<<November 13, 1999>>

Dr. Gilles Seguin <gilles.seguin@dfait-maeci.gc.ca>

Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak <ik@litech.net>

Mykola B. Tomyn, Dr. <tomyn@lim.lviv.ua>

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

Docent Antti Kasvio <ttanka@poph.uta.fi>

Dr. Paul Lefrere <p.lefrere@open.ac.uk>

Dear Gilles:

(1) It was my great pleasure to have met with you during TeleLearning*NCE99
conference in Montreal on 11/6th to 9th, and to hear of your strong
interest in the Global Initiative" (as you termed) of our Global
University System project with global broadband Internet and Global
Service Trust Fund (GSTF).

(2) Tapio Varis and I were also very happy to know that, since Canada has
many Ukranian immigrants, Canadian government financed the establishment
of the domestic Internet networks in Ukraine -- see its diagram in Slide
#13 which was made by Mykola at

The PowerPoint slides of his presentation at our Tampere event can
be available as clicking its title "Electronic Distance Education
Development in Ukraine: Internet in Ukraine" at 14:00 of August
11th in the conference program in the web site.

As you see in the diagram (albeit rather small to read), only the
linkage between Lviv and Kiev has 2 Mbps, and the rest of towns with
less than 64 Kbps speeds!! Moreover, the linkage from Lviv to the
outside world at Stockholm through NORDUNET is only 1.5 Mbps!!

What we discussed during our brainstorming at the Tampere event was to
make Ukraine as the first target country of our European Regional Group,
as enhancing the speed of the NORDUNET by a digital satellite linkage
from the University of Tampere which already has 165 Mbps Internet line.
Microwave and spread spectrum wireless broadband Internet can then
emanate from Lviv to other towns.

(3) The Lviv Institute of Management to which Mykola belongs is directed by
Ihor. Pls see the slides of his presentation at our Tampere event as
clicking its title "A Business, Medical, and Telecommunication Coalition
in Ukraine" at 14:00 of August 11th of the conference program at the
aforementioned web site.

Pls also see a draft of his pilot project proposal in the InfoDev
grant application format and its original mission statement at

Dear Mykola:

Pls visit this web site, since I just revised it with the
original mission statement.

ATTACHMENT I, II and III below are recent msgs I received from Ihor for
your reference.

As you see, Ihor is very much interested in setting up distance learning
courses on business management.

We would greatly appreciate it if you can kindly introduce some of those
distance learning courses in this field to Ihor, since Canadian schools
have excellent and experienced courses.

(4) Considering the above, I would like to propose your first step to
involve in our project as participating in the organization of our mini
workshop which will be held at the Open University in the U.K. next
spring. This workshop will be focused mainly on our European Regional
Group activities.

(a) This mini workshop (for 2 to 3 days) with total number of
attendees at about a dozen or two, is;

1. to introduce our Global University System project to newcomers,
2. to know the need for distance learning educational and
telemedicine courses and services in Ukraine,
3. to prepare the outline of programs and administration and
fund raising strategies for our follow-up (to Tampere event)
workshop/conference which is tentatively scheduled in spring
of 2001 in Lviv.

(b) The workshop/conference in Lviv in 2001 is;

1. to make detailed plan of course offerings,
2. to make feasibility study of setting up the broadband
digital wireless and satellite Internet,
3. to make action plan,
4. to design infrastructure,
5. to construct administrative schemes,
6. to institutionalize the venture,
7. to configure extensive fund raising.

I look forward to receiving your response soon.

Best, Tak

Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 18:41:13 +0200
To: CEUME <ceume@ceume.kiev.ua>, jdutkewych@uspc.kiev.ua,
idc@iopa.freenet.kiev.ua, jarvi@gu.kiev.ua, dkerry@alliance.kiev.ua,
bird@2bc.kiev.ua, rullat@cnfa-kiev.org, vala@usis.kiev.ua,
ndeychak@euraisa.freenet.kiev.ua, vteres@dai.kiev.ua,
amasiuk@gu.kiev.ua, bekh@irf.kiev.ua, bystrytsky@irf.kiev.ua,
tony@orlyk.gluk.apc.org, herbaly@orlyk.gluk.apc.org,
rpost@usis.kiev.ua, rozanov@te.net.ua, kovalev@intmar.odessa.ua,
bulg@sfond.kharkov.ua, ira@renaissance.dp.ua, Thomas.Helle@ILTIS.DE,
frankevans@notherntech.co.uk, CEEMAN@iedc_brdo.si, info@efmd.be,
rapino@confederationc.on.ca, kgluc@wsb-nlu.nowy-sacz.pl,
kpawlows@wsb-nlu.nowy-sacz.pl, mac@maine.edu, netkdir@sovam.com,
nkeel@public.ua.net, nlemley@cclink.wnisefk.com,
scarlson@cclink.wnisefk.com, scarlson@wnisef.org, wspiz@wspiz.edu.pol,
pnsloan@gluk.org, jzukoski@chamber.ru.kiev.ua, nik@sta.gou.ua,
pkrzeczunowicz@usaid.gov, anowak@mail.wz.uwedu.pl,
oherow@if.uj.edu.pol, uzborkow@cyf-kr.edu.pol,
Yarema Bachynsky <eurasia@eurasia.freenet.kiev.ua>,
pm@cif.kiev.ua, lida@ceume.lviv.ua
From: Ihor Katerniak <ik@litech.net>
Subject: Re: 1st Annual National Conferencea and Distance Learning in
Business and Management
Cc: "Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D." <utsumi@columbia.edu>,
Nadezhda Yefimova <nadia@isc.kharkov.com>,
Mykola Tomyn <tomyn@lim.lviv.ua>, Iouri Panassiouk <iouri@WERTEP.COM>,
George Gamota <ggamota@erols.com>,
Genady Kanishchenko <gk@cmd.relc.com>,
"Gagauz I.B." <gagauz@isc.kharkov.com>,
Serhiy Gvozdiov <serhiy@lim.lviv.ua>, Vita <vita@lim.lviv.ua>,
"Vladimir Andreev":;

Dear friends,
In the framework "Traditional Educational Resources and Modern Technology"
group I would like make accent on the Distance learning in Business and
Management and spatially on the next questions:

- What are the demand and the perspectives in developing new approaches and
courses in Business Education. What is Distance Learning?
- Communication and teaching platforms, synchronic and non-synchronic
technical means for Electronic Distance Learning, their adaptation to the
existing learning environment in Ukraine.
- Video-conferences as an integral part of DL.
- Virtual Campus and a Global student: testing, evaluation of knowledge
received, ethics of communication.
- Standards, certification and licensing of DL in Ukraine.
- International partnerships.
- Electronic technologies for the libraries.

I hope our work group joints:
- representatives of business schools (managers, tutors and students)
- entrepreneurs,
- technical experts,
- librarians,
- government officials (Ministry of Education and Telecommunications).

I'll be glad to receive your proposals and would like start discussion with
you. I'm waiting for your e-mail or we can meet in Lviv (phone:0322 522681) at
November 7-9 in Lviv or in Kyiv at November 10-12 (phone:044 2292480).

If you know of parties in Ukraine that are interested in this event you are
kindly request to forward this massage.

With best wiches, Ihor

Ihor Katerniak, Ph.D.
Technology Promotion Center,
Lviv Institute of Management

At 19:16 05/11/99 +0200, CEUME wrote:
>Dear Sir/Madam,
>Please find attached three files with invitation package.
>Conference Committee
>Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME)
> Led by the University of Minnesota
> Ukraine Business Management Strengthening Activity
>21/12 Luteranska ul., Suite 35, Tel / fax.
>Mailing Address: PO Box B-83 380-44-254-0842
>Kyiv 252001, Ukraine Email: olga@CEUME.kiev.ua
>November 1, 1999
> 1st Annual National Conference
> Building Management Education in Ukraine?
>December 2-4
>Odesa, Ukraine
>Kyiv The Consortium for the Enhancement of Management Education
>(CEUME) and the US Agency for International Development are inviting key
>leaders of educational institutions, the business community, government
>and international experts to discuss the effectiveness of business and
>management education in Ukraine. Examined will be the current
>educational environment and the relationship between the business
>community and educational institutions. During the conference,
>participants will work together in designing a set of action plans that
>will guide future efforts working towards the enhancement of management
>and business education systems in Ukraine.
>A series of presentations will be followed be workshops that will
>identify key issues and outline specific actions that will help progress
>to occur. Planned themes of the presentations and following break-out
>discussion groups sessions include:
>? Bridges Between Education, Business Community and International
>? Development of Effective Educational Institutions
>? Design and Delivery of Quality Business and Management Education
>The opening day will be hosted by Ukraina Bank, with presentations
>being held in their Conference Hall located at 4-a Shevchenko av.,
>Odessa. The second and third day will be hosted by the Academy for
>Public Administration-Odessa Branch, located at 22 Genuezskaya. The
>Agenda and registration form are attached.
>Your participation will greatly contribute to the success of the
>conference and benefits to Ukrainian management education. Please
>confirm your or a representativeピ attendance by completing and
>returning the registration form before November 20th.
>The US Agency for International Development is the primary sponsor.
>Since 1992, USAID has provided over $1.2 billion worth of technical and
>humanitarian assistance in support of Ukraineピ democratic, economic,
>and social transition. For general information about USAIDピ activities
>is Ukraine, call USAIDピ Program Office at (044) 462-5678.
>For more information about this management education project, please
>contact the CEUME Management and Education Training Center at (044)

Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 09:04:30 +0200
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: Ihor Katerniak <ik@litech.net>
Subject: Re: USIA project for DL.
Cc: reno@kyiv.irex.org, oksana@kyiv.irex.org

Dear Tak,
It was a pleasure to hear that IREX had got interested in the idea of Distance
Learning, in Business Management in particular.

In August/September last year I brought that idea to IREXピ Kyiv office. A
work group was created, which included the former (Dianna Dergak) and the
present director (Bob Reno) of the Kyiv office and some of their employees.

The main attention then was paid to the application of distance learning
technologies in the social area for their alumni.

In February 1999 IREX held a seminar in Distance Learning, where our technical
expert Alexander Saban participated and made a speech on the technologies of
videoconferencing assimilated by us during our well-known conference in
October 1998 together with our colleagues from Brazil.

I also made a presentation of our project and WEB in IREX to the director of
the Kyiv office and to his expert before our trip to Finland. We were
discussing the preconditions for the Distance Learning development in Ukraine.
In my opinion, we have established friendly relations and we should continue
collaborating. In particular, the basis of such collaboration can be formed by
the teaching materials elaborated and developed within the Institutional
Partnership Project (coordinated by IREX) between Philadelphia UCSC and LIM,
which I use now successfully while teaching at Kyiv and Lviv Institutes of
Management (Innovation Management). The Technology Promotion Center also
created within this Project has mastered the technologies of development or
use of the existing (WebCT) communication platforms and has experience in
designing the courses for DL and in applying the technologies of

With best wishes.

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:28:22 +0200
To: "Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D." <utsumi@columbia.edu>
From: Ihor Katerniak <ik@litech.net>

Dear Tak,

Do you know somebody how could be interested in CONTENT-BASED INTERNET
TRAINING/USIA project for West NIS region; (See below) and be in partnership
with us. The goals of this project is to encourage citizen participation in
workshops, fora, chats, and/or discussions via the Internet that will
stimulate communication and information sharing on relevant topics.

I'm waiting for your advises,




Content-Based Internet Training for the West NIS Region (Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine)
Content-Based Internet Training for the Caucasus Region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia)

In the recent past, content-based Internet training has been a valuable tool
to promote democracy and encourage cross-border cooperation throughout the
NIS. The Bureau is seeking programs that will use the Internet to provide
content-based training to a wide variety of audiences in the Caucasus region.
The purpose of the training is not to instruct in Internet technology and use,
but to encourage citizen participation in workshops, fora, chats, and/or
discussions via the Internet that will stimulate communication and information
sharing on relevant topics.
(For example, a U.S.-based institution sponsors 12 Internet chats focused on
civic education throughout the region and then provides follow-on mini-workshops
to engaged audiences in the three target countries. Subsequently,
the U.S. organization invites three individuals who participated in the in-country
training to the U.S. to learn technical and facilitation skills. Upon
return to their home countries, they jointly facilitate further programming.)
Topics may include but are not limited to: civic education, community
development; corruption, conflict resolution, curriculum development;
tolerance and peace education; refugee issues; youth issues; human and legal
rights; family health issues; volunteerism; voter education and outreach. U.S.
institutions must demonstrate their ability to coordinate a complex program
with U.S. Government-funded Internet Access Training Program (IATP) Centers,
Internet centers sponsored by organizations such as Soros Internet Centers,
and other locations with computer access operating simultaneously. Applicants
must provide innovative plans to advertise, recruit and conduct outreach to
diverse audiences in major cities and outlying regions in the Caucasus ...

List of Distribution

Dr. Gilles Seguin
Senior Education Marketing Strategist
Education Marketing Unit (ACET)
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)
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(613) 992-6289
FAX (613) 995-3238

Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak
Lviv Institute of Management-LIM
Technology Promotion Center
57 V.Chornovil Ave.
Lviv 79058 Ukraine
Tel: +380-322-52 2681
Fax: +380 322-52 2682
Fax: +380-322-52 4463

Mykola B. Tomyn, Dr.
Information Manager
Technology Promotion Center
Lviv Institute of Management
57, 700-ritcha Lvova Str., Room 706
Lviv, 290601
Tel: +380-322-52 26 81
Fax: +380-322-52 44 63

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor
Acting President, Global University System
Chairman, GLOSAS/Finland
Professor and Chair
Media Culture and Communication Education
Hypermedia laboratory
University of Tampere
P.O.Box 607
FIN-33101 Tampere
Tel: +358-3-215 6110
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Docent Antti Kasvio
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Information Society Research Centre
University of Tampere
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Tel: +358 40 5551362
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Dr. Paul Lefrere
Senior Lecturer
Institute of Educational Technology
Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
Tel: +44-1-908 65 33 88
Fax: +44-1-908 67 28 02

* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA *
* (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.) *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education *
* Founder of CAADE *
* (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education) *
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