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Marietta C. Mojica <MCM947@yahoo.com>

Ms. Pureza IV. Veloso <reza_7454@yahoo.com>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez, Ph.D. <ralphrod@nsclub.net>

Dr. Jesus Y. Perez. Jr., M.D. <jyap@skyinet.net>

Dr. Ofelia M. Carague <omcarague@pup.edu.ph>

G. Robert (Bob) Converse <bob.converse@mauicc.Hawaii.Edu>

Dear Marietta:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I). It was my great pleasure to
have attended with you the 14th Annual Conference of the Asian
Association of Open Universities (AAOU) in Manila last October.

(2) I greatly appreciate to receive your cordial invitation to visit your
university on April 24-25 (tentative) on my way back from Cebu and
Manila to Tokyo and then to New York.

I would like to accept it with honor and sincere thanks.

(3) I am very impressed and excited with your vice-governor's vision on
the community development which is similar to ours. We would be very
delighted if we can be of any help to him and your people.

As I said elsewhere, the principle of packet-switching technology, the
heart of Internet, is to share valuable telecom media by users, hence
more users will bring its cost down which is the key to deploy
broadband Internet -- the future of Internet. Our Global University
System (GUS) with Global Broadband Internet (GBI) is to extend this
principle to sharing of information, knowledge and expertise, etc.

(4) As for the dates of my visit to your university, pls talk with Ralph
who is now kindly acting a liaison with us and Jesus and Ofelia.

I think that almost two and a half day in Manila can do our job of
finalizing our plan of having a workshop in Manila, if they can work
on 21st (Saturday), 22nd (Sunday), and 23rd (Monday).

(5) Incidentally, Bob Converse will be with me in Cebu and Manila (ATTACHMENT II).

If you can provide him with additional accommodation/meal and if he
can extend his trip, I strongly suggest that you invite him also.

His Maui Community College is outstanding, conducting e-learning
for many years with multi-million dollar funds from the US federal and
Hawaiian State governments, e.g., new computer science building,
construction of mini-super computer as hard-wiring several PCs,
microwave networking among Hawaiian islands, web-based quiz center,
planned telescope operation by distance high school learners via
Internet, etc., etc. His school accustomed with many Filipino
students and eager to extend their e-learning courses to the
Philippines and other Asian countries.

Since he will present their 3D animations with CDs at a seminar in
Cebu on 4/20th, I am sure he can do the same at your university, too.

(6) Pls click Current Reference Websites" at the top of the home page of
our web site which is listed at the top of this msg. You will then
find subsequent web sites of our various projects on GUS, GBI, and
Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF), etc. -- particularly, pls note the
diagram of GBI there which may be applicable to your community.

(7) Pls feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best, Tak

Subject: Invitation form the Cavite State University, Philippines
Date: Thursday, February 1, 2001 10:00 AM
From: mayet mojica <mcm947@yahoo.com>
To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>

Dear Dr. Utsumi:

Please find the attached invitation from the Cavite State University
(CvSU), Philippines.

Hope you can visit us here in April.

Mayet C. Mojica

Dear Dr. Utsumi:

I am Marietta C. Mojica, OIC of the Open Learning College at the
Cavite State University (CvSU) in Indang, Cavite, Philippines and one of the
participants in the last 14th Annual Conference of the Asian Association of
Open Universities.

I have been following the schedules of your forthcoming visit here in the
Philippines. I have met Ms. Pureza Veloso last December 1, 2000 in Makati
City during the National Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education
and told her about my interest in inviting you to our university. I have
already mentioned this idea to our university President, Dr. Ruperto S.
Sangalang. He agreed on this and said that we can provide you with
accommodation/meals at our Training Center.

Dr. Tak, on behalf of our University President, I am inviting you for a 2-day
visit in our university in April (possibly on the 24-25). I understand that
from Cebu City, you will be going to Manila to finalize the conduct of the
Asia-Pacific workshop. From there, we can fetch and bring you to our place
and later escort you back to Manila.

CvSU is 60 km. (almost 3-hr. drive) away from Manila. It has six colleges
with more than 7,000 enrollees, 40 of which are enrolled in masteral programs
through distance education. The University is seriously committed to the
pursuit and application of knowledge in the field of information technology.
In fact, the provincial government of Cavite recognizes this. Recently, the
vice-governor visited our school and briefed us on his project, re:
establishing network among local government units (LGUs), schools and other
local government agencies through the Internet. The provincial government
will be providing computers and training to LGUs. The vice-governor
requested us to look for an expert along this line who is willing to share
his knowledge on the latest development in the use of Internet.

Your acceptance of this invitation would be very fruitful to CvSU as well as
to the province of Cavite. My plan is for you to meet the Deans of the
different colleges, directors, faculty members and students for
lecture/discussion on Global University System and Global Broadband Internet,
etc. We can invite officials from the provincial government.

I hope you can help us here hasten the use of IT by sharing your expertise
with us.

I am looking forward to your favorable response.

Thank you.



Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:49:37 -1000
From: Bob Converse <Bob.Converse@mauicc.Hawaii.Edu>
Subject: Itinerary
To: utsumi@columbia.edu, pureza veloso <reza_7454@yahoo.com>

Here is my itinerary for Cebu trip

14 April LV Honolulu UA 827
15 April AR Narita UA 883
15 April AR Seoul
Overnight Holiday Inn Seoul
16 April LV Seoul Asiana Air 371
16 April AR Manila
16 April LV Manila Philippine Air 849
16 April AR Cebu City 3:30 PM

21 April LV Cebu City Philippine Air 854 11:45AM
21 April AR Manila 12:55 PM

23 April LV Manila Asiana Air 372
23 April AR Seoul 6:05 PM
23/24 April Holiday Inn seoul
25 April LV Seoul UA 884/826
25 April AR HNL
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Ms. Pureza IV. Veloso
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G. Robert (Bob) Converse
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Kahului, Hawaii 96732
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