<<September 14, 1999>>

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

Peter T. Knight <ptknight@ibm.net>

Jonathan Peizer <jpeizer@sorosny.org>

Juergen Hess <jhess@sorosny.org>

Mr. Larry Forgy <Lforgy@worldbank.org>

(1) Many thanks for your msgs.

ATTACHMENT I from P. Tapio Varis

ATTACHMENT II from Peter T. Knight

ATTACHMENT III from Peter T. Knight

(2) Dear Tapio:

Pls convey my heartfelt condolence to Ritta for her mother's death.

Pls proceed your incorporation of GUS ASAP with less cost, as mentioned
in my previous msg.

We need Timo's help and cooperation until we finish our report,
particularly on his web about the handout of our event -- see below. I
would like to make this as much complete as possible.

ATTACHMENT IV is my idea on the outline of our report to the InfoDev.
Pls give me your comments to that.

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

Pls give me your comments to that, too.

(3) Dear Peter:

I haven't received comments from any other participants yet.

Although your inquiry might be well suited to the ordinary paper
presentation conferences on distance education where many academicians
present their findings and opinions, you are probaly asking wrong
question to wrong people.

Many of funding sources and international organizations (including
InfoDev) we approached were hesitant to finance such paper presentation
conferences -- they preferred to give their funds to workshop which
outcome would continue to the implementations of proposed projects --
they preferred doers" rather than talkers." The doers" are those who
learned the lessons which were given by the talkers" before.

The title of our event was the international workshop and
conference on Emerging Global Electronic Distance Learning."

When we visited Soros Foundation on July 9, 1997, they
specifically emphasized the importance of doers' mtg. We
therefore kept the word workshop" for the demonstrations of
distance education with low cost videoconferencing and of

I thought that we should change the word conference" to
brainstorming," but it might be too strong so that we kept
the word conference" which was misnomer for our event.
During our brainstorming sessions, we subsequently decided
not to use the word conference" but workshop" for our
follow-up mtgs.

Soros people then kindly agreed to provide us with their fund,
particularly for our telemedicine demonstrations. However, since
the InfoDev's decision to provide us with their fund took so long
time, Soros dropped out their pledge. Anyway, I wanted to keep my
words of having the telemedicine demo so that I proceeded it with
our own funds and produced tremendous success with it -- of
course, thanks to the help and cooperation of many people at
Presbyterian Hospital, Finn-Medi, PictureTel in U.K., etc.

Our Tampere event was the gathering of the doers who were willing to
discuss how to implement lessons and principles (which they have learned
before elsewhere) to our new project of creating our Global University
System -- in a sense, ours is the engineering" approach with the use of
the so-called off-the-shelf" principles and lessons.

(4) Dear Electronic Colleagues:

If your name appear in Part II of ATTACHMENT IV, pls expedite your
write-up of the draft of your pilot project proposal as I requested to
you in my previous msg, and send to me ASAP so that Tapio can submit his
report to the InfoDev.

If your name appear in Part III of ATTACHMENT IV, pls visit
<www.uta.fi/EGEDL/outline> and take a look on your material. If it is
not O.K. with you, pls inform me or send me its alternative ASAP.
Otherwise, we will print them as they are.

Best, Tak

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 20:44:22 +0000
To: utsumi@columbia.edu, hotipo@uta.fi
From: Tapio Varis <tapio.varis@uta.fi>
Subject: EGEDL Final Report


How shall we proceed with the Report to InforDev? Timo is working with the
materials tomorrow and Wednesday and I will see him on Wednesday.

I am now back to swork after the funeral of Riitta s mother. My intention
is to have GUS registered in Finland etc. Regards,


Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 22:46:41 -0400
From: "Peter T. Knight" <ptknight@ibm.net>
Organization: Knight-Moore Telematics for Education and Development, CDI
To: gu-l@www.friends-partners.org, utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Re: Requesting succinct review comment of Tampere event

Thanks, Tak, for your statement. I see it as more of a statement of your
convictions prior to the conference as well as during it. I am
interested in seeing what new came out of the conference itself, in
terms of "lessons". That doesn't make what you said irrelevant at all,
just I would like to hear what people took away from the conference that
they didn't bring to it. Thus your circulation of my request is much

With best regards,


Peter T. Knight
Knight, Moore - Telematics for Education and Development
Communications Development Incorporated (CDI)
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Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 05:04:05 -0400
From: "Peter T. Knight" <ptknight@ibm.net>
Organization: Knight-Moore: Telematics for Education and Development/CDI
To: gu-l@www.friends-partners.org, utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Re: Request to Tampere event attendees

Thank you, Tak, David, and Shahab for your comments. I hope other
participants will add theirs. Again, let me ask you to provide a
succinct statement of the major lessons learned as a result of
organizing and funding the conference, but even more importantly, the
what was learned as a result of the conference which has relevance for
distance learning practicioners, infrastructure providers, software
developers, and students whether or not involved in the specific
projects developed as an outcome of the conference.

With best regards,


Peter T. Knight
Knight-Moore - Telematics for Education and Development
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Outline of Report to InfoDev


This part will be the summary of our Tampere event.

I. Purposes:

Excerpt from Agreement with InfoDev:


II. How the event was conducted:

Excerpt from my listserve distributions.

A. Videoconferencing via narrowband Internet

B. Videoconferencing via broadband Internet

C. Telemedicine demonstrations

D. Session keynote speeches

E. Brainstormings

III. What we achieved:

A. Formation of Global University System

B. Formations of regional groups


C. World Regional Pilot Project Summaries

D. Setting next steps with follow-up workshops by regional groups

E. List of URLs about the event

1. Event program:

2. Handout with all relevant materials:

3. Photos, audio, music and video -- which was made by Roger

4. Summary diagrams (not completed yet) -- which was made by
Ken Roko:

IV. Compilation of comments:


This part will be the compilation of the drafts of pilot project
proposal (without budget) which will be written in the form of the
InfoDev grant application as basing on their outlines appeared in World
Regional Pilot Project Summaries" at <http://www.kagawa
-jc.ac.jp/~steve_mc/asia-pacific/finland.html>. They are from the chief
of the following regions;

I. South America Initiative: Amazonas Region Project

To be prepared by Alexandre Rivas

II. European Group: Ukraine Pilot Project

To be prepared by Ihor B. Katerniak

III. Asia-Pacific/Montana State University Group: Philippines/ASEAN/Pacific
Islands Project

To be prepared by Ben Haraguchi and Kim Obbink
============= ==========

IV. Central America Initiative: University Consortium for Central America

To be prepared by Jose Brenes Andre

V. African Initiative:

To be prepared by John C. Afele


This part will be the complete print out of the handout
<http://www.uta.fi//EGEDL/outline/> including the background materials
which are;



Prepared by Mr. Barry McLarnon

Prepared by Doug Karl

Trends in Satellite Tele-education *
Prepared by Dr. Joseph N. Pelton

Datacasting, Proposed Plan for Africa *
Prepared by Marcel Kooiman and Walter van Opzeeland
============== ====================


We need a Global Learning Society! *
Prepared by Dr. Alfred Bork

U.N. Space Conference in Vienna, Austria for a U.N. Fund *

Prepared by Vladimir A. ZOLOTAREV

Prepared by Greg Cole



Mission Statement on the Pacific/Asia Operation *
Prepared by Ben I. Haraguchi

Prepared by Takahiro Kiuchi

Japanese Culture Meets Online Education *
Prepared by Steve McCarty

Sky Bridge Interactive TV *
Prepared by Robert Converse


COSTA RICA: Distance Learning Activities in Costa Rica *
Prepared by Jose Brenes Andre


Prepared by Greg Cole

RUSSIA: "Joint Cultural Heritage Without Borders". *
Prepared by Andrey Narvsky

UKRAINE: Mission Statement of Pilot Project for Electronic Distance
Education Development in Ukraine *
Prepared by Ihor B. Katerniak

AFRICA: USAID Leland Initiative, Africa Global Information
Infrastructure Project: *

AFRICA: Telehealth in Twenty-First Century Africa: African Knowledge and
Ideas as Integral *
Prepared by John C. Afele

PAKISTAN: Establishment Of A Regional Center (POP) For Distance Learning
/ Virtual University At Karachi, Pakistan *
Prepared by Shahab Khan
List of Distribution

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor
Chairman, GLOSAS/Finland
Professor and Chair
Media Culture and Communication Education
Hypermedia laboratory
Chairman, Scientific Council
Information Society Research Center
University of Tampere
P.O.Box 607
FIN-33101 Tampere
tel: +358-3-215 6111
Direct (24 hour availability) mobile phone:
GSM +358-50-567-9833
fax: +358-3-215 7503
http://www.uta.fi/~titava -- Tapio's page with photo

Peter T. Knight
Knight, Moore - Telematics for Education and Development
Communications Development Incorporated (CDI)
Strategy, Policy, Design, Implementation, Evaluation
1825 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1075
Washington, DC 20006, USA
Tel: 1-202-775-2132 (secretary), 1-202-721-0348 (direct)
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Mr. Larry Forgy
Work Program Administrator
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Information for Development
The World Bank, F3K-268
1818 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20433
Fax: (202) 522 3186
* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA *
* (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.) *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education *
* Founder of CAADE *
* (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education) *
* President Emeritus and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of *
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