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Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D. <alex_mau@argo.com.br>

Dr. David A. Johnson, AICP <daj@utk.edu>

Robert J. Rodrigues, M.D. <rrodrigues@paho.org>

Dear Alex:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

I am sending the copy of this msg to David and Bob, too.

(2) I am getting confused;

(a) Are you going to have demonstrations during your mini-workshop?

I suggested in my previous msg that you better do the demo
during the large workshop which is to be held later.

(b) In order to do a similar demo as we did during our Tampere event,
you need to have, at least;

1. echocardiograph machine (better to be made by Hewlette-Packard),

2. 384 Kbps ISDN line,

3. PictureTel or VTEL unit

4. a PC or Mac with 56 Kbps dial-up modem.

(c) The date of your mini-workshop will be;

1. May 27 and 28, -- as you mentioned in your previous msg,


2. May 25 and 26?

(d) What kind of demo will be held in the pediatric field? What are
the necessary equipment and telecom line?

Best, Tak

From: "Alex Rivas" <alex_mau@argo.com.br>
To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: Help
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 13:12:39 -0200

Dr. Utusumi,

Please, forward the e-mails below to Dr. Johnson. I keep sending it but it is
not going through.

Thanks, Alex


(1) Dr. Johnson,

I hope you and your family are having happy holidays.

Dr. Utsumi mentioned in one of his e-mails that you would like to have a
telemedicine demonstration between Manaus and UTK.
Since this type o demo must be on our meeting in Manaus, I would like to know
if UTK can do the same or better kind of demostration we had in Tampere. I
want this demo to be the highlight of the workshop and be the starting point
for other local projects.

Please, let me know at your early convenience because I am already working on
the first version of the program.




(2) Dear Dr. Rodrigues,

Dr. Utsumi sent me an e-mail with your comments about the inclusion of
telemedicine in our proposal.

In my opinion telemedicine is one of the most important point in our
Amazonia's project. It was not well elaborate in the proposal because my
knowledge about the issue is very limited. I have talked with people who I
know from the medical field and I believe from now on I'll have more help.
Recently, UNAMAZ - Association of the Universities from Pan Amazonia - decided
to have our project as one of its main long term goal. This decision came in
good time!

On the mini-workshop we are going to have on May 25 and 26 I want to have a
telemedicine demonstration and to present at least two pre-proposals for
telemedicine. One of them is related to the pediatric field and the other one
is going to be defined soon (we accept your suggestion...).

Please, I would like to know in what you can help us at this point.

Dr. Utsumi informed you are coming to Manaus soon. Please, let me know the
dates and try to arrange some meetings so we can talk about the project.


Alexandre Rivas
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