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Dr. Thomas J. Keil <Thomas.Keil@asu.edu>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

(1) Dear Tom and Roger:

I am taking the liberty of distributing your valuable correspondences to
our listserve members.

(2) Dear Roger:

I look forward to having your demonstration of the cutting-edge
technology on streaming audio/video via Internet, at your workshop
during our Tampere event <www.uta.fi/EGEDL>.

Best, Tak

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Dr. Keil, please see my comments below.
I do this at my college.

Roger Boston
Rockwell Chair/ Instructor
Houston Community College System

Takeshi Utsumi wrote:
> Dear Roger:
> (1) I am forwarding the msg I received from;
> Dr. Thomas J. Keil
> Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
> Arizona State University West
> Phoenix.
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> Tak, can you provide me with some information. I want to build a 24 WEBCAST
> facility for my college. What is the best software and hardware I can get at
> a reasonable price to get such an operation started. Thanks in advance for
> any assistance you can give me on this.

Dr. Keil,

I have used several internet broadcasting approaches and can recomend to you
what I am doing right now. We are successful here on a shoestring budget -
and with outstanding results, Amazing results in fact considering the price.
Also the learning curve is short.


1. A network connection at relatively high speeds --
Your bandwidth for 24 streams depend on HOW FAST each stream is going .. our
streams range from 6Khz voice to 300,000 bits/second video, so the bandwidth
you need depends on what you are broadcasting. I would recommend for starters
either a T1 line, or one of the very inexpensive SDSL alternatives to the T1
(I will soon run SDSL from my home at T1 speeds on very small monthly

2. A "Server" --
I use Windows NT 4.0 on a small PC, and one to two thousand gets a nice server
class machine as you well know. Other platforms work nicely too, and the
Linux world is showing some muscle lately.

Note: MANY things can run on this server, for example we run:

- Web server
- FTP Server
- Mail server
- Keyboard Chat server
- Vocaltec Atrium Suite server
- Video Broadcast server
- .. and much more

on this one single box.

3. You need hardward on (any machine) recommend some OTHER machine, I use a
laptop but it can be any pentium class machine, the bigger the better of
course. On this machine install:

- Full duplex Sound card $70
- Video capture card $99
- Color camera $129
- Microphone

Note: You can feed Cable TV, Satellite TV,
videotape, overhead camera, camera #2,#3,
etc through a $199 switcher if you wish this variety
Note: My $9.95 microphone picks up well from 30 feet away
but of course you can mix multiple mics if you wich

Now what is left?

A. The SERVER/ Video broadcast software (runs on the server)
B. The LIVE CAPTURE Software
(can run on any other machine in any distant part of the world)

example: While I am at the EGEDL conference in Tampere, FI
next month I hope to transmit some of the proceedings
LIVE from Tampere, through our 25 stream video broadcaster
located in Houston, TX USA for distribution to interested

As I mentioned earlier, I've had great success with several products, but may
I recommend tonight the entry level experience:

- Server Software:
"REAL SERVER" - the FREE basic version from http://www.realaudio.com

- Event Broadcasting software:
"REAL PRODUCER" - the FREE basic version from the above URL

==> Capture live audio/video with the real producer and route it in real
time to the REAL SERVER for distribution in real time worldwide
==> This same software also allows you to create canned audio/ video
in real time AS the broadcast proceeds, or independently of whether
the broadcast is happening or not.

You can't go wrong here.

You immediately have success, serve the 24 streams you are targeting, and
learn through these experiences.

When you are ready the folks at that same website have upgrades to these basic
tools which are quite affordable, but which take you to the next level --
inclucing "scalable broadcasts", "bandwidth regulation", and a number of other
professional grade improvements over an already OUTSTANDING level of service
and performance.

Will you be at the Tampere gathering?
If so we can talk more at that time.

Meanwhile: Take the "Dunlavy Challenge" at

You will experience some parts of what I am
talking about, if we happen to have the live cameras "on",
and if not you'll get it recorded -- coded at 20K for modem
speeds, but you'll get the idea.

Hope this is helpful information for you.
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