<<December 9, 1999>>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Dr. A. Frank Mayadas <Mayadas@sloan.org>

Mr. Myron Nordquist <myron_nordquist@burns.senate.gov>

Dr. Tom P. Keenan, I.S.P. <keenan@acs.ucalgary.ca>

Dr. Thomas J. Keil <Thomas.Keil@asu.edu>

Felix (Lex) Librero, Ph.D. <lex@laguna.net>

Herman D. Tolentino, MD <hermant@I-manila.com.ph>

Jusri De Vries, MFA, IDEC, EAIE <jdevries@uiah.fi>

Dear Kim:

(1)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

(2)  I had a pleasant conversation with Frank Mayadas this afternoon.

     I gave him your mission statement of the project to connect Native
     American (and Canadian) communities in Arizona, Montana and
     Calgary/Canada with broadband wireless and satellite Internet -- see

          BTW, Kim, that was my last copy of your write-up which you gave to
          me on 10/18th at PAHO in D.C.  Pls send me 10 copies at your earliest convenience.

          In a separate mail, I am sending you the annual report and a
          brochure of the Sloan Foundation for your reference.

     I emphasized to him our interest in making this as our test bed for our
     Global University System project with global broadband Internet.  I also
     told him of our urgent need to have a mtg of people from those states
     to solidify the plan, at your BTC in Bozeman (ATTACHMENT II) in order to
     meet with your submitting 2001 Appropriation Request to Senator Burns in
     a few weeks. Yes, I mentioned to him of the pledge you already have from Citicorp.

     Frank told me that he would consider your project, though, of course,
     nothing promised at this stage yet. I will inform you as soon as I hear from him.

(3)  ATTACHMENT III and IV are news clippings on digital divide for your reference.

          Dear Frank:

          These are the ones I mentioned to you today.

     As you say, people are getting aware what we have been doing for many years.

     Pls cross all of your fingers for our successfully obtaining necessary funds.

Dear Herman:

(4)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT V).

     Your telemedicine project sounds very interesting.  Pls let me know more
     about it if you have its URL.

Dear Lex:

(5)  RE: Your msg of 11/15th (ATTACHMENT VI):

     Kim and Herman ask the date of your workshop in Manila.  Pls let us know
     soon, since the US NSF has already indicated their willingness to
     receive a travel grant application from Kim, and it would be better for
     us to submit it at our earliest possible time.

Dear Jusri:

(6)  Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT VII).

     Pls watch my listserve msgs for the date of the workshop in Manila.

     We would welcome your attendance, of course.

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

From: "Obbink, Kim" <kobbink@montana.edu>
To: "'utsumi@columbia.edu'" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: welcome home
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 15:44:39 -0700

Dear Tak,
Welcome home.  I apologize for being so out of touch.  Yes...I'm too busy
and my mother is ill so I've been dealing with a lot of things.

Congratulations on the Sloan meeting.  This is very exciting and I look
forward to hearing the results.  It would be very exciting to have a chance
to work with them on this effort.  I'm in the process of preparing 2001
appropriations requests for Senator Burns along these same lines.  I will
talk with you more about this effort.  Since everyone is interested in
broadband demonstration and application projects, I think that we will have
a good chance of funding this year.  You might mention to Sloan that we are
working on multiple sources of funding for this effort.  As you know, we
have some funding from Citicorp that has been committed but we have not yet
received the funds.

I'm wondering about the NSF proposal...are you still interested in moving
forward with requests for funding a meeting in the Philipines or another
location?  If so, that should be submitted before too long.

Again, welcome home.

                         ATTACHMENT II

From: "Obbink, Kim" <kobbink@montana.edu>
To: "'utsumi@columbia.edu'" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: several items
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:53:20 -0700

Dear Tak,
Your recent email contains several interesting developments.  I will call
you later today but wanted to comment on several issues:

        <<December 9, 1999>> Removed here by T. Utsumi,

3)  I would be happy to host a meeting in Montana with participants from
Canada, Arizona, BTC, yourself, and Myron.  I think it would be useful to
brainstorm and establish several fund-raising approaches to projects which
fit together.  Unfortunately, I could not fund travel expenses so we would
be depending on people to be able to support their own expenses.  How should
we proceed with planning this?  (It will be good for you to remember Montana
in the winter!)

4)  I am in the process of preparing the NSF proposal.  It sounds like this
will now be a proposal to support travel to Manilla?  Is that correct?

I look forward to talking with you.

                         ATTACHMENT III

[See hypertext original:]
                         New York Times

                         ATTACHMENT IV
[See hypertext original:]

                          ATTACHMENT V

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 12:39:20 -0500 (EST)
From: "Herman Tolentino MD" <hermant@i-manila.com.ph>
To: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org
Subject: RE: Telemedicine demo at workshop in Manila

Dear Tak,

When is the workshop in Manila? I and my group (UP College of Medicine
Medical Informatics Unit) would also like to join the workshop since we will
be working on telemedicine projects this coming year. This year we already
started utilizing the new UP Manila fiberoptic backbone in a
telemedicine/telementoring demo in Emergency Medicine.

Herman Tolentino, MD
                         ATTACHMENT VI

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 19:25:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Felix Librero <lex@laguna.net>
To: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Inquiry about mini workshop in Manila

Dear Tak,

Thanks for the msg.  Regarding a 3-4 day workshop in Manila next spring, I
think that this might be possible.  I haven't spoken with our colleagues at
U.P. Manila, but I'm almost certain they would welcome this.  Our group,
the Faculty of Health Sciences (of UPOU) now based at U.P. Manila, shall
have no problems with this, too, since they are all interested.

One thing that I have to consider, however, is that during the first week
of March UPOU shall be hosting the 5th Meeting of the Regional Working
GRoup on Satellite Communication Application under the auspices of
UN-ESCAP.  Then, in October, the UPOU shall be hosting the 14th Annual
Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities in Manila.

We can plan this out.  I'll take this up with our group soon as I can.
Meanwhile, let me know of the details whenever they are available.
      <<December 9, 1999>> Removed the rest by T. Utsumi,
                         ATTACHMENT VII

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 03:03:48 +0200
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: Jusri de Vries <jdevries@uiah.fi>
Subject: Advice

Dear Tak:

May I ask you if you could advice me about a way where I can
attend/participate in the Workshop in Manila and wheather you think if can
be beneficial. Thank you for your time and I want to let you know that I
have enjoyed and felt energetic about our chat in Montreal. I had a similar
talk with Tapio Varis two days ago and left fully enthusiastic about the
potential of being part of your team. Your noble cause and leadership have
impressed me the most and I look forward to continuing to work with you.
With my best regards!
Jusri DeVries, MFA, EAIE, IDEC
Coordinator, Distance Learning: Art-Ed., UIAH
Chair, Distance Education Network: DEN, EAIE
University of Art and Design - Art Education
H‹meentie 135 C Helsinki, Finland-00560
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