<<October 22, 1999>>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Lex Librero, Ph.D. <lex@laguna.net>

Thomas D. Tilson <ttilson@aed.org>

Guenther Cyranek <g.cyranek@unesco.org>

John C. Afele, Ph.D <jafele@plant.uoguelph.ca>

Victor T. Ching <vicching@compass.com.ph>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez, Ph.D. <rbrsat@pworld.net.ph>

Ben I. Haraguchi <haragucb@aren+fox.com>

Mr. Bruce R. Best <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>

Mr. Jim Miller <jimmsl@aol.com>

Motilal Sharma <msharma@mail.asiandevbank.org>

Mr Arne Fjortoft <wif@panlanka.net>

Dr. Teresita I. Barcelo <tbarcelo@iconn.com.ph>

Dear Kim:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I) with your excellent mission
statement of our Asia/Pacific operation (ATTACHMENT II).

I also thank you for your attending our Strategic Mtg for Fund Raising
at PAHO on 10/18th and our very fruitful visits to IREX, USIA, InfoDev
of the World Bank, and NSF on 10/19th.

(2) Pls visit the web site of the final report of our Tampere event at:

Pls then visit the Asia-Pacific/Montana State University Group:
Philippines/ASEAN/Pacific Islands Project in PART II at <.Asia-Pacific/Montana State University Group: Philippines/ASEAN/Pacific Islands Project>.

Pls send me the portions I asked you in the InfoDev format by your email.

Dear Lex Librero:

Pls visit there and send me your brief bio -- similar to the others.

Dear Tom:

(3) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT III).

Pls let me know your current address.

Since you are now in Ethiopia, you might get together with Guenther Cyranek.

Dear John C. Afele:

Since you will soon visit Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for the
conference of the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), you might
contact Guenther and Tom while you stay there -- Guenther is now
working with the UNECA.

Also, many thanks for letting us use your conference room in July
of 1995 at which time we discussed the organization of our highly
successful Tampere event last August.

Dear Victor and Ralph:

(4) Pls invite Minda Sutaria to your future mtgs in Manila.

Dear Victor:

I will see you at the open house ceremony of Ben's new FSUN building
across from the U.N. main building in Manhattan in the evening of 10/26th
(next Tuesday).

Dear Bruce:

(5) Very glad to receive your msg (ATTACHMENT IV).

Your Guam is a very good candidate after our initial operation with the Philippines.

BTW, Jim Miller plans to visit Saipan and Palau (ATTACHMENT V), and
seems in need of your help. Pls contact him.

Dear Moti:

(6) During our Strategic Mtg on Fund Raising at PAHO on 10/18th, Ben
indicated his intention (though not definite yet) to bring Kim, Norman
Okamura (U. of Hawaii) and me to your conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand
on 1-3 December 1999 (ATTACHMENT VI). This trip may also include Tokyo
and Manila. Pls send Ben and me the detailed program of this conference
at your earliest convenience.

Dear Teresita:

Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT VII). Hope to see you soon.

Best, Tak


From: "Obbink, Kim" <kobbink@montana.edu>
To: "'utsumi@columbia.edu'" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: for final report
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 17:32:48 -0600

Tak, Please see if the attached file will work for your Infodev final report. If so, please also add additional contact info for Ben.
Best, Kim


Pilot Project Summary for the Asian/Pacific
Distance Learning and Telehealth System
In Support of the Global University System

The Asian/Pacific Distance Learning and Telehealth System is a subset of the Global University System (GUS) formed in Tampere, Finland in August 1999. The Asian/Pacific System will support GUS development and activities by establishing partnerships and distance learning demonstration projects in the Asian/Pacific region. The Asia/Pacific consortium will explore technical capabilities and options, as well as match educational needs and resources, for the delivery of affordable, needs based distance learning throughout the Pacific/Asia region.

The goal of the Asian/Pacific Distance Learning and Telehealth System is to spearhead the linkage of existing distance education and telehealth networks to establish equal access to education and healthcare throughout the Asian/Pacific region.

The purpose of the Asian/ Pacific distance learning and telehealth system is to collaborate with people of the Asian/Pacific region in the identification and assessment of their needs for education, professional development, technical training, and health care, and to identify how technology can be used to create a knowledge sharing network to meet those needs. The Asian/Pacific Distance Learning and Telehealth System will promote sustained international cooperation, capacity building, and an inter-cultural foundation for the education and health care through the electronic sharing and exchange of information.

To accomplish this vision the Asian/Pacific Distance Learning and Telehealth System will build upon progress that has already been made in order to:

Objective 1: Improve sustained connectivity between and among governmental, educational, health care institutions and non-profit organizations within the Asia/Pacific region.

Objective 2: Promote the identification and/or creation of appropriate educational content, based upon the real and perceived needs and cultural values of the learners and participants.

Objective 3: Promote "best practices" in the distance delivery and exchange of knowledge and information through pilot projects, formal evaluation and scientific investigation.

Objective 4: Promote private sector involvement in the development and sustainability of the increased connectivity through the establishment of private-public partnerships.

Objective 5: Promote opportunities for sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship.




December 1, 1999 to December 31, 2000




Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.
Founder of CAADE (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education)
President Emeritus and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of Global
University System
43-23 Colden Street
Flushing, NY 11355-3998
Tel: 718-939-0928
Fax: 718-939-0656 (day time only prefer email)

Kim Obbink
Burns Telecommunications Center
Montana State University-Bozeman
128 EPS
Bozeman, MT 59717
Tel: 406-994-6550
Fax: 406-994-7856

Ben Haraguchi
Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (FSUN)
809 United Nations Plaza, Suite 1200
New York, NY 10017
Tel: +1-212-986 8114
Fax: +1-212-986 8131


Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 09:55:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: gu-cgd@www.friends-partners.org
To: ttilson@iname.com
Cc: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org
Subject: Error Condition Re: Re: Inexpensive email for remote areas via LEO

Hi Tak,

Another excellent contact in the Philippines in Minda Sutaria, head of
[SEAMEO INNOTECH - Ed.] in Manila. (I don't have the name of the organization
quite right because its been a while since I've been there. In fact, I'm
not even positive if Minda is still the head. But the organization had an
excellent reputation for work in educational technology.)

Best regards,

Tom Tilson (currently working in Ethiopia)

From: "Bruce Best" <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>
To: "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@www.friends-partners.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 13:21:24 +1000

Hafa adai Dr. Utsumi,

It has been awhile since I heard from you, I hope all is well.

We are still working out here with distance education for the nurses and teachers over Peacesat and HF. We have on-island VTC (Polycom over LAN & ISDN) but no ISDN off-island yet. We are experimenting with Peacesat VTC (64-128K). We were part of the Global Learning Day III (www.bfranklin.edu) which is coordinated by John Hibbs and talked to Bob Waddell from DC who heard you talk.

If we can help here on Guam, let me know, we still need money to support my network in FSM, Marshalls and Palau.

Best regards,


Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 05:54:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: JIMMSL@aol.com
To: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Visit to InfoDev of World Bank


I am planning a trip to Saipan and Palau in January, you may remember that Bruce Best and the University of Guam Nursing School and Palau were early users of ShareVision. Perhaps your South Pacific project might be presented there. Possibly Christina Higa or John Southworth can make introductions or provide me a contact in one or either location.

Jim Miller

Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 19:15:57 +0600
To: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org
From: Worldview International Foundation <wif@panlanka.net>
Subject: International Conference on Media for Social Change

Dear Dr Utsumi,

I am writing this from the Worldview International Foundation, Colombo. Today I met with Mr Fjortoft to discuss about the Conference. This conference will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 1-3 December 1999. The conference will be sponsored by NORAD, Asian Development Bank, Plan International and Worldview International Foundation. We want to invite you to chair one of the sessions of the conference. This will also give an opportunity to share our views on networking of Distance Education Providers in Asia. Mr Fjortoft is very eager to discuss some collaborative intervention with you in the area of Media. I will appreciate it if you could kindly communicate with Mr Fjortoft on this email address. Moreover his mobile No. 47 90961278 and fax No. 94-1 589225. The proposed conference will be participated by bilateral and multilateral agencies and NGOs broadcasting agencies. Your presence will add new dimensions to the conference.

With kind regards

Motilal Sharma

Worldview International Foundation
12 Arethusa Lane
Colombo 6.
Sri Lanka
Tel: 94-1 589648 /74 510728/9
Fax: 94-1 589225

From: "School for Distance Educaton, Manila" <sdemla@mozcom.com>
To: <utsumi@www.friends-partners.org>
Subject: Trip to Manila
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 18:29:40 -0700

Dear Dr.Utsumi,

I'm glad to know that you're again planning a trip to the Philippines.

I'll appreciate it very much if you could let us know of your scheduled visit so that we can arrange for a meeting with you.

Thank you and hope to see you when you get to Manila.

Truly yours,

Faculty of Health Sciences
UP Open University
Tel: (63-2) 526-2272
E-mail: fhs-upou@mozcom.com
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* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA *
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