way of introduction,I am Bob Hutcheson,Architect.Have worked with Dr.Jay Sanders
on various medical projects and am an avid supporter of the telemedicine concept.My
recent trip to Nigeria was as a guest of the Akwa Ibom State,to assist them in
several projects, as well as help in infrastructure development.I work with an
American trained, Nigerian
Architect who is influential in Nigerian affairs in America, and is well situated
with relatives in positions of influence in his home country.We submitted proposals
for Telecom that were well received, and are submitting further data to allow us to
proceed with wireless and other providers in Akwa Ibom and adjacent States.The
Deputy Governors wife, Mrs.Grace C. Ekpenyong, is the Chairperson, Board of
Trustees of CEDNET, the Child Education Development Network, and I told her that I
would do whatever necessary to assist her in improving educational opportunity in Akwa Ibom.
This effort, if successful, will influence adjacent states and have a very positive
impact.We are preparing a DHL package to send, regarding a number of improvement
related materials and opportunities this week, and would appreciate any guidance
you may be able to provide regarding education in southeastern Nigeria.My address, etc. follows:

Thank you for any assistance!

From: bobhutcheson@mindspring.com
To: "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Cc: "Tunji Lardner" <Adgenda2@aol.com>
Subject: Re: Nigeria operation
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 21:03:30 -0500

Tak and Tunji-
My recent two week visit to Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria as guests of the Deputy
Governor, were interesting for the many needs and opportunities that were
available. The Deputy Governor's wife, Mrs Grace C. Ekpenong is
Chairperson-Board of Trustees of CEDNET (Child Education Development
Network) and would welcome initiatives that would assist her in improving
educational opportunities in her state.
Her telephone and fax nos.:
tel: 234-085-200955
fax: 234-085-203520
As a point of reference, you may want to mention me, as "Architect Bob", who
is trying to assist this fine lady in improving educational opportunities in Nigeria.
Thank you for any thoughts that may help!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
To: "Robert Hutcheson" <bobhutcheson@mindspring.com>; "Takeshi Utsumi"
Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2000 7:23 PM
Subject: Nigeria operation

> Dear Bob:
> (1) Many thanks for your msg of today.
> (2) I am meeting with Tunji Lardner <Agenda2@aol.com> on 1/4th -- about
> whom my previous msg mentioned -- see "Connection to Nigeria for GUS
> project - November 30, 2000" at
> http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/index.html
> He just came back from Nigeria and has a good contact with UN
> Development Program (UNDP).
> I will talk with him how to work together.
> (3) I will be attending Information Day Conference of European
> Commission in Luxembourg from 1/8th to 10th, and will mention of your
> project, too.
> (4) BTW, you may be interested in viewing a video of our echocardiogram
> telemedicine demonstration between the University of Tampere in Finland
> and Columbia University in NYC held in August of 1999. Pls click Roger
> Boston's web site at <http://www.uta.fi/EGEDL/>, Then, click August 9 in
> left column, and then click Telemedicine1 and Telemedicine 2 at the top
> of right column.
> You can also view some photos of our telemedicine demo between Manaus,
> Amazon, Brazil and the University of Michigan as clicking Telemed Demo
> in left column at <http://tc1.hccs.cc.tx.us/hist/yr00/brazil/>.
> Incidentally, the music you hear at this home page comes directly from
> AMAZONSAT TV station in Manaus via Internet.
> (5) Pls click "Current Reference Websites" at the top of the home page
> of our web site at
> http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/
> You can then find subsequent web sites of our various projects.
> (6) Lastly, I took the liberty of admitting you into our list.
> Happy New Year!!
> Best, Tak

David Johnson's msg of 6/13/00

PS In yesterday's (June 12) New York Times (p.A16) was an article on a $100
million project by the Markle Foundation to explore how digital technology can
benefit developing countries. Project is headed by James B. Steinberg, formerly of
the White House staff. It might be worth looking at and contacting Markle ...

From: "Peter T. Knight" <peter@knight-moore.com>
To: <blanvin@worldbank.org>
Cc: "David Johnson" <daj@utk.edu>, "Takeshi. Utsumi" <utsumi@columbia.edu>,
"Joe Pelton" <Ecjpelton@aol.com>, "Frank Method" <unesco1@cais.com>
Subject: RE: DOT Force Report
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 11:51:23 -0200

Bruno, I got this from the GLD listserv, and it claims to be (if I remember)
from the WSJ!

Sorry to hear about delays. Is there a place where I can learn more about
what is going on, how we could make a submission regarding the Global
Service Trust Fund? Frank Method of UNESCO, Joe Pelton of GWU (ex Intelsat
project access), Tak Utsumi (GLOSAS), David Johnson (U Tennessee Knoxville
and ex head of Fullbright Association) and I are working on this, with some
others. Basically it's a volutary international e-rate for education and
health applications requiring broad bandwidth. With policy conditionality to
be agreed in a partipatory process with principal stakeholders.

Read a bit about it at
http://www.knight-moore.com/projects/projectsindex.htm and click on:

Proposal to Create a Global Services Trust Fund (GSTF) and International
Coalition for Global Information Infrastructure in Education and Healthcare.

We are now working on a grant proposal to take this to the operational
stage, with work around the celebrations of 2001 at the Arthur C. Clarke
Institute for Telecomunications and Information -- see:
http://clarkeinstitute.com/ .

We would appreciate any guidance on how to make an input into the DOT Force.

With best wishes from Rio,


-----Original Message-----
From: blanvin@worldbank.org [mailto:blanvin@worldbank.org]
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 10:37 AM
To: Peter T. Knight
Cc: Cbraga@worldbank.org; blanvin@worldbank.org
Subject: RE: DOT Force Report

Hi Peter,

I would be interested in knowing the source of the text you sent. It is
factuyally wrong: no report will be produced/visible until the Genoa Summit
(July); until then, I am responsible for its drafting.



-----Original Message-----
From: Cbraga@worldbank.org [mailto:Cbraga@worldbank.org]
Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2001 12:50 PM
To: Peter T. Knight
Cc: blanvin@worldbank.org
Subject: Re: DOT Force Report

Bruno -- to whom I am copying this -- is the Executive Secretary of the dot
force. Cheers.

"Peter T. Knight" <peter@knight-moore.com> on 01/18/2001 04:23:26 AM

To: <Cbraga@Worldbank.Org>
Subject: DOT Force Report


Working on updated GSTF report. Can you get me a copy of the report
mentioned below?

Any suggestions?

Who is really doing the work on the DOT jForce operation -- at UNDP, Bank?

Cheers from Rio,

A draft report is to be released next month by the so-called Digital Opportunity
Taskforce, which was set up by the G8 group of industrial powers to spread the use
of telecommunications and information technology.

It is to be the basis of a programme of action, which will be discussed at the next
full meeting of the nicknamed Dot-Force group, probably to be held in Italy, in May.

The organization is autonomous from G8 and draws on the assistance of the World
Bank and the United Nations Development Programme. Details have already emerged
about its policy priorities and strategies. They include: Focusing development
assistance on human resources development, IT language training and the
application of the Internet in e-commerce and e-government; Ensuring that telecoms
and IT development is an integral part of all development programmes, rather than
offering it as an option to choose, with the risk that priority might be given to
food production or heavy industry. Tailoring the Dot-Force programme to fill the
gaps in existing international efforts aimed at eliminating the international
digital divide.

The inaugural meeting of the organization was held in Tokyo from 27-28 November,
with the participation of representatives from the governments, the private sector,
and G8 non-profit organizations, developing countries and international organizations.

Peter T. Knight

From: "Peter T. Knight" <peter@knight-moore.com>
To: <blanvin@worldbank.org>, <denis.gilhooly@undp.org>
Cc: "Frank Method" <unesco1@cais.com>, "Frank Method" <fmethod@erols.com>,
"Joe Pelton" <Ecjpelton@aol.com>, "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@friends-partners.org>,
"David Johnson" <daj@utk.edu>, "Cbraga@worldbank. org" <Cbraga@worldbank.org>
Subject: RE: Denis Gilhooly, UNDP, and DOT Force
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 07:20:27 -0200

That's quite a coincidence, Bruno. Greetings, Denis.

Denis, good to make contact. I think I didn't get your address into my
computer before leaving for Brazil on December 1. I'm back on February 2 to
Washington/Arlington. Then in Florida at a meeting on virtual corporate
universities 4-8, and hitting New York on the 9th.

Will you be there? I wanted to discuss with both you and Bruno an initiative
which a group of us have been developing, and about which we spoke briefly
at Harvard or MIT (I guess it was Harvard) during the e-development conference.

Global Service Trust Fund is in a soundbite, a voluntary international
e-rate for qualifying education and health projects in developing countries
requiring broad bandwidth. We seek to establish the fund from two donor
sources -- those with underutilized bandwidth (transponder space, fiber
capacity), and those with cold hard cash (Gates and other foundations,
companies, individual donors, etc.) who would like to do something concrete
about the digital divide.

Qualifying projects -- we mean there would be some policy conditionality
(telecom, education, health) established in a participatory fashion by
working groups convened by ITU, UNESCO, and WHO (all major stakeholders
invited to help determine the minimum acceptable conditions -- international
organizations, private companies, NGOs, nations, etc.)-- perhaps pushed on
by the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Telecommunications and Information
(which has taken the project as one of its first three). We would need a
minimum infrastructure for running the fund. I thought it could use the same
legal infrastructure established at such cost by infoDev, with the Bank or
UNDP serving as custodian and providing a secretariat.

Anyway, existing information on the project is available on several websites
which I will give below. I am working on some supplementary documentation
right now with others in our group -- Frank Method (another former Ford
Foundation person like myself, now a consultant to UNESCO; Joe Pelton of
George Washington University and formerly director of Project Access at
Intelsat; Tak Utsumi (longtime distance eduction networker, president of
GLOSAS), and David Johnson of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, former
head of the Fullbright Association of the US -- three of us are former
Fulbright scholars!).

This group will be in New York to visit the Markle and Ford Foundations and
would like to meeet with Denis on February 9. Could we do lunch, or early
afternoon meeting? We have 10:30 at Markle, FF not yet set an hour.

Bruno, if you could meet with them in Washington on the 8th, or with me
anytime after the 9th during February, that would be ideal. We made a
presentation to TechNet back in November, if I recall. The project is coming
along nicely. It will be featured during some celebrations of Arthur C.
Clarke in Washington on February 7 which I will unfortunately miss -- but
Joe Pelton could probably get both of you invitations. They will take place
at the Smithsonian and

www.knight-moore.com/projectsindex.htm -- click on the GSTF line. Project
and pictures of its initial presentation at founding meeting of Arthur C.
Clarke Institute of Telecommunications and Information
(http://www.clarkeinstitute.com) in February 2000.

The project is also part of a broader scheme of support for international
educational exchange promoted by GLOSAS, and in fact originated during a
conference in Tampere, Finland, funded in part by an infoDev grant.


ATTACHMENT II of this distribution is the current status of "Outline of
GLOSAS Projects."

Please get back to me ASAP regarding the possibility of meeting with us in
New York and Washington.

With best regards,


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