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Dr. Thomas J. Keil <Thomas.Keil@asu.edu>

Dr. Andrey S. Narvsky <narvsky@astrive.com>

Mr. Myron Nordquist <myron_nordquist@burns.senate.gov>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

(1) Dear Tom:

Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

I am very glad to hear of your highly successful web broadcasting.
Congratulations!! This technology will certainly take over expensive
analog or digital satellite broadcasting, and that is why many
industries are now scrambling to it.

We (my wife and I) once visited Heard Museum in Phoenix a couple of
years ago. It is certainly a very good one.

You may contact Andrey Narvsky, since he has done a virtual gallery of
Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg, Russia. He demonstrated it with a
CD-ROM with 3D images of rotating, glittering cathedrals at our Tampere
event. It also has a walk-through of the museum, and you can click on a
paint to see in a large frame and to find out its history and so on.

Dear Andrey:

Your web has been changed. I cannot access to your page on the
Hermitage Museum. Pls let me know when you made its English

(2) If you have a broadband (say, 45 Mbps) Internet (at least among state
universities in your Arizona), you can be sure to get better audio and
video quality.

If you particularly want to provide such service to Native American's
reservations in the remote parts of your Arizona, you would need the
broadband Internet.

Myron Nordquist indicated me a similar interest to connect such
reservations in Montana (7 of them).

Dear Kim:

Many thanks for the map of the reservations. Two
reservations around Billings may be the first target to try
the wireless approach.

As you know, Senator McCain of Arizona (now a presidential
candidate) is the Chairman of Appropriation Committee. Senator
Conrad Burns of Montana (whom Myron works) is its Vice Chairman
whose name is with Burns Telecommunications Center (BTC) at the
Montana State University in Bozeman. The BTC is now being
directed by Kimberly K. Obbink.

Myron and Kim indicated me their interest to connect their Native
Americans' reservations in Montana with broadband Internet.

I wonder if your side in Arizona could have a similar plan, and if so,
wouldn't you hook up with Montana reservations?

I am interested in those projects since their remote locations can be a
test bed of implementing wireless broadband Internet which know-how may
become exportable to many developing countries later on.

Best, Tak

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 19:48:15 -0700
From: Thomas Keil <Thomas.Keil@asu.edu>
Subject: RE: Proposed Outline of Global University System Structure
To: "'Takeshi Utsumi'" <utsumi@columbia.edu>

Tak, I am sorry I did not see your note until it was too late. It contained
the information on the address of our first live broadcast of a concert
from our campus via the web. It went well, even though we did not have our
high speed server in place. This technology is going to be a great boon to
our arts department and to other academic departments as well. Among other
things, we are going to broadcast all of our guest lecturers in our Arts and
Sciences Lecture series. I want to set up a web-broadcasting network among
the state universities here in Arizona, once we have developed a bit more
expertise and technological know-how. I will keep you informed about our
efforts as they develop. One of the things I am especially interested in is
working with the Heard Museum in Phoenix, it is the country's leading museum
on North American indigenous people. I want to develop a virtual gallery for
them so that people out on the reservations in the remote parts of the state
will be able to log on and see some of the major artifacts of their culture.
We also want to do broadcasting to the reservations in conjunction with the
museum. We think we might be able to get some funding for these two

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From: Takeshi Utsumi [mailto:utsumi@columbia.edu]
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To: Thomas Keil
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Subject: RE: Proposed Outline of Global University System Structure

Dear Tom:

(1) Sorry I could not open your attachment.

(2) Pls send it again -- if you attach your file as clicking ATTACH icon
on your browser, it should do it.

(3) Otherwise, pls send its ASCII version.

Thanks in advance.

Best, Tak

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Thomas Keil wrote:

> Sender: Thomas Keil <Thomas.Keil@asu.edu>
> Subject: RE: Proposed Outline of Global University System Structure
> Tak, thanks for the connection you gave me when I requested information on
> setting up a web broadcasting capability. We are doing our first broadcast
> tomorrow at 6 PM eastern standard time. I have enclosed an announcement
> for you. We all are a little anxious and are hoping it goes well. We see a
> great educational potential in all of this. My best, Tom Keil
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