Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:03:32 -0500 (EST)
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From: Tak Utsumi <>
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Subject: "Voice for the Earth (VOTE)" project
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<<November 18, 1999>>

Mrs. Yoko Takagi <>

John W. Hibbs <>

W. R. (Bill) Klemm, D.V.M., Ph.D. <>

Ben I. Haraguchi <>

Mr. Ichiro Watanabe <>

Dear Yoko:

(1)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

     Your new project is very interesting!!

(2)  This reminds me the Global Learn Day events by John Hibbs.

     Pls feel free to contact him how he has done his global scale events successfully.

(3)  You may also consider to utilize Bill Klemm's FORUM, web based computer
     conferencing system.  Pls feel free to contact him.

(4)  You may also try a new web based videoconferencing -- see
     <> and

(5)  The other day, I met Mr. Sasakita at Ben Haraguchi's open-house
     ceremony.  Mr. Sasakita often goes to Manila, and he took care of our
     (Ben and I) stay in Manila last May.

     Ben just left to Tokyo and Singapore this morning, and is scheduled to be
     back to NYC on 11/24th.

     Pls contact Ben at Mr. Watanabe's office in Tokyo and find out Mr.
     Sasakita's phone number in Gifu.

     According to him, Gifu prefecture local government is now looking for
     this kind of project.  They can offer you a fund and even an office
     space -- which is about 45 minutes train ride from your home.

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(6)  Pls help Yoko as much as possible.  Thanks.

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 01:37:41 +0900
To: Tak Utsumi <>
Subject: Please introduce our project to your network.
Cc: "Edwin H. Gragert" <>,
        shinohara <>

Dear Tak,

It was nice to talk with you while I was in NYC.

Here is one big project I would like you to introduce
to your network. It seems that I am always asking you
for your help.

This project is for K-12 and may not to your network universities
directory, but I hope they will introduce their own national networks.  :-)

"Voice for the Earth (VOTE)"

We are now planning the project "Voice for the Earth (VOTE)" as a component
of the "Okinawa Information Initiative" project held in advance of the year
2000 G8 summit at Okinawa, Japan.

These projects are supported by Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Vote will be a globally based World Wide Web project, and will seek
participation from as wide a geographic distribution of children and schools
as possible. Participants from a broad range of nations will be given the
opportunity to express their opinions on the most impressive event or person
of the 20th century, what they desire looking towards the 21st century and
introduction of their countries.

Discussions will take the form of a World Wide Web chain relay, which will
start from Japan and end in Australia, by way of Asia, Europe, Africa, North
America, South America, and Oceania. Children aged 7 to 18 from each
participating country will have an assigned period of time to add their
input to the correspondence chain before passing the "baton" to the next country.

The VOTE project will afford children the opportunity to interact one
another, with the intention of fostering communication skills and
multi-cultural understanding.

We would appreciate if you could find the Vote project interesting and
introduce this to as many teachers as possible. Especially, teachers and
children in a developing country are welcome to participate in the VOTE.

The detailed information on the VOTE and entry form is open on the web site:

If you have something to ask about VOTE, please don't hesitate to contact
Mr.Shinohara, the project director <>
or me <>.
Thank you for your cooperation.         Yoko

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