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Prof. Jose Brenes Andre <jbrenes@cariari.ucr.ac.cr>

(1) Dear Jose:

Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

Congratulations for your getting the help from Intel Corporation for
your IV Iberoamerican Physics Olimpics.

Yes, I would like to have the draft of your pilot project proposal in
the format of the InfoDev.

Your 8 page proposal is fine, but it is your format. I plan to
include it in the Part III of our handout which hard copy will be
attached with our report to the InfoDev. However, the InfoDev
people would be easier to read with their format.

(2) Dear Chief of Each Regional Operation listed in ATTACHMENT II:

I sent to you my distribution msg with the title Summaries of pilot
projects identified at our Tampere event" on 9/5th, asking you to send
me the draft of your pilot project proposal. ATTACHMENT III is the
excerpt from the msg -- sorry for this duplicate.

The 9/5th msg included additional suggestions of mine. Should you
wish to have it, I can re-send it to you again.

Looking forward to receiving your proposal soon, -- since, as I said at
the closing remark of our Tampere event, we need to submit our report to
the InfoDev by the end of October.

I would like to submit a very comprehensive report so that
subsequent grant applications from each of your region to the
InfoDev would have a good chance to succeed.

Best, Tak

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:29:15 -0500
From: Jose Brenes <jbrenes@cariari.ucr.ac.cr>
To: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org, jbrenes@cariari.ucr.ac.cr
Subject: INFODEV report

Dear Tak

Have read your September 14 message, stating I have to write a report
for INFODEV. I will do so but need to know:

1) What is the format I have to used. I have looked into several of your
messages but can NOT find the one that refers to that matter
2) Please advice as to what changes I have to make to the 8 page report
I sent you before
3) You may like to know that I have contacted INTEL Corporation, and
they are willing to know about what I am doing. They already help me
defrost the cost of the IV Iberoamerican Physics Olimpics, and would
like to do what I am doing in distance education.

I will strat working on the Infodev report as soon as I receive the URL
of where I can find the template for such a report.



PS. If you dont hear from me all next week is because I wll be
coordinating a 16 countries, 70 representative event that is eating up
my nerves.

My distribution on 9/14/99


This part will be the compilation of the drafts of pilot project
proposal (without budget) which will be written in the form of the
InfoDev grant application as basing on their outlines appeared in World
Regional Pilot Project Summaries" at <http://www.kagawa-jc.ac.jp/~steve_mc/asia-pacific/finland.html>. They are from the chief
of the following regions;

I. South America Initiative: Amazonas Region Project

To be prepared by Alexandre Rivas

II. European Group: Ukraine Pilot Project

To be prepared by Ihor B. Katerniak

III. Asia-Pacific/Montana State University Group: Philippines/ASEAN/Pacific
Islands Project

To be prepared by Ben Haraguchi and Kim Obbink
============= ==========

IV. Central America Initiative: University Consortium for Central America

To be prepared by Jose Brenes Andre

V. African Initiative:

To be prepared by John C. Afele

My distribution on 9/14/99

(2) Chief of Each Regional Operation:

During the past two weeks, I sent you my listserve distribution msgs
which were my reports of our Tampere event and my summary of activities
of each regional groups.

8/24 Subject: Tampere event/Report #1

8/25 Subject: Tampere event/Report #2

8/26 Subject: Videoconferencing

8/27 Subject: Videoconferencing demo via narrow band

8/27 Subject: Videoconferencing via broadband Internet

8/28 Subject: Telemedicine demo at our Tampere event

8/29 Subject: Activities of European Group

8/30 Subject: Activities of Latin American Group

8/31 Subject: Activities of African Group

9/1 Subject: High-tech (?!) society of Japan

9/1 Subject: Requesting succinct review comment of Tampere

9/2 Subject: Activities of Asia/Pacific Group

9/2 Subject: Interest of Asia Development Bank in
Asia/Pacific operation

9/2 Subject: Pakistan in the group of the Asia/Pacific

9/3 Subject: Preparations of Tokyo and Manila conferences

During my closing remarks at the end of the event, I urged the chief of
each of regional groups to come up a draft of their pilot project
proposals, since we are mandated by the InfoDev of the World Bank (which
financed our event) to submit the proposals as part of our report to

(3) Chief of Each Regional Operation:

Pls visit <http://www.worldbank.org/infodev/projects/form_tex.htm> for
the proposal form of the InfoDev.

Pls fill out following items in the form and send to me;

1. 4,
2. 5a-1 to 3,
3. 6,
4. 7,
5. 8,
6. 10,
7. 11,
8. 12,
9. 13,
10. 14,
11. 15,
12. 16,
13. 17,
14. 18,
15. 19,
16. 20,
17. 21,
18. 26.

As you see, the above does not include budgets, since these information
from each of your regions are only for our report to the InfoDev at this

As I suggested or as some of you have already gotten the idea of
holding follow-up workshop/conferences in each region to make more
detailed feasibility study (e.g., our Tokyo conference next April
or May), such feasibility study will definitely need to construct
the budgets at those follow-up mtgs for the deployment of our
project in each region.

Your information of the above items will also be used for our
inquiring funds from other sources than the InfoDev. If
affirmative, we will contact you for the budgets.
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