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Arif Khan <akhan@planwel.edu>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

W. R. (Bill) Klemm, D.V.M., Ph.D. <wklemm@cvm.tamu.edu>

(1) Dear Arif:

Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

This is certainly a very significant event. If it will be successful to
have clear audio and video as we had with the NetMeeting demo between
Montana State University/Bozeman and the University of Tampere (Finland)
during our Tampere event, this event will show how broadband Internet
can replace expensive digital satellite broadcasting, let alone analog
satellite learning system.

(2) Dear Electronic Colleagues:

If you have appropriate connection to Internet 2 and equipment, pls try
to view this event and let me know the results.

Dear Mac Users:


(3) Dear Roger, Kim and Bill:

ATTACHMENT III and IV are about the new CU-SeeMe web.

Pls try to see its demo as becoming a CU-SeeMe World member (free of
charge) at <http://www.cuseemeworld.com/>.

This system may be just suited for a Greek style mentor system with
small number (say, a dozen) of students which we are advocating, if it
can also be combined with whiteboard, PowerPoint slide show and Bill's
FORUM type computer conferencing system.

Best, Tak

From: "Arif Khan" <akhan@planwel.edu>
To: "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@www.friends-partners.org>
Subject: Inernet 2 H.323 Megaconference & Its Public Broadcasts
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 16:36:51 -0400

Dear Tak:

This information might be of interest for the list. Pleae let me know if some
one needs more information.

Best Regards
Arif Khan
Director Operations USA
Planwel University

On October 11 9:00am PST, the largest ever H.323 Internet Video event will be
held. The Internet 2 conference is being held in Seattle then, and all of the
participating universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and
Asia will be joined together by a network of multipoint control units, for a
massive demonstration of what H.323 can do over Internet 2. We are also
planning to broadcast this event to the world via streaming video so that
everyone everywhere can watch it. We anticipate considerable press coverage.

This event is part of what is called The Megaconference, and you can find out
the details at http://www.mega-net.net/megaconference.

Each of the universities participating will make a short presentation on The
Megaconference about their university and what they are doing with H.323
technology. Prizes will be awarded to those universities that make the best

Live Broadcast:

The Megaconference will be broadcast live to the world in several different
formats. Of course these broadcasts are unlike the video used by the
participants, since they are non-interactive and of lesser video quality. The
Public Broadcasts are going to start at 9:00am PST(pacific standart time)

Here is how you can watch The Megaconference

REAL VIDEO (Broadcast from the University of Michigan)

Everything you need to know about the Real G2 Streamer is on this site:

QUICKTIME 4 (Broadcast from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville)

Free clients include Mac OS, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT systems.

Visit http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ to download QuickTime to your

Install it, and choose full installation. If you are a QuickTime 3 or 4
Professional member (you've paid $29.95), enter your code. If you do not have
a Pro number, simply pass this message.

After the software is installed, restart your computer. Once your machine is
restarted, place the QuickTime Plug-In (which should be located in your
QuickTime Folder) into the Plugins folder of your favorite web browser.

Direct your web browser to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/troubleshooting/
to see if your system is working properly.

Visit http://ali.apple.com/events/inet2 to tune into the Megaconference. The
stream we are sending out requires that your connection to the internet be
400kbps, so if you are on a local University campus, or have a fast Cable
Modem or DSL Modem, you can view this stream.

MPEG1 (Broadcast from Penn State University)

(Note that IP Multicast must be enabled by your network administrator to
receive this broadcast.)

MPEG1 via IBM VideoCharger

Free clients available for Windows 95,98 and NT Go to
Download the installation software and follow instructions on above page.

There will be a test broadcast running all the time. Connect to
http://pisces.ctd.anl.gov/IDVn/index.html and click on i2Dvn Master Schedule
in upper left corner. Then choose "PSU - MegaConference Test"

To tune in The Megaconference, same as above.


In the announcement about the H.323 broadcast of the opening plenary session,
it was stated that the entire conference was being broadcast with Real Video.
In fact, it is being broadcast with Windows Media Player, and the schedule of
events and details are at http://www.internet2.edu/html/fall99netcast.html


The Internet 2 Conference Demonstration of The Megaconference

Monday October 11, 1999
Beginning 12 pm Eastern, 9 am PT continuing for 6 hours

Apple Computer, Inc. and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville are
pleased to be broadcasting the Megaconference Demonstration during the
Internet 2 Conference, using QuickTime TV. The Megaconference is a
permanent, ongoing multipoint H.323 Internet video conference. People
use the Megaconference as a place to "hang out" and discuss Internet video
topics with colleagues at Universities around the world. It is a place to
ask technical questions and get help from people who may have already
solved the problems you have. It is a place to let people know what you
are doing with Internet video.
On October 11th, at the Internet 2 Conference in Seattle, Washington,
there will be a large number of Universities participating in the
Megaconference. There will also be a medical application demonstration
and a Veterinary application demonstration.

During the Megaconference demonstration, there will be a scripted
schedule, whereby each station is given a specific time block to speak,
identify themselves, tell about their University, and describe and
demonstrate what they are doing with IP video before passing on the
presentation to the next participant.

By streaming this event using QuickTime Streaming, people will have the
opportunity to watch the event live as well as later via video-on-demand.

The Emerging Technologies (ET) group at the University of Tennessee,
Knoxville is partnering with Apple to stream this event. The ET group is
actively pursuing the deployment of video-over-IP technologies to
support instructional delivery, research and collaboration at UTK, and
has been exploring both low and high-bandwidth streaming solutions,
with deployments of Real, QuickTime, and MPEG1. UTK is a founding
member of the Video Development Initiative (ViDe), a
multi-institutional effort to promote the deployment of digital video in
higher education, and is also represented on the steering committee of the
Internet 2 Digital Video Initiative.

Reference Sites:
Apple Computer, Inc
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
UTK Emerging Technologies Group
Megaconference Home Page
Internet 2 Home Page

To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: "INTERNET TELEPHONY Newsletter"<itnewsletter@tmcnet.com>
Subject: INTERNET TELEPHONY Newsletter - October 8, 1999
Date: 10/8/99

INTERNET TELEPHONY Newsletter - October 8, 1999

<<October 9, 1999>> Removed here by T. Utsumi,

>>White Pine Announces CU-SeeMe Web

White Pine Software has announced CU-SeeMe Web, the latest
in a series of offerings from White Pine to improve
Internet communications. CU-SeeMe Web is a technology that
enables live audio, video, and text chat to be embedded in
a standard Web browser. CU-SeeMe Web offers new
possibilities for Internet applications, enabling on-demand
Visual Instant Messaging; Web-based videochat; live
interactive Web events; and face-to-face, on-line call
centers for e-commerce and support services.

For more information, follow this link:

Excerpt from

Contact: Director of Public Relations & Corporate Communications 603.886.9050


CU-SeeMe Web Is First Technology to Enable Live Multipoint Video, Audio and
Text in a Standard Web Environment

NASHUA, New Hampshire - October 4, 1999 - White Pine Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:
WPNE), a leading provider of multimedia conferencing applications for the
Internet and intranets, today announced a new technology that will
revolutionize visual communications on the Internet. CU-SeeMe Web, the
latest in a series of offerings from White Pine to improve Internet
communications, is a technology that enables live audio, video and text chat
to be embedded in a standard web browser. CU-SeeMe Web opens up a whole new
world of applications for the Internet, enabling on-demand Visual Instant
Messaging, web-based videochat , live interactive web events, and face-to-face, on-line call centers for ecommerce and support services.

"The Internet is becoming one of the primary communications and information
interfaces for business to consumer, and consumer to consumer interaction,"
said Killko Caballero, president and CEO of White Pine Software. "CU-SeeMe Web
simplifies the transition of the Internet to a communications service,
enabling millions of people to experience visual communications on the

With CU-SeeMe Web, Internet portals and web sites can customize their web
pages with new interactive features that will attract more visitors to their
sites and keep them there for longer periods of time. Internet Service
Providers (ISPs) and Applications Service Providers (ASPs) can offer an
unprecedented range of value-added services to their business and consumer
customers. Ecommerce sites can offer live, personalized assistance to buyers
while they are in the process of shopping online.

CU-SeeMe Web gives Internet web sites a new set of tools to grow membership,
create online communications, increase revenue streams, and offer services
that have not previously been available. Killko Caballero continued, "As
portal sites deploy CU-SeeMe Web to enhance the communications capabilities of
their sites, consumers will adopt visual communications on the Internet as an
accepted medium. This will accelerate all forms of visual communications as
mainstream Internet applications."

Keeping Customers at a Site
Portals and businesses with a strong Internet presence are constantly engaged
in activities to bring consumers to their sites and keep them there longer.
CU-SeeMe Web allows these sites to create interactive communities for sharing
information about their products and services through live videochat
experiences. According to White Pine, Internet users who participate in their
public videochat rooms spend an average of 40 minutes at their site. CU-SeeMe
Web allows Internet businesses to provide community-based videochat inside a
browser window of their design.

Video Instant Messaging - Leveraging the Chat Experience Instant Messaging
(IM) and email have become powerful services provided by Internet portals to
add value to their sites and keep consumers coming back. Video Instant
Messaging provides a new enhancement to this accepted Internet activity by
adding audio and video to the Instant Message experience. Innovative web
developers will appreciate the flexibility of choice as IM becomes embedded
into new Internet applications.

Adding Personal Customer Interaction to the Internet Many businesses have
indicated that their primary customer interface tools - telephone call centers
and web sites - could become more powerful if integrated into a single service
tool. CU-SeeMe Web allows Internet call centers to be developed that enable
interactive two-way communications over the Internet, including two-way visual
communications. Product demonstrations, personalized customer service,
interactive press and analyst briefings, and employment interviews are a few
of the hundreds of applications for CU-SeeMe Web. The consumer is
automatically connected, visually, audibly, and with text-based chat simply by
clicking on a browser button. The close integration of CU-SeeMe Web with
MeetingPoint , White Pine's award-winning multipoint conferencing software,
enables back-end services like call transfer, queuing, and agent log-in and

Not Just Text
For sites that host text-based chat rooms today, CU-SeeMe Web offers the
possibility to enhance the user experience and add a new dimension of
communication with video and audio. CU-SeeMe Web provides significant
differentiation from other companies that offer only text chat or text and
audio interaction over the Internet.

How it Works
CU-SeeMe Web is a software application that allows web page developers to
embed audio, video, text chat and conference control features into a web
page. The design of the web page can be completely customized by the
developer, as can the destination of the CU-SeeMe Web connection (to an
individual, many individuals, a chat site, etc.). CU-SeeMe Web integrates with
White Pine's MeetingPoint conference server which provides many of the back-end functions needed for applications like videochat, collaboration, IP call
centers, Internet event management, and other multipoint applications.
MeetingPoint also allows for additional innovation on the site - for example,
a small group of people could participate interactively with CU-SeeMe Web in a
live event, while the entire event could be streamed out to hundreds or even
millions of viewers using MeetingPoint's Streaming Media integration

CU-SeeMe Web enables any web site to offer exciting new services that provide
a real-time, interactive experience on the Internet. Visitors can access a
page that is CU-SeeMe Web-enabled using either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft
Internet Explorer. Users can access live video and audio without having any
video software previously installed on their machines. This level of
simplicity and access to video applications has never been available before.

Packaging and Availability
CU-SeeMe Web is provided as a software application and developers toolkit that
provides a turnkey solution for specific Internet communications
applications. In the fourth quarter, White Pine will introduce a "Videochat
Your Site!" application solution that includes software, templates and
instructions for web developers to create interesting and dynamic videochat
experiences that will attract consumers to their site and keep them there
longer. Software and developers application toolkits for Instant Messaging,
call center/ecommerce, and events hosting will quickly follow.

Experiencing CU-SeeMe Web
Users can experience CU-SeeMe Web immediately by participating in a live
videochat online. For a live, Internet demo, users can access the beta version
of CU-SeeMe Web on White Pine's CU-SeeMe World web site at
http://www.cuseeme.com. White Pine will also demonstrate CU-SeeMe Web at this
week's Internet World trade show in the Jacob Javits Center, New York, booth

About White Pine Software
White Pine Software develops, markets and supports multi-platform browser-based internetworking software that facilitates worldwide video and audio
communication and data collaboration across the Internet, intranets, extranets
and other networks that use the Internet Protocol. White Pine's
videoconferencing software products, CU-SeeMe and MeetingPoint, create a
client-server solution that allows users to participate in real-time, multi-point video, audio and data conferences over the Internet and intranets. White
Pine Software can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.wpine.com.
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