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Renee Ebert, MPH <sathealth@aol.com>

Ms. Pureza IV. Veloso <reza_7454@yahoo.com>

G. Robert (Bob) Converse <bob.converse@mauicc.Hawaii.Edu>

Dear Renee:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

I am very glad to know your strong interest in our planned seminar in Cebu on 4/20th.

(2) Pls confirm your travel fund (airticket, accommodation and per diem,
etc.) at your earliest convenience and inform your coming to Pureza.

I am sure that she would be very delighted to have you.

Dear Pureza:

(3) When you hear from Renee of her coming, pls get the people who would
be interested in hearing from her on the distance learning of public
healthcare information system.

Dear Renee and Bob:

Pls send Pureza some (say, 10 sets) of hard copy materials of your programs.

You may then select them for your distributions to attendees.

(4) I would also appreciate it if you can kindly send me your first draft
of the schedules of the seminar.

Pls allocate one hour for Bob Converse's presentation and
demonstration, and 30 minutes each for me and Renee.

Dear Bob:

You may also present your animated PowerPoint slides of the
microwave broadband Internet network among Hawaiian islands
which you showed during our Tampere event. This is because
there are many, many islands around Cebu which may need similar
microwave networks in the future.

I would like to have ample time (say, 3 hours or so) in the afternoon
to discuss on the formation of coalition of higher, secondary and
elementary schools, libraries, hospitals, and local governmental
agencies for the community development with wireless broadband
Internet in the near future. This is to include e-learning and
telehealthcare and telemedicine services.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation for the successful seminar.

Best, Tak

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 15:39:49 -0500
From: Sathealth@aol.com
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Respectfully requesting your participation in a seminar in Cebu,
the Phil...

Dear Tak:

I may try for a travel grant to attend. Much is happening at UCLA for
distance learning for public health education.

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