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Dr. Ihor B. Katerniak <ik@litech.net>

Mr. Myron Nordquist <myron_nordquist@burns.senate.gov>

Dr. Paul Lefrere <p.lefrere@open.ac.uk>

Docent Antti Kasvio <ttanka@poph.uta.fi>

Atsuko Okuda <aokuda@undp.org>

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P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

(1) Dear Ihor:

Many thanks for your msg of 10/5th.

ATTACHMENT I is my revised version of your project summary. Pls feel
free to revise it further, if necessary, and send it to me.

Pls consult with your friend at IREX in Kiev if this is acceptable, and
let me know. I plan to visit the IREX office in D.C. in the morning of
10/19th -- Myron is now arranging our visit to them. I will then talk
with the IREX officer there about this project, too.

(2) Dear Paul:


I would appreciate it if you can send me your bio and revised version of
Ihor's proposal with the InfoDev format at your earliest convenience.

(3) Dear Ihor:

Pls include Antti Kasvio in the circulation of your msg -- he is the
chief of our Europe Group.

(4) Dear Atsuko:

Tapio (your professor) and I were sorry you could not attend our Tampere event.

Steve's msg of today said that you were involved in some projects in Ukraine.

Should you be interested in Ihor's project, I would be very happy to
visit you at your convenient time. Pls let me know.

Best, Tak


Project summary for the Targeted Exchanges Program
of the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
(October 6, 1999)

Ihor Katerniak
Lviv Institute of Management


This project will develop distance learning between Ukraine and participating
schools in Finland, the U.K. and the US. The end product will be a joint
proposal for fund raising which includes detailed plan for Europe Group of
Global University System, e.g., feasibility study, design of infra- and
administrative structure, selection of courseware, etc.


Slow change of economic system in the Ukraine is partially explained by a lack
of professionals with market oriented thinking. But in most cases business
education is not available for talented people in Ukraine and the NIS
countries because it is too expensive and there are no existing credit
mechanisms. A new and different approach to business education will help to
train a core group of business people, which will guarantee the promotion of
marketing reform in Ukraine and the NIS. There is a keen need for a
sustained, countrywide Ukrainian system for distance learning through INTERNET
with goals to make education more efficient, accessible, and interactive.


* to receive skills in the distance learning program administration,
teaching technologies and Web-learning course design from participating
schools outside of Ukraine;
* to make a research and analysis of education environment, existing
methods distance learning and technical possibilities;
* to develop collaborative proposals for feasibility study, design of
infra- and administrative structure, selection of courseware, etc.


* visiting administrators of distance learning departments at the
participating schools;
* holding seminars and collaborative workshops in Ukraine;
* attending relevant conferences;
* meeting and collaborative work with instructors in Project Management
* collaborative work with experts/designers of Web-learning courses with
their mirror system in Ukraine;
* conducting a short research project;
* constructing joint proposals for partnership and fund raising;
* holding a workshop at Open University in the U.K. for discussing the


* Global University System (Finland),
* University of Tampere (Finland),
* Open University (U.K.),
* Distance Education Network of European Association for International
Education at University of Art and Design - Helsinki (Finland),
* Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education (CAADE) at
GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.


April-December 2000


Research report and collaborative proposals for Distance Learning Development
in Ukraine, particularly for Project Management courses.


(1) The Small Grants for Partnership Development Program:

for establishing partnership relations with educational institutions in
other countries for the two-way international exchange of knowledge,
professional experience, managing and technical know-how.

(2) The Information Resources and Dissemination Program:

for the dissemination of new curricula over affordable Internet as
developing international partnerships in social science, business, and
in cultural understanding and exchange. Also, for expanding the Global
University System in Ukraine and developing a network of centers for
technical and informational support in all regions of Ukraine.

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 22:54:51 +0100
Subject: Re: Proposal for infoDev Activity
To: ik@litech.net
Cc: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org, tomyn@lim.lviv.ua
From: P.Lefrere@open.ac.uk (Paul Lefrere)

Dear Ihor

You said
> Dear Paul,Can I ask you to be in the cooperative consortium
> for this proposal to InfoDev. Can you add your resume to the
> list of the proposed staff (point 26 in the form)?

Certainly, I am honoured to be invited and will add a brief resume. Also,
I noticed a few minor errors of English in the proposal. There may be
more. I can look through it systematically if you want.

Best wishes

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