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Kimberly Alexandra Richards-Govere <mearsk@ucs.orst.edu>

John Senyo C. Afele, Ph.D <jafele@plant.uoguelph.ca>

Jonathan Giesen <jonathan@gng.org>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

Jonathan Peizer <jpeizer@sorosny.org>

Mr. Jim Miller <jimmsl@aol.com>

Peter T. Knight, Ph.D. <ptknight@attglobal.net>

Francis J. Method <fmethod@erols.com>

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton <ecjpelton@aol.com>

H. Dean Sutphin <hds2@cornell.edu>

Dear Kimberly:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I) with excellent CV.

(2) I took the liberty of admitting you into our list so that you will be
kept updated with the daily progress of our activities.

(3) Pls click "Correspondence: Early-2001" at the home page of our web site
which is listed at the top of this msg.

Then, click "Contacts for establishing GUS/Nigeria - January 27, 2001".

This tells about our Nigeria contacts and operation for your
reference, albeit still initial stage.

I visited your web with great interest. Pls watch our list
distributions for the development of the above activity with Nigeria
(Ghana operation may come soon with John Afele's effort), so that your
excellent work may find the place of involvement.

Dear Jonathan Giesen:

(4) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT II). I am very glad to know your
substantial progress since our last correspondence in late 1998.

I re-installed you into our list.

I visited your websites with great interest -- the one of oxygen did not work.

(5) You may contact Jim Miller (ATTACHMENT III) -- he is in Jordan from
today to 2/11th, and doing some work with their telecom firm under the
auspices of its King's family, if I recall correctly.

(6) I wonder if you can arrange our (*) visit to Jonathan Peizer (and if
possible, George Soros) with Kamal and Tamara in the late afternoon
(say, 3:00 pm on) of 2/12th (Monday) -- is Jonathan Peizer back from
his sabbatical leave?

(*) They are Peter Knight, Frank Method, and possibly Joe Pelton, etc.

We can describe our Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF) project.

(7) Keep up with your good and valuable work!!

Dear Dean:

(8) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT IV).

It was my great pleasure to have attended with you the ICDE/ABED
conferences in Sao Paulo last August.

We would be very delighted to be of any help to your project. Pls let
me know when you will be in NYC area next time for our mtg.

Best, Tak

From: mearsk@ucs.orst.edu
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 09:45:25 -0800 (PST)
To: jafele@plant.uoguelph.ca
cc: tapio.varis@uta.fi, utsumi@columbia.edu

Dear Professors,

I came across the GLOSAS website and I thought I would e-mail you. I am very
interested in distance education and the development of teaching through the
internet. I have been thinking about a way that I could teach a class on
multicultural counselling in which counsellor educators and students from
around the world could participate in. I would want any interested
counselling student/educator from developing countries to be able to access
the course without paying fees. I know how important that could be for
counsellor students/educators in Africa.

I came from Zimbabwe to do a PhD in Counsellor Education. I hope to have my
thesis finished by June 2001. I have been working towards the development of
counselling/psychology in Africa. I believe counselling has some tools/ideas
that could be developed to help bring about or maintain peace. I have built a
website for the African Counselling Network (ACN) at:
I would like to see ACN get involved with the Organization of African Unity
in an effort to help solve some of the social problems besetting Africa.

Though some questionable counsellor training programs in Africa that are
cranking out thousands of 'counsellors' particularly in Eastern and Southern
Africa in their 2-4 week training courses, there are very few professional
counsellors all over Africa or from Africa, but together they could organize
appropriate distance education degree courses in counselling.

Though I came from Zimbabwe for studies, I was born in USA. Because my father
was an American-Zimbabwean, I have spent a good deal of my life in Zimbabwe.

I would be very interested in knowing how to get involved with GLOSAS. From
the website it appears that GLOSAS is a network of organizations/individuals.
I will send my vita in a minute, so you can see the kinds of activities I
have been involved in.

Thank you,

Kimberly Richards-Govere, PhD (cand.)
Oregon State University

From: "Jonathan Giesen" <jonathan@gng.org>
To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: Global Nomads Group
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:35:32 -0600

Dear Mr. Utsumi,

On behalf of the Global Nomads Group, I wanted to drop you an email and ask
you if you could provide us assistance within the realm of fundraising and
partnering. I know it has been quite a while since we have contacted you. If
I remember correctly, it was a little over a year ago when Roger Boston sent
you a short summary of our activities and our organization.

As you might remember, the Global Nomads Group is an educational non-profit
organization that catalyzes cross cultural education and global dialogue
among youth through the platforms of live Internet and broadcast
conferencing. GNG provides classroom connections and satellite broadcasts
from around the world into the classroom from different sites of cultural,
environmental or humanitarian value.

Global Nomads Group implemented another very successful educational program
this fall in the Middle East. Upon the invitation of Prince Hassan bin Talal
of Jordan, last October we conducted a series of remote broadcasts at 64kbps
and 128kbps over ISDN between schools in Texas, Florida and Amman. These
students spoke face to face regarding life in their respective countries.
The students had an abundance of questions: "Why do women in the Middle East
wear veils?" "Is there as much violence in America as they show on TV?"
"Who is to blame for the conflict in the Middle East?" Coincidentally,
Global Nomads Group was in Jordan during beginning of the present outbreak of
violence in the region. As an organization, we watched with amazement as
the students in Jordan began speaking and engaging their peers in the United
States about the conflict that was unfolding in neighboring Palestine. The
students on both sides spoke sincerely, passionately and diplomatically about
their feelings on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and America's involvement.
When it was all said and done walls of the digital divide were torn down and
students learned from each other, face-to-face, about what life is really
like on the other side of our world. The following link takes you to a
QuickTime movie from our website which shares the closing statements of two
students who participated:

Besides uniting students in Jordan, Global Nomads Group partnered with the
Smithsonian affiliated Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future (Dallas)
and Oxygen Media for several conferences on women. Girls from an inner city
school in Dallas were connected at the Women's Museum with girls in Amman for
conferences on the challenges facing young women at the dawn of the 21st
century. In addition, mothers of these children and women activists from
Dallas and Jordan sat down for a discussion on parenting and the challenges
faced by single mothers and the roles men play in rearing children. It was
simply fascinating to watch these mothers communicate from two extremely
different cultures. Yet, what unfolded during the dialogue was the common
ground they both shared. Here is an article from a mother/reporter at Oxygen
who participated in the mothers conference:

In 2000, we broadened our educational programs and welcomed a new Director of
Operations and a Director of Technology. Jonathan Peizer, CTO of George
Soros' OSI Foundation, introduced Kamal El-Wattar, our new Director of
Operations, to us. Kamal has been a social enterprise consultant to OSI and
other prominent foundations. Tamara Curtin, our new Director of Technology
comes to us with extensive international coordination from Improv Technologies.

As we enter into 2001, we look forward to expanding our commitment to
bridging youth around the world and breaking down the digital divide.
Presently, we are seeking funding for 2001-02 and I am brought back to your
current initiatives with GUS/GSTF and the possibility that you might provide
us assistance with contacts or funding partners who share similar
inspirations and goals. I have attached our 2001 Executive Summary for your review.

I am writing this email from Dallas; however, our Directors for
Operations,Communications and Technology are currently based in New York. At
your convenience, would it be possible to set up an appointment with you in
New York on their behalf ?

Also please visit our website at http://www.gng.org.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Jonathan Giesen

From: JIMMSL@aol.com
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:03:55 EDT
Subject: Our phone call of 9-13-00
To: utsumi@columbia.edu

Tak - thanks for taking time to have a live acall.

This Jordan project is very exciting as it is a real demonstration
opportunity for a sustainable economy.

Some websites to consider -


http://rtcent.com - the company I am helping start for global infrastructure

http://getstartup.com - the conference I just attended in London - key contacts for
your Sheffield Workshop

http://www.wri.org - a group discussing the Digital Divide issue on a global basis -
I am attending the Oct 16-18 event in Seattle and will discuss the need for
"basic" examples and demonstrations to show what can be practical in
developing countries.


Jim Miller

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 13:24:20 -0500
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
From: Dean Sutphin <hds2@cornell.edu>
Subject: Re: Preparation of seminar in Cebu/Philippines on 4/20th


I am the associate dean in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at
Cornell and director of the Global Seminar for the environment and
sustainable food systems. We are developing a network of universities world
wide along with community colleges, two year colleges in agriculture and
technology and magnet high schools. There are 29 active educational
institutions world wide.

I have also worked in the South Pacific and lead national initiative in
implementation of distance learning for the American Distance Education
Consortium ADEC, and have four presentation at ICDE in Germany this April.

We might wish to talk about the potential linkages.

Dean S

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H. Dean Sutphin
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